How are you guys holding up so far with Evil Game Love Game? Anyone burst an artery while watching episodes 13, 14 and the preview for episode 15?

It is such a tease to watch Charles and Fahlada together- hoping for some progress in their relationship- but only to be sadly smacked with the backlashes of it. They have a lot of aggressive scenes together, where they’re in each other’s face, grinding their teeth with anger and causing even more misunderstanding and hatred for one another.

I know I’m not supposed to feel sorry for Charles, I mean, he’s the one carrying out his evil games with Fahlada. But I can’t help it. No matter his bullying, intimidation and threats towards her, he ends up hurting himself the most. It’s really quite depressing. It is like punishing a child who doesn’t know what they did wrong and you end up with the stinging hand and the child hating you.

So Fahlada hating him is understandable. And to expect her to fall in love with someone who is mistreating her would be sadistic and unrealistic. She still has no idea why he is hurting her and all of the scenes thus far confirm that he’s not a good person (to her.)

So where does that leave us? I mean the story?

  1. Charles is using Chompoopae to get back at Fahlada.
  2. Not knowing that Chompoopae is the mastermind behind making him hate Fahlada even more.
  3. Chompoopae breaks up with Dr. Wattana, framing him for lying to her and cheating on her with Fahlada, when in actuality she’s using it as an excuse to dump him.
  4. Fahlada is going to try to get her sister and Dr. Wattana back together.
  5. Chompoopae’s true color towards her sister is revealing itself. She actually slapped Fahlada out of a jealous rage.
  6. But Fahlada is still doing everything for her sister.

Which leads me to a burning conclusion. No matter how evil Charles tries to be towards Fahlada, it truly cannot compare to Chompoopae’s hatred towards her own sister.  The motive that she has been jealous of Fahlada and competitive with her since they were children is waning. Seriously lady, grow up.

Let’s just conclude that she is an unreasonable, crazy, psycho bitch all by herself.

Which leads me to a final question, how many people want to slap Chompoopae? Well get in line! Behind me hahaha.

Yeah, tough week for lakorns it seems. So much angst with both RP and GRGR. And there’s more to come =( Watch Ep 15 this Sunday of GRGR.