Let me start by saying that I like Stephan. I think he’s p’ek worthy and cute. I like the idea behind the story, I do.

But in his latest lakorn Duj Dao Din with Jakjaan, I am completely thrown off course. I feel that first impressions are significant. And usually, if a lakorn manages to keep me interested long enough to watch the next episode, it’s typically good. In this case, I cannot seem to get pass part 3/7 of episode 1.

The pictures above depict their first encounter. The problem is that it is so typical of lakorns first encounters that I had to control myself from laughing out loud and rolling my eyes.

This is how it played out: during a party to welcome her baby nephew to the world and to congratulate her on her acceptance to study abroad, our n’ek literally runs into our pr’ek. She was in a rush and didn’t watch where she was going. She pummeled into his back and spun and spun until he reached out for her and caught her before she hit the ground. Fireworks went off as they stared into each other’s eyes, mesmerized by (apparently) their good looks and attraction to one another. I don’t think Jakjaan is at all that attractive with the wig, but I digress. Pr’ek tells her to watch where she’s going and n’ek apologizes- I guess I should give her credit that she didn’t bite his head off for her own recklessness.

I couldn’t help but recall all of the lakorns in which our pra’nangs met in that way. LOL. Boring. At any rate, (not just their first encounter) but the whole dramatic aspect of the lakorn has lost my interest. I just could not get myself to continue after she told him to keep the hairpin that he found (which belonged to her) and took his rose for a souvenir abroad. The two in spite of meeting each other briefly, is invariably in love with each other. It must be fate. Or it must be the writer’s horrible way to write first encounters!

Maybe I’m not into the 3 D’s that Godninja at LakornGods mentioned (drama drama drama) regarding this lakorn. Maybe I don’t feel the chemistry between Stephan and Jakjaan. Maybe I’m jaded. Whatever is the case, I just can’t take this lakorn seriously. Maybe you feel differently. I am all ears.