“If he doesn’t love you, don’t care about it. Mom always says that if someone makes us cry that means that person doesn’t love us. It means he dares to hurt us so we shouldn’t love him. That’s it,” advised Pansorn, Nammon’s younger brother as he consoled his sister with a handkerchief and popsicle.

Nammon had been crying and recalling her moments with Paat, when Pansorn appeared, offering a gesture so much sweeter than the popsicle itself. Nammon glances at her picture with Paat on her phone and contemplates deleting it. If only forgetting someone or not caring about someone was easy to do. I want to give Nammon a hug.

What led up to this scene was another sad matter altogether, really, just misunderstandings that has grown in proportion. Nammon always thought things may be possible between her and Paat, especially now that he has allowed her to join his club and he’s tolerant around her. However, when she discovers her friend Panom, someone she has taken under her wing and loves like a sister, has been lying to her all along and is secretly rendezvousing with her intended love interest, Nammon is devastated.

She has tried to give Panom the benefit of the doubt but Panom refuses to tell her the truth, she merely says she cannot tell her right now, which only fuels Nammon to believe in what she sees. The final straw was when Panom and Paat were getting close. Not only has Nammon lost her hope with Paat but she also lost her trust with Panom. Because who can have the same feelings about a friend you thought you can trust?

In this week’s episode of Miracle of Love, Nammon is not the only person who has learned a lesson. Panom or Nichamon should learn one as well, although in her state of constantly lying to everyone, I doubt she will realize it until it hits her in the face. Thus far, she is involving people in her lies: Paat who says he’s supporting her because he understands what it’s like to be alone in this world (which I can sympathize to a certain degree- except for when it comes to the need to lie lie lie. ) Then there’s Pongtape now, who is only helping her so he can be her “friend,” although we know he just wants to get close to her.

Panom has these people condoning her behavior and has been lucky to avoid several revealing moments of her identity. Since she’s not caught yet, she will continue to pursue her lies- so what? So she can save up enough money so she can fly back to Sydney? So she can continue to hurt the people she “cares” about? How long does she think she can keep this charade going? Does she think that people would feel sorry for her because she feels rejected by her grandmother (I’ll give her that), pretends to be someone else, lies to everyone (except for Paat and Pongtape) and really hope deep down that everyone will forgive her? I sure hope that she will learn something out of this- which may require her losing her job and a friend. Either way, the choices one makes determines one’s true character, and I’m not convinced I like her yet. I do think Kim does a good job being conflicted though and she always tries to smooth things out, unsuccessful as it might be.

Then there’s Paat whom we have an idea that he has feelings for Nammon, but he truly goes out of his way to fuel the misunderstanding, which makes sense because it is true to his character- he does not like to explain himself for one, and for two, she is the “enemy’s” daughter. No my friends, we have not moved past that point yet.

At any rate, Nichamon is down on her luck, and a lonely individual. Shouldn’t we want to empathize with her? Maybe it will show up later? Am I being too hopeful?

Obviously I got what I asked for, but this is going on far longer than I anticipated. I guess we have to be careful for what we ask for right?

Please pass the handkerchief and popsicle..