It has been exactly a week since I landed on my national soil. It’s slippery, wet, and smelled of pine: attributed to the Pacific Northwest. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it- not specifically the rain- until I saw my neighborhood, my house, my stuff.

It has been a long eight months abroad, touring and sojourning in SE Asia. As much as I enjoyed it, enthralled in it, I’m glad to be home.

Therefore I must apologize for my delay in RP subs and lakorn commentaries in general. I will finish them, as I’ve made a commitment to you, it’s just a matter of getting internet and preferably not from a coffee shop =)

So what’s going on in your life in the past week (did I miss anything?) What’s your New Year’s plan? Chinese New Year? Resolutions?

Whatever it may be, I wish you the best and most happiest, safest holiday, my friends, near and far.

Cheers, Fia