For awhile, I felt that the pacing of Miracle of Love was waning- I constantly wondered when all of the misunderstandings will be resolved and when all of the lies will stop- so I was glad to see that by episode 15, we were finally making leeway! Obviously everything hasn’t been resolved, as we would have an ending, but some misunderstandings were finally cleared up. And the main helping hand? Nichamon or Panom. Maybe she is the miracle in this story after all?

Let’s take a look at some interventions and some status updates:

Paat-Nammon, Sweet Reconcilations
They are on good terms now, openly dating and are as cute as ever. Thanks to Nichamon, Paat was able to face his fears and pursue his feelings for Nammon. If you need a daily dose of severe cuteness, and achy cheeks, watch their scenes. A guaranteed mood pick me upper!

Thut-Nichamon, camping scene
Their feelings are getting deeper, made easier by their alone time in the woods. What happens when you’re alone with another person, with no other human being in sight for kilometers, sitting under a star filled night, by a one-person tent? Well, philosophical; get to know you kind of discussions of course. If you’re thinking along the lines of r-rated, think again my friends. Thut and Mon are simply not quite there yet. But I much prefer this soul digging conversations.

A memorable topic was when Thut asked Panom what she would do if she sees a waterfall in the middle of the forest and she had been lost and hungry for three days. Panom answers, jump in it of course! In which Thut does his tsk tsking and said that if he saw a waterfall, he would evaluate the surrounding, and see if there are any lurking dangers first.

If the waterfall represented love, Nichamon surmised the type of person he is based on his answer: ‘You are afraid of love. You don’t dare love anyone easily. You are a careful, distrustful person.’

Thut teased her that if she can determine a character by their response, then that only means her ‘jump in it of course’ means (fill in the blank- you may inject your own assumptions), but Nichamon didn’t let him finish. He said that she is a strange woman that sometimes he wants to keep her at arms length, but at other times, she makes him want to get close.

As Nichamon evaded his gaze and tries to zip her tent, she responded with ‘sometimes you can be a person that one would want to get close to as well..’


It appears even though he may act irritated and high and mighty, Thut does have a soft spot- wherever Nichamon is concerned! So when she pushed him to give Paat a chance and see the real side of him, Thut relented.

Thut-Paat, the seeing eye-to-eye scene.
As they strolled towards the stream at Wian Doy school, Thut opened up the conversation.

“Why did you have to lie to me?”

Paat looked at his older brother, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the truth,” he looked away. “You’ve already judged me. No matter what anyone says, I’ll always be your no good for nothing brother.”

Remorsed, Thut asked, “Am I really that awful of a brother?”

Paat smiled, trying to smooth things over, “It’s my fault too, I used to be bad, and to turn over a new leaf right now, it is hard to believe.”

“But you’ve changed now,” Thut relented.

“I’ve changed some,” Paat emphasized, and turned to Thut, “but where I’ve truly changed is my goal in life. I chose to study agriculture not because you forced me to, but because I intended to study it myself.”

Looking at the distance Paat continued, “I intend to come back and help our farm. Whenever I graduate you can then finally disappear and follow your own dreams.”

“Paat,” Thut uttered, surprised.

“I know you’ve always wanted to be an architect. If father hadn’t passed away, you would not have returned to Thailand. You wanted to open a business in Sydney right? And live your life the way you want it to.”

Thut looks wistfully away. Astonished at his younger brother’s astute observations.

Paat continued, “but instead you had to come back and take care of me.. and drop your dreams.”

It is a sweet understanding between the bros. The only sad part, Paat still doesn’t have the gumption to tell his brother the truth about him and Nammon. When Thut saw Nammon at the campgrounds, he became angry all over again, fearing that his brother is still keeping secrets from him.

Nicha, her jealousy rearing its ugly head
Finally realizing that she doesn’t want to lose thut- and it took Panom’s presence to remind her that he’s slipping through her fingers- Nicha decided to pull the nang rai (evil character) role. When she learned that Panom and Thut had spent the night ‘missing’ together, she confronted Panom at Wian Doy school.

“Leave Chaithut today, before you cause more problems.”

Panom looked at her confused.

“You and Thut disappeared together overnight, if anyone hears of it, he will lose face. After all, he is KhunChai Burithut.”

Panom became indignant.

Nicha continued on and called out Panom’s boy troubles (which made me laugh) “you cause problems everywhere you go. Why did Khun Ponpan fire you? Isn’t it because of men?”

Panom stopped her before she could expand on the topic, “I get it. I know what you need. Just give me until the end of my term.”

“Don’t prolong the time. You’re just a housekeeper,” and Nicha stomped off.

Methinks Nicha is angry that Thut paid more mind to a housekeeper than a rich ex, stalking girlfriend haha.

Nichamon homeless, jobless again
I just pity the girl. The poor thing has to find a new place to stay. Wherever she goes, there are always boy problems, jealousy and people wanting to see her crumble.

As she walked dejectedly back, Nammon sees her and asked what was wrong.

She denied that anything was wrong.

“You look like you’ve been crying. Did P’Thut do something to you? If you can’t endure, don’t.”

The sympathy, the concern from a friend was her undoing. Nichamon face crumbles and tears swam in her eyes.

“I can’t take it anymore. I really can’t.”

Nammon held her hand, “then come work with me again.”

“You are so good to me,” Nichamon said, eyes pooling with water.

“I love you and I worry about you,” Nammon said.

“If you know the real me, you may not feel the same way.”

“That can’t be. I’ll always be by your side.”


And Nichamon smiled at her friend, through tears.

Turn of events, an almost confession

Sticking to her words with Nicha, Nichamon is leaving the promise of a roof over her head and her employment with Thut.

Thut won’t have any of it, which pissed Nicha off. He speed races after Pongtape’s car, which begged Nicha to ask, “She must be so important to you?! But is she more important than my life?”

Thut answers deliciously with, “I don’t know, I just know that I need her by my side.”

At his house, he tried to stop Nichamon.

“You have no right to stop me, I am not your employee. We don’ t even have a written agreement or contract. I have every right to leave whenever I want,” Nichamon retorted.

Scared, Thut brought up any and all excuses to keep her, “So you don’t think of keeping your words?”

“I didn’t stay here because I needed to preserve my words, I was fired with no place to stay so I need to stay at your house- that’s all. Now I have a new job,” she lied.

“Where are you going? Who are you working for? That Pongtape?!” Thut’s jealousy blinded him, as he grasped her forearm.

“I don’t need to tell you. Goodbye!” She tried to walk away.

“Panom!” he called after her. (Nicha is witnessing this the whole time.)

Before Nichamon went away completely, she turned around and asked Thut, “Do you have any other reasons why I should work here, aside from earning my keep?”

Thut was silent, not wanting to confess his love.

“I thought so, you don’t have an answer.”

Seeing her leave, he finally stopped her. “You want to know right? Fine. I’ll tell you why I want you to stay here with me.”

But before he could, Pongtape appeared, which ruffled his feathers to no end. Again, his jealous anger reappeared, assuming Panom was going to work with Pongtape.

“So he’s your new boss?”

Nichamon didn’t explain herself. She only said that at least Pongtape asked her to work with him nicely.

Hurt, Thut said, “Just remember, the more he pays.. the more the wants something from you.”

Some other tidbits

She lost her necklace! The one her mother gave her and the key to her identity!

No worries friends, it’s in Thut’s hands. But just as he was about to open the locket, he got conveniently interrupted.

Nichamon also confessed her true identity and life story to Pongtape, which he deserved, as he helped her out a lot and is still pining for her. He’s a nice guy though.

Nichamon tried going back to Nammon’s home, but the annoying and meddlesome servants forbid her to see Khun Panon, whom- by the time she learned that Panom wanted to see her- she became too afraid to leave the house to go after her.

So Nichamon found herself staying at Professor Dao Reurng’s quarters at the school. She saw a photograph of the professor and her mom.

Thut still can’t give her up! Haha. Telling the professor that he needed an extra hand at the hotel, he whisked Panom away with him. Leaving Nicha steaming mad and determined to unveil whom Panom really is.

That’s all for now folks!