So it’s Friday night. There’s life, then there’s lakorn.

Today I find myself choosing the latter.

Game Rai Game Rak Ep7 brings Nang Fah and Saichon face to face again, although this time, they are Fahlada and Charles.

Three years has changed much for them. After saving Michael’s life, who happens to be a big time airline owner, Saichon is given the opportunity to move to America- to better himself, toughen himself and to leave painful memories behind. Saichon knew he needed to leave everything that was familiar to the unfamiliar, to find his wife. Adopted and bred for sophistication, Saichon, now Charles, returns to Thailand.

Fahlada returns to Thailand as well- after studying abroad in America-  she is still carefree and doesn’t take anything seriously.

Their first encounter after three long years, Fahlada tailgated him on the highway, annoyed that he was in her way. As their cars go head to tail and finally come to a screeching halt, the owners are brought face to face. As Fahlada takes her sunglasses off to smirk at him- and he took his off to give her a piece of his mind- he recognizes her immediately and loses all concentration. Shocked, he stood still. Fahlada gave him a smirk and climbed back into her car. Charles dazedly watch her drive away.

A few minutes pass and he realizes that he found Nang Fah. Finally. He is elated.

And then he realizes that he has to find her again.

Since I had some time, I subbed another special about Rak Patihan, it is focused on Paat-Nammon’s relationship dynamic in this lakorn. Enjoy: