This lakorn continues to surprise me, when I think it will end, we get another episode- what a treat! My apologies for not looking at the program prior to claiming that the ending was today (Thanks Marioholic for letting me know.) Rest assured though, we shall have the long awaited ending tomorrow which only leaves us to appreciate today’s episode even more- episode 14- the wedding! Also, Happy Mother’s Day! I will not inject my feedback until at the end of the recap, don’t want to spoil anything for y’all. Without further ado, I present to you Ep 14’s recap.

The onset of this episode brings us to grandma’s room, as grandma lays in bed while Phong attends to her from the floor. Grandma tells Phong that she feels much better now that she is doing some goodness for Phong and Plerng. There’s just one last problem left for her before she dies. She wants to know who the owner of the heart is. Phong stares at her speechless, uncertain if she should tell. So she stands outside of grandma’s door crying, and whispers into the night, “What should I do Pipat?”

At Numfon’s condo, she appears anxious and checks her time. She finds Sita.
Numfon: Can you stop work for a day? Please accompany me.
Sita: To where?
Numfon: Well mom called and told me that she has already booked a makeover for me. I don’t even know why she would book it.
Sita: A bridal makeover?
Numfon: Yes, I don’t see the necessity. We don’t need to do that much.
Sita: You can’t Numfon. Thai Diamond is marrying Ananta, you have to be beautiful to suit the honor.
Numfon: Yes.. but can you come with me?
Sita: Sorry, the bride needs to go with the groom. And today I’m not free either.
Numfon: But P’Sita-
Sita: Don’t need to beg, I’ll call Plerng for you.
Numfon: Wait no-
But Sita has already disappeared into her room.

As Plerng picks Numfon up, Numfon settles in his car.
Numfon: I could have gone alone, don’t need to bother you for nothing.
Plerng: It’s ok.
Numfon: You won’t be bored waiting two or three hours for me?
Plerng: No, I brought work with me.
Numfon: If Sita would come with me, it would be over.
Plerng: She probably has good intentions and wants us to spend time with each other.
Numfon: We don’t need to, we’ve already known each other for awhile now.
Plerng: I meant that we haven’t spent time together as a couple.
Then he pauses and they look at each other.
Plerng: It’s good, this way I can fulfill my duty.
Numfon: So you’re only doing this because of duty then?
Plerng looks at her and finally nods his head: Yes.
Numfon: Ok, then I must compliment that you are doing your duty very well.

As they arrive to the parlor, he tries to open the door for her, but she beats him to it and slams the door in his groin.
He yelps with pain.
Numfon: Oh sorry, I didn’t know you would do the duty of opening the door too. Are you ok?
Plerng grimaces in pain: I’m ok, I’m ok.
Numfon: I’ll call when I’m done.
As she walks away, she mutters that he deserved it when he’s so inclined about fulfilling his duty.
Which leaves Plerng wincing in pain once again.

Boot is over at Nut’s apartment and she shares the news with him, that she is afraid that grandma will hand over everything to Plerng. Nut angrily disputes that he will not allow that to happen. He will kill Plerng. Mom begs him not to and tells him that if he can’t stand being here then he can stay abroad with someone she knows. She tells her son not to worry about Plerng, she will not let him go. Nut appears disinclined to believe her but he agrees to do as she requests for the time being. Angry tears flow from his face.

In Chanon’s office, Non presents Sita with the finished jewelry set.
Non: Is it to your liking?
Sita: Yes, it’s beautiful. I intended to make this set for Numfon to be the most beautiful bride.
Non: I’m happy to see you so strong like this.
She smiles at him.
Sita: If I did not receive your advice, I probably won’t be able to do it.
Non looks confused.
Non: My advice? Which one?
Sita: Allow myself to accept the truth. From now on, I will look at the world as is, not the way that I want it to be. I think that my happiness is being able to see the two people I love happy.
Non beams at her.
Sita: What are you smiling at?
Non: I’m happy to see that you are happy because it makes me happy too.
Sita: Don’t tell Numfon about this set ok?
Non: Why not?
Sita: If you tell her it won’t be a surprise. Please keep this as a secret until the wedding, ok?
He nods his head. They both smile.

The night draws near as Numfon is on her laptop in her condo’s terrace. She appears stressed out and frustrated. She recalls her conversation with Plerng in the car. “Are we really getting married for duty then?” she asks herself. Sita sees that her sister is outside and accompanies her.
Sita: It’s so close to the wedding now, you’re still working?
Numfon: It’s just a wedding out of duty, what’s the point of being so serious?
Sita: Numfon, you’ve already made a decision you can’t play around.
Numfon: Don’t be so serious, Plerng thinks like me.
Sita: We’ve already talked about this right? Whatever the reason why you both are getting married, since you are going to marry, you both will be husband and wife. If you both think it’s a duty, then why don’t you fulfill your husband and wife duties to the best of your abilities?
Numfon: But you used to tell me that you won’t marry someone you don’t love. How come you’ve changed your mind now?
Sita: I didn’t change my mind. If I was in your situation, I will do the same thing, to preserve our surname.
Numfon looks away uncertainly.
Numfon: When I agreed to be engaged with P’Nut, I simply thought that if I marry a good man, whether I love him or not is not important..
Numfon stands up.
Numfon: But today, now that I have to marry Plerng, a man that everyone says is good, it makes me rethink that perhaps I want to marry out of love.
Sita: So do you love Plerng?
Numfon looks at the night sky, blinking away tears.

The following day, Thai Diamond has a board of director’s meeting where Nari presents her PR plan for the company. However, they could not commence the meeting or proceed with the meeting when a shareholder removes herself from the business- Boot that is. She sends a missive that she doesn’t want to concern herself with Thai Diamond and will not be coming to work. This leaves the entire company in shambles. Root tries to talk sense to his sister, and why can’t she think about the whole of the company as oppose to trying to bring everyone down. Boot refuses to listen to her brother.

Boot has purchased airfare tickets for her son but Nut is not ready.. She tells him that he needs to leave the day that Plerng gets married so people won’t notice. He eventually gives in to his mom, his expression however, tells a different story.

Plerng tells his uncle that the best way out is to give her what she wants, he doesn’t want everyone to be burdened because of him. Uncle Root disagrees. Plerng asks that they don’t tell grandma this because he doesn’t want her to be hurt. But grandma overhears them and decides to take matters into her own hands and come back to work, which leaves Boot exceptionally angry. She storms into grandma’s office and says that she is overstepping her bounds. But grandma says that Boot is neglecting her job and she will not let Thai Diamond go down because of Boot’s stupid angst against her own nephew. Immediately, Boot claims that grandma has forgotten what they have done to her. Grandma pleads for Boot to end her evil ways once and for all and let it end. Boot refuses and says that grandma wants it all to end so she can give Plerng everything.

Finally, the day that we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. We hear organs playing in the background, Plerng dressed in Thai traditional wedding wear, escorting his grandma from the house to the hotel. The family is smiling and everyone is glowing and beautifully adorned, sans Boot and Nut. The engagement ceremony commences; the french doors of the hotel opens, and in walks Root, followed by Plerng and Numfon, Nari then Non and Sita. Plerng is enamored and continues to stare at Numfon as she is wearing a gold costume. Numfon looks straight ahead and then at him. Everyone is smiling at the beautiful couple.

The engagement ceremony goes on smoothly, Plerng and Numfon sit on the floor with their legs folded. The elders sit atop the sofa. Since grandma is the elder from the groom side, she requests to start the engagement. Grandma tells Plerng to put the ring on Numfon’s finger. He looks slowly at Numfon, takes the ring from the flower petals. It is a square cut, vintage style, exquisite diamond ring. Plerng reaches for her hand, slides the ring on her finger as their fingers touch. They respect each other with a bow and the cameras begin snapping.

On their walk back to prepare themselves for the evening party, Numfon looks at her ring. Plerng walks with her.
Plerng: Do you not like the ring?
Numfon: No, why do you ask?
Plerng: I noticed that you didn’t smile when I put the ring on your finger.
Numfon: Who can act so good like you?
Plerng: You think I was pretending to be happy?
Numfon: Let’s just say that I’ll try to fulfill my duty as good as you.

Nut sits on his bed, staring out with anger.

Numfon is in her hotel room, dressed in her exquisite wedding gown, a heart shape top that cinches at the waist and flares out to the top of her knees with the back of the dress draping well below her heels. Her hair is fashioned with an up-do and the veil coming out to cover her shoulders. She is beautiful indeed. She sits on the chaise, looking at her ring. Mom and Sita enters her room and compliments her.
Sita: You would be even more beautiful after you wear a diamond set that I’ve prepared for you.
Numfon: What diamond set?
Sita opens the diamond case.
A stunning set of pearls and diamonds greets hers.
Mom: It’s as beautiful as you’ve asked me to keep it a secret.
Numfon: You both are keeping secrets from me?
Sita: Just a little.
Numfon touches the necklace.
Sita: I’m happy that you like it. I wish you happiness forever.
Numfon: Thank you P’Sita. I love you.
They hold each other’s hands as tears swim in their eyes.
Numfon’s mom puts the jewelry pieces on her daughter.

In Plerng’s hotel room, he is ready as well and equally as beautiful- handsome I mean, dressed in a black tux, with his hair brushed back. Plerng appears nervous as his hands are clasped together. Phong walks in and tells him that the bride is ready. Uncle Root asks if he wanted to see her face. Plerng says yes.

Nut has arrived inconspicuous in a taxi.

Their hotel room doors are opened and they are across the hall from each other. Plerng stares at his bride, unable to move, breathe. He finally steps forward and they are face to face. He smiles at her.
As Numfon speaks Plerng leans in to hear.
Numfon: Don’t worry, tonight I will break your head.
Plerng smiles, she leans in.
Plerng: Why do I feel like you’re always sulking at me?
Numfon: Speak nicely! I’m sulking?
Plerng: Yes. Either way, husband and wives will be by each others side. It’s going to be that way.
Before Numfon could retort, the party moves forward and says that the couple are so well suited.
Plerng offers his arm to her, Numfon takes it with reluctance and they walk to the ballroom together.

Root in the meantime has arrived at Nut’s place, to ensure he leaves the country successfully. However much to her dismay, he was not in his room. She realizes with horror that he must be at the party.

The reception commences! A beautiful stage, seven tiered cake and guests congratulating the duo for their marriage. We see Nut peaking in but unsure what he’s planning on doing, then he disappears. The bride and groom are requested on stage. As they walk the red carpet:
Plerng: I thought you said you would break my head?
Numfon: This evening..
Plerng: I thought you were nervous.
Numfon: Why should I be nervous? It’s just a show, not even a real wedding.
Plerng: But I’m nervous (excited.)

On the sideline, Sita tells Non that the more she looks at the couple, the more well suited they are. Non agrees but keeps looking at her as if he doesn’t believe it. Sita exclaims that she really feels that way.

On stage, grandma gives Plerng and Numfon each a long, jasmine garland and proceeds to open the reception. Grandma says that in this momentous occasion, she would like everyone to know that she will give all of her shares in Thai Diamond as a wedding gift to the bride and groom. Everyone applauds but Phong and Plerng looks on with concern. Grandma raises her glass to toast the couple but Nut steps in and yells that he was not happy for them. “You have no right to give the shares of Thai Diamond to him!”

Root steps in the way but Nut pulls out a gun- the guests disperse. He aims his gun at Plerng.
Plerng: You should think carefully before you do anything.
Nut: Why? Are you afraid of death? What about what you’ve done to me? You’ve taken everything from me. You have no right to lecture me. Today I will take everything from you.
Nari tells him to stop but he yells at her for being on Plerng’s side. Grandma chimes in that he will only torment himself but Nut wasn’t having any of it. As Numfon steps in and says that everyone is worried about him. But he tells her to be quiet. A fight immediately ensues for possession of the gun. Non and Nut both pull for the gun but Non loses as Nut shoots him in the leg. The ladies screech and Plerng wrestles with Nut. They roll around until finally Plerng is on top and a gunshot goes off. It is discovered that Nut was immediately shot and dies with his eyes wide open. At the same time, Boot rushes in and sees her son- dead. She blames it on Plerng and loses it. It was the last straw for her as she screams at everyone, especially her mom.
Boot: Do you know what they’ve done to your heart?
Grandma: Why? What happened?
Boot: You wanted to know who donated your heart right? It’s Plerng, the murderer who has given the heart to you.
Grandma: What are you saying? Plerng? Phongpeo?
Boot: Your heart right? You wanted to know who’s heart it is right? It’s Pipat!
Grandma goes into shock and loses consciousness. Everyone calls her name as she falls to the ground.
The music picks up as the entire cast bursts into tears.

At the hospital, the doctors are trying to revive her.
Root comes out of Non’s room and proclaims that he is ok. Plerng and Phong stands in front of the operating room. He says that it’s his fault, he should have told her the truth from the beginning. Uncle Root tells him that he did the best he could that day. If someone were to be wrong, then everyone would be at fault. Perng walks away, distraught. Sita mentions that she feels bad for Plerng and Phong. Numfon admits that she did believe at first that Plerng sold his dad’s heart. She goes after him.

In the hospital hallway that overlooks the Bangkok traffic.
Numfon: Plerng..
He turns around and looks at her.
Plerng: At last, the worst thing that I’ve imagined for my grandma has occurred.
Numfon: But in this problem, Boot is the one who is responsible. You weren’t wrong.
Plerng: Despite that, I know now that grandma can’t accept it. If anything happens to her, I will never forgive myself.
Plerng fights back tears.
Numfon reaches out for his hand, she holds it firmly in hers.
Numfon: I understand how you’re feeling.
He looks at her hands, holding his.
Numfon slowly lets it go. They look into each others eyes.

Phong walks in and finds Plerng. They both pray for grandma and ask that Pipat watch over her. Numfon looks on sadly at them.

The doctor is able to revive grandma. The family is excited but won’t be able to see her until tomorrow. As they all walk back to Non’s room, Plerng is alone with Numfon.
Plerng: Thank you.
Numfon: Why are you thanking me? I’m not a doctor.
Plerng: Thank you for being my support.

Boot is mourning her son, she refuses to talk to Nari, telling her daughter that she only has a child, and that’s Nut. Nari cries.

The next day in Numfon’s room (back in her condo..) her wedding dress is laid out on the bed. She stands in the balcony crying and recalling the snippets of times where people told her that she has stolen, broken and taken things from them. She recalls that she married Plerng despite breaking her sisters heart, breaking Lin’s heart as well as breaking Nut’s heart. She asks herself, “Am I the cause of all of the bad things that are happening?” Numfon glances at her beautiful ring through a torrent of tears.

As Boot sees to Nut’s body and arranges for it to be sent to the temple, Nari approaches her mom in the hallway. It is a profound conversation:
Nari: Please let me accompany you to the temple.
Boot: No need, don’t bother with me.
Nari: Why are you doing this to me?
Boot: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to plead you since you went to the side of people who killed my son?
Nari: Mom, listen to me first. I think it’s time for you to relinquish the past.
Boot: I don’t have a child like you. You horrible child. Don’t bother with me.
Boot tries to walk away.
Nari: That’s right, you’ve never seen me as your child. You’ve loved only Nut. No matter if I die you never care. You never asked me what happened to me. I almost killed myself, did you know that?
Boot: You- kill yourself?
She didn’t believe it.
Nari: Mom listen carefully, Nut sold me to Pairod. He imprisoned me, he wanted to force me to steal the diamonds. I didn’t want to do it, so he tortured me. Did you know that in all those time, Nut never helped me? But the person who helped me is Plerng, the person we hate so much we want to kill him. Without him I wouldn’t be alive. Did you know that?
Boot shockingly stuns herself into more tears and embraces her daughter.

The doctor tells the kins that grandma is fine but refuses to see anyone. Plerng says that she must be very angry with him to the point where she won’t forgive him. Uncle Root tells him to wait until she feels better and in a better mood.

Grandma cries as she recalls all of the times that everyone has lied to her.

Back at Nut’s funeral, Boot and Nari were the only ones there.
Nari consoles her mom: You still have me, I will take care of you.
Boot: I’m sorry.. that I didn’t listen to you when you tried to tell me. I’m sorry. I was wrong. I am a bad mom. I’m so sorry. I’ve tormented both of your lives.
Nari: Let’s start over..
Boot looks at her daughter: Ok. I want to do some goodness for Nut.

At Numfon’s condo, Sita is trying to get her sister to come down to eat, it is strange that she is in her room all day. As Numfon tells her sister that she will follow her later, she walks back to her laptop. She looks at Boston University website and says “This is the best way for us.” After the laptop monitor, we see the ring, placed back in its box.

At the hospital, the doctor tells grandma that she is fit to go home. Grandma tells the doctor not to mention this to her kids because she doesn’t want to bother them. She will find her own way home.

In Non’s hospital room, his arm is in a sling. Root tells them that grandma still refuses to speak to them. Plerng is blaming everything on himself again but Non tells him not to speak like that. Non thinks that Plerng will be able to win over grandma’s heart again. But Plerng says that this time it’s not the same as last time.. Plerng and Phong walk by grandma’s room before they walk away.

That closes today’s episode. Let’s get a glimpse of what is to come for our finale!

Preview Ep 15 (Finale! The real deal.. really..)
We see Numfon talking to Plerng: After I leave this place I want to be with someone I love and who loves me. You too, you should marry someone you love.
Then we see Numfon telling her sister and mom that she will study abroad in New York. Sita asks Numfon that Numfon will not marry Plerng then? We also see Sita later telling Non that they can’t let this end like this. We see Plerng asking Numfon: Is this your way out? She answers yes, and good luck too..

Will Plerng finally tell Numfon what she’s dying to hear?

First off, I am glad this is not the ending, with the way that the story is unfolding, simply ending at episode 14 would be too short! We need episode 15 in its entirety to satisfy my cravings- for Plerng and Numfon’s sweet moments that is. There were moments in this episode where you sort of feel for Numfon. Especially the car scene where Plerng completely puts his foot in his mouth- when she asked him if everything he’s doing is out of duty and he replies yes. It was a perfect opportunity to not say anything.. But later Plerng subtly drops hints that he wants the marriage to be real, he said that he wasn’t pretending to be happy.. or when they were walking down the red carpet, that he was excited that they were married. For being a person who looks at people’s actions more than listen to their words, Numfon is not keen on observing Plerng. Can’t she tell that the guy can’t take his eyes off of her, that he taunts her when he taunts no one else, that she practically drives him crazy? No, because much to her dismay, Numfon is a conflicting character and needs to hear how he feels about her. Beyond her exterior confidence lies an insecure woman. I love the contradictions in their characters- makes for an excellent lakorn.

Boot is a great actress! The scene where she learns of Nari’s torment by Pairod, you feel for her.. Nut also did a great job when he agrees with his mom despite feeling differently, he angrily stares at the camera as the tears fall, freely. I am sure on tomorrow’s episode, the director will tie our lessons together for us.. one thing is clear, there is no other way for Nut to go but south, like the morgue..

So I am dying to watch the ending, I love the pacing, the way they take their time patching up relationshps, gaining forgiveness and most importantly, reserving an entire episode for the main characters! It is late, I shall head to bed, but I’m looking forward to reading about what you have to say! Until tomorrow πŸ™‚ Xoxo Fia