GRGR Overview of Ep8-9

Fate plays funny things to our hero and heroine in Evil Game, Love Game episode 8 and 9. After being apart for 1,000 days (Saichon cared to count) Mr. Charles, President of Seven Seas airline moves into the same neighborhood as Fahlada.

I don’t think it was meant to be funny, but I found the coincidence of Fahlada’s maid nicknaming Charles “heaven” is hysterical. We have Charles as “heaven” and Fahlada as “angel,” no wonder they are perfect for each other. Match made in heaven indeed.

One word to describe Charles is delicious. He exudes confidence, sophistication and so well put together. I don’t blame Chompoopae for crushing on him, especially since he is such a natural flirt. “Anyone who has you for a wife is one lucky man indeed,” gee Charles, let’s not give her any hope.

Chompoopae doesn’t know this but she is highly infatuated with her new partner to the point of tossing her fiancé P’Mor to the sideline, once again. This P’Mor must be a saint because they’ve been dating for about 10 yrs and even after he popped the question and she said yes, she’s still keeping him at arms bay, by telling him that she need some time. Some time my ass. But of course he gives her what she wants. At this point I prefer the aggressive Singha in Tawan Deard for Pope over this yes dear type in GRGR. But he’s still very handsome.

Charles is settling in nicely in a smaller home off of Pimookmontra’s property. Little did he know that the search for his Nang Fah will end abruptly as she is literally under his nose. During his early morning exercise, Charles ran into Fahlada and again, he is too shocked for words. After finding her once more, he embraces her tightly, but discovers that she doesn’t know who he is.

Troublesome it is. Charles then assigns his bodyguard Sahat to investigate her background, who uncovers that Fahlada is Chompoopae’s only sister and has lost her memory due to the electric shock method. Not angry, Charles is determined to get his Nang Fah to remember him again.

This is very unexpected, really. Perhaps I was anticipating some vendetta against Fahlada and her sister immediately, after all, Chompoopae did use a dirty method to extract her sister back to BKK. But that only means that they will be together again, only to be separated once more. This time, what information or event will tip Charles over the edge?

So far, Charles is doing everything he can to get closer to Fahlada. After discovering that she works for an advertising agency, he immediately hires her to help advertise (what else? Sorry for being redundant) for his airline. He figures that the best way to do that is to have a live photoshoot on a beach- in Krabi that is. And already, Fahlada is getting dejavu everywhere; it is only a matter of time before she remembers it all.

By the way, I thought Sahat was hilarious! And I have a feeling that the mom-daughter duo is going to annoy the hell out of me. I think Sahat will pair nicely with Mamee,but maybe they’ll match him with the hi-so snob? Who knows!

As far as Fahlada, I wonder if something will happen where she will forget again? Oh the drama, conflict and anticipation!