First Impression of: Nam Keun Hai Reap Rak (Ch.5)

Amidst the flood of 2011, Gor (Pong Nawat) owner of a restaurant, found himself doing the unthinkable: going back to ask his father for help. To him that was a form of failure and it was something he had promised he would never do. Gor did not see eye to eye with the old man, who was the type to remind him that he was never going to amount to anything without his help.

So putting his pride aside, Gor goes back to Rayong to beg for financial assistance. However, his father had other plans for him. The older man goes missing after a walk on the beach and left his son a note to open the safe if he needed money. Unfortunately he did not leave the combination. It turns out that his father decided that the only way his son was going to earn any of his inheritance, is if he would marry his nurse Woon (Vii Vanarot), a girl whom he helped put through nursing school and believed to be the ideal daughter. His father is the traditional type lipped man who loved his son, but was too proud to show it. Woon therefore believed Gor an ungrateful son who left his father to fend for himself even with a weakening health condition.

And essentially this first love story is wrapped around what Gor decides to do in order to keep his inheritance and the information he discovers; how he keeps his head above water (literally) when it comes to his debtors; and with a little bit of added drama in the form of sweetheart conflicts, you have a plot for this story. The most interesting aspect of this lakorn though, is the chemistry between Pong and Vii. I found Pong’s new haircut attractive and combined with his acting (the arrogant, alpha male type), it just reminded me why he’s so hot, haha. Together, the two made quite a pair and I found myself looking forward to the development of their love story.

We also get an added bonus of two extra pair to watch as well, I like Navin Tar and his “glow.” There’s something to be said about tall, dark and handsome.. (Pong fit this profile too..)

Navin plays Dan who owns a surf shop on Gor’s father’s beach. It’s funny how they used a bit of his real life for his onscreen character- a man who earned a phD at 30 years old. Apparently he is some sort of whiz. He has a crush on Woon but he is paired with Dok who walks around with her iPad, lol. Their first encounter was funny, she actually thought he was a servant and asked him to help with her bags. Later she realized he was a “dr” and felt embarrassed for mistreating him. Yet she further embarrassed herself when she approached him at the beach wondering if he knew the status updates regarding the flood in Bangkok. I just had to roll my eyes at Dok. (Dok happens to be Yuan’s sister, who is Gor’s friend/debtor.)

Due to the flood, Yuan brought his entire family to reside at Gor’s house in Rayong. To make matters even more interesting, the third love story is about Yuan and Priew- Woon’s old time friend. Talk about a small world! What will happen when you throw a bunch of people together due to the flood and place them all in a beautiful, beachfront home? Watch Nam Keun Hai Reap Rak to find out! (This impression is based on ep’s 1-3)

So NKHRP fans, have you seen this lakorn yet? What think you? I found it quite underrated, completely under hyped but totally enjoyable and moved at a relatively fast pace =) yet for some reason, not on the scale of my current fascination with MLP. But for a Ch.5’s lakorn, my dear friends, not bad. Not bad at all..