Roy Mai (Silk Trace) unites once again the beloved onscreen couple Aum Atichart and Aff Taksaorn in a romance and period lakorn, where forbidden love and drama unfolds into two different lives of two different times: present time and a time set 70 years ago.

From Act Art production and director Off Pongpat, we can anticipate beautiful shots set in breathtaking provinces. We can also anticipate creepy ghosts and scintillating scenes ala Wayupak Montra. Off does not disappoint.

Aff Taksaorn plays present day Rerin, a proper, beautiful and a woman who appreciates the intricacies of silk textiles. So much so she teaches this artistic endeavor in Bangkok. It is a rare find indeed for a woman of modern time to be enthralled in ancient or old art. Rerin also creates the silk products (scarves, skirts etc) and sells them for a living. Her fiancé Thanin (played by Jason Young), assists her in selling her hardworking pieces. But their differences in appreciation of art comes to a clash when he sells her silk piece after she has forbidden it. To Rerin, this was a clear violation of her trust and respect, to the point where it pushes her to take some time off from Bangkok to think about her engagement to Thanin. It is almost as if she has already made up her mind to end her engagement with him, but wanted some time for herself and to find a reason to break it off, thus she makes an abrupt trip to Chiangmai, where her life will change forever.

Aum Atichart plays Suriyawong, a restaurant owner and no nonsense man who belongs to a long line of royal blood of Chiangmai. His grandmother is the mean and bitter Lady Bua Ngern who plans on handing her inheritance and fortune to her favorite grandson (Suriyawong.) She intends for him to be with Wongprajan due to her bloodlines and family name. Suriyawong does not care for a person like Wongprajan who is rude, spoiled and conniving. In all truth, he tells his sister that he feels like there is someone for him and that he must wait for her. As if fate heard him, Suriyawong meets Rerin as she traipse through Chiangmai. At first glance, both are spellbound. Particularly Suriyawong who cannot take his eyes off of her. I am reminded once again how much chemistry these two have together and why they are consistently paired up.

Soon after arriving in Chiangmai she hears a man calling for her. He appears at random times, once in a mirror, another at the resort she’s staying at, and a third time in a textile museum. Little did she know it was the manifestation or spirit of Prince Siriwattana (played by Chai) awaiting her return- the princess return. Because of her fascination with fabrics and materials, the person running the museum allowed her in on a secret. There is a beautiful, unfinished fabric downstairs with a mysterious and sad story to go along with it. Rerin learns of the unfortunate story of Princess Maneerin. The story took place 70 years ago when Princess Maneerin is arranged to be married with Prince Siriwattana as a means of national security. However, prior to her wedding date, she falls in love with his younger brother, Prince Siriwong. Mysteriously Prince Siriwong dies, leaving Princess Maneerin heartbroken. She weaves a fabric intended for her wedding day but tragically dies. Her death is also a mystery, rumor has it that she was poisoned. Now Prince Siriwattana’s spirit lurks around Chiangmai awaiting for Princess Maneerin’s reincarnation (Rerin) to surface and be with him again.

As creepy as the story sounds, it is also mysterious and makes one want to unravel the puzzle. How did Prince Siriwong die? How did he fall in love with Princess Maneerin? Was it love at first sight like Suriyawong and Rerin? How is grandma (Lady Bua Ngern) involved in all of this? Where did she get her estranged ghost? And how will Rerin and Suriyawong get together in present day, or will they get together at all? So many questions yet to be answered. Is this a time travel lakorn or merely one that Prince Siriwattana conjures up for Rerin? Only one way to find out, I must continue to watch Roy Mai.

And on another tangent, I had no idea Thanin was Jason Young! Golly, the boy has.. grown. If you were a child of the late seventies and early eighties, you will know Jason Young. He was a teenage crooner that can send girls screaming like idiots. He sang “Tagorn bok fah” starred in a movie that all I can remember him eating was tacos and now.. so many years later, in a lakorn as the bad guy. I wanted to kick myself for not knowing who he is for the longest time. I kept staring at Thanin thinking to myself, I know that face! *slaps myself* duh!