Just when I had to remind myself that I’m watching a Thai lakorn and was prepared to throw in the towels, I got reeled back in. What a wonderful cap to this weekend’s episodes of Evil Game Love Game.

Charles is getting quite pissed off that Fahlada is getting closer to Dr. Wattana, playing doctor while he’s sick and spending a night there. Charles decided to up his game and to show the good doctor as well as the entire male population that Fahlada is his.

The whole company is preparing for the opening ceremony to reveal this year’s presenter for Seven Seas, and Charles decided to change the runway program- instead of having Fahlada walk alone, he wanted to walk with her- it would be cohesive with the theme and presentation that they’ve prepared. As they practice their walk, they needed to act like a loving couple (as in the commercial they shot) so Charles hugged her from behind, which garnered more squeals from yours truly.

But Fahlada broke his hold, “I can’t do this!” she glared at him, “because we do NOT love each other,” and she stormed off the stage.

Charles stalked after her and grabbed her arm, “Where are you in a rush to? Your work here is not done.”

“I know you’re determined to mess with me,” she spat.

Charles grabbed both of her wrist in his hands, “I’m just doing my job.” And he pulled her in for a smothering kiss.

Fahlada stomped on his foot, making him yelp in pain. “You’ve hurt me several times now!” muttered Charles.

“If I can kill you,” Fahlada admonished, “I would have done it a long time ago.”

She tried to leave but he yanked her back to him, “Rushing off to see Dr. Wattana? I heard you talking to him a moment ago.”

“Oh so this is really your plan huh? Stalling time so I can’t see P’Mor right?” Fahlada surmised.

“Yes, you got it right,” he answered, “I don’t like you being with anyone else.”

Fahlada smiled at him, “The more you dislike it, the more I will do it.” She stomped on his foot one more time and ran off.

Charles immediately followed her, all the way to the garage where they arrived at her car. He wrestled for her keys and after getting a hold of them, he tossed them to the levels below.

Indignant, Fahlada scoffed, “Do you think that by doing that you can prevent me from going to P’Mor’s?” She tried walking away, but he apprehended her again, this time, Fahlada bit him.

He yelped in pain and Fahlada ran to the elevator.

She got away this time.

Outside of the hotel, she searched for a cab but noticed a jumble of keys on the ground. After realizing it was hers and grabbing for it, a car sped awfully close and about to run right into her. Charles came out right in time though and twisted Fahlada in his arms, and she fell on him as they hit the ground. The car passed by and for a jarring moment, Fahlada was breathless and holding on to his shirt.

“Are you hurt?” Charles asked as he searched her eyes.

She responded with a gentle look in his eyes but then awkwardly tries to cover it up by standing up. As she dusted herself from the ground, she timidly turned to walk away. But Charles fake a pain in his arms.

“Your hurt?” she asked as she came back to him.

“It hurts.”

Fahlada touched his arms, concern etched on her face.

He kept his eyes locked on hers, “Are you worried about me?”

She stepped away awkwardly.

“It’s really your fault that I’m hurt like this,” Charles added.

“Hey don’t blame me. I didn’t ask for your help,” she scoffed.

“If I hadn’t helped you,” he caressed her arms, “at this rate you would’ve-”

Fahlada pushed his hands away.

“You would’ve been dead a long time ago,” he continued, touching her again.

Fahlada brushed away, “It would be good if I died, that way I won’t have to see your face again.”

She walked away but he continued following her. Until she got into a cab and he pushed his way in with her.

“Khun Charles!” Fahlada stammered, “What are you doing?!”

Charles held her in his arms and told the cab driver to just drive around. As the car moved Fahlada asked him why he was following her.

“I know you’re about to go see that Dr. Wattana, and like hell I’m going to let you do that.”

The cab driver looked at them through the rearview mirror.

Charles held her tighter in his arms, “Dear, do stop pouting.”

“What the hell are you saying? I’m not your dear!”

“Don’t be like that,” Charles looked at the driver, “Uncle, take a look at my wife. Every time she sulks, she always says she’s not my wife.”

The driver smiled, as if he was in on the joke.

“Don’t believe him uncle!” Fahlada said, “He’s lying!”

“I’ll say, perhaps if we change the environment, our mood will improve.”

“Let me go!” she muttered to him.

He answered with a kiss on her cheeks.

The cab driver just smiles and shakes his head.

“Khun Charles!!”

He kissed her again.

“Stop it!”

“What did you say? Don’t stop? Ok!” he goes in for another one but Fahlada finally concedes that they will be going home.

The practice runway and the fight with Charles got Fahlada exhausted as she nods to sleep, hitting her head against the window. Charles laughed at her. Fahlada ignored him.

The night is getting darker but Bangkok traffic is still heavy. Fahlada soon falls into a deep sleep.

Charles looked tenderly at her as “Tee Rak” song played softly in the background. He pulled her sleeping body to rest against his shoulders, where she fits so nicely against them. He brushed her hair away from her face. Her head slowly declined against his chest to lie completely on his lap, where she remained asleep until they got home. The scenes got even sweeter. When they got home and when he was unable to wake her, he carried her in his arms.

Fahlada woke up but has troubles opening her door as the handsome ‘heaven’ kept staring at her every nuance. A girl can easily lose her wits around her, and for the first time, in a long time- well since the angry god descends anyway- Fahlada is showing how flustered she is around him. Cuute!

The best part is, the sweet scene left Chompoopae bursting an artery and trashing her room! haha. But she decided to get even by inviting Dr.Wattana to the event the following night.

But Chompoopae doesn’t know that that will only inspire the handsome devil, Charles, to walk the runway and pull Fahlada into his arms.

“What are you doing?!” Fahlada whispered angrily.

“Showing the nice doctor that you’re MINE,” and he kissed her soundly in front of everyone.

Bravo Khun Charles! You are too awesome for words and now you have upped my fangirling for GRGR once again.