Episode 4 produces more one on one scenes with Plerng and Numfon.

Last episode the company is aware of a thief who is stealing diamonds and putting fake ones in it’s place. After assigning each jewelry maker a task, Plerng notices Somchai acting suspicious and hiding something in his sock so he decided to investigate. When he brought this to Uncle Root’s attention, they decided to look at some of the jewelry that was made by Somchai and sure enough, Somchai has used fake diamonds. Because Uncle Root feels that Plerng only has three months to complete his task, he didn’t want to waste Plerng’s time and decided to keep investigating the problem on his own. He is determined to find out who is behind this, whether that person works for the company or an outside party. In the meantime he told Plerng and the division manager to keep it a secret. Nat discovers that his accomplice is taking a leave from the company and decides to lay low.

Numfon is doing a reporting piece about Thai Diamond and have asked Non to interview him and shoot the report on location. The moment she sees Plerng, her feathers are ruffled. She warns Non to be careful because even if a person looks nice and acts nice, they could be evil. During the shooting she unknowingly drops her earring but doesn’t realize this until she reviews the tape.

We also see that at this point, Plerng is learning the business well due to his diligence and strong work ethic. The person in charge of the manufacturing division said that his grandmother would be very happy to see that. Plerng wasn’t convinced but tells the manager not to tell anyone else who he really is. As he completes his lesson for the day, the night draws near. Coincidentally, when he went back to the locker to retrieve his cellphone, Numfon has also returned to look for her earring. Just as Plerng pockets the piece, Numfon storms towards him and asked what he was trying to do. She accuses him of trying to keep what he found even though he said that he was going to return it in the morning. She said it wasn’t necessary as the earring was hers. Plerng looked at her as if saying, why didn’t you say that from the beginning. But instead says, “if it’s yours then take it. I’m leaving.” But Numfon is relentless and stops him, “Think you’re running away? I’m going to tell grandma that you were stealing.”

As Numfon drives Plerng home, he sits comfortably in the back seat but tries to turn the radio on because it was too quiet. She said that he is looking too happy, and he replied with how can I not be happy when someone is taking me home. I had to giggle at that. He was so cute and they paint a funny couple, she was driving and he’s in the back seat. Numfon argues that he is trying to get her to think that he is a good person. But Plerng insists that if he was really the thief, then he would do something to her since they were alone. Numfon threatens him with a “don’t even think about it because I have pepper spray and a taser,” and she turns it on for good measure. Plerng jerks back and smiles, “thanks for telling me so I can be more careful.” It’s cute how he keeps teasing her. I’ve noticed that Plerng holds his own with her and that’s probably why she is so irritated because he doesn’t give in and doesn’t agree with her about everything. He challenges her. They certainly have chemistry!

Also at this point we know that Numfon doesn’t like to take responsibility for her own actions and always thinks that she’s right. As they were going over a small overpass, her car breaks down and she blames him. He tells her to open the hood and she screams thinking that he wanted her to open her “cover.” In Thai it can be easily misunderstood, which causes for another funny scene. It turns out her car is out of fluids because he thinks the owner doesn’t take care of it (Numfon of course). She shouts that he always brings bad luck to her then tells him to leave. Being the nice person, Plerng told her that he couldn’t leave her alone, but she insists, heck she kicks him out of the car. Things were not going her way however, as the tropical rain begins to pour cats and dogs.

Plerng did not leave the scene. Numfon, although a diva and can be seen as quick to judge, was still a good person at heart and gets out of her car with a umbrella. “Why did you come out, it’s pouring rain,” he asked her as he holds the plastic folder above his head to cover his already soaking body. “Why didn’t you leave?” she asked him. He tells her to just go back in and he’ll wait outside so they both can be happy. Her resolve crumbles a little and she tells him that he can wait in the car too and walks back. Apparently the four inch heel was not conducive to the tropical rain in Bangkok as her ankle gives out from under her. Plerng helps her to the curb and takes off her shoe to massage her ankle. And I breathe a sigh.. What a cute scene. It was short-lived though as Numfon tells her sister that it was all his fault that she was in this state. Wet as a dog with a twisted ankle. But Sita was polite and reasonable, so she thanked him for helping her sister and told him that he should dry up before he gets sick. Beware folks, the tropical rain can give you a nasty cold.

As Plerng awaits his clothes to dry, he is settled in the laundry room in nothing but a white towel wrapped around his hips. Numfon was on her way to wash her clothes as well and sees him about to change. She accuses him of bring a pervert and tells him to get out. Plerng calls her a pervert and told her that she was the one who needed to get out. “It’s my house,” she said. Plerng responded with, “But I’m changing, unless you want to see.. I’ll show you,” but she was out the door before he could take it off.

After they had some Thai porridge (which I wholeheartedly recommend because it is absolutely delicious. As a matter of fact, I think I will have some today. Its nothing like food in a movie to make you hungry.) and as Plerng is leaving, Numfon said, “a person like you can fool P’Sita but you can’t fool me.” Which continues to make me wonder why she is so put off by Plerng. What’s in it for her to dislike him so much. Is it her sense of justice? But she is like a dog with a bone. Then to make it worse, she told Nat that Plerng was trying to steal her earring and that it was too bad grandma couldn’t see him for what he is, which puts an idea in Nat’s head to further sabotage Plerng’s intentions.

Nat schemes for Nari and his mom to frame Plerng. Nari sets to hide her ring in Plerng’s pillowcase but their intentions were stopped as som ang saw her leaving his room and knew she was up to no good. And they failed again! It’s nice to see that the bad guys don’t always win. At this point grandma knows that Nari and Boot can be bad but she is still adamant that it doesn’t mean Plerng and his mom are good. She told Phongpeo that she doesn’t trust their intentions but if she wanted to take care of her, then she can help serve in the big house- so essentially being a maid. Phong agrees. When Plerng caught whiff of it, he wasn’t happy because even though he was willing to do anything it doesn’t mean he wanted to see his mom have a hard time. But his mom wanted to prove herself to his grandma.

Uncle Root wants Plerng to further understand the business, so he wants to put him in the diamond market department. Plerng is concerned because it was under Nat’s management. But Uncle Root is appearing fearless lately and in a meeting with Boot and Nat, he told Boot that Plerng will be learning the market, and they both cannot argue because Root and Boot have the same amount of power in the company- and Nat is a mere manager, ha! Plerng is concerned that Nat won’t show him the ropes, but Uncle Root got this all figured out, he will have someone even better to teach him about the market. It is none other than Sita, who is already attracted to him. Numfon continues to play matchmaker for Non and Sita.

As he leaves his uncles office, he sees Numfon again. She immediately demanded to know what he was doing there in which he replies with, “I don’t need to tell you.” But she continued on, saying that he was there too frequently and she didn’t want to have to run into him. I think she just wants to argue with him because after he asked her, is that all, she said that he was lucky that Nari found her ring (after that scene Nat continued to blow her ears, it is a term we use here to brainwash someone.) otherwise he wouldn’t still be here. Irritated, Plerng said that he was sorry that her plans didn’t work and that she has to keep seeing his face. Confused Numfon asked what he was talking about but soon realized that he was saying that Nat was behind the plan. Plerng asked her if she really didn’t know or she’s pretending. But regardless, he said that she was going to believe her boyfriend more. This time, he had the last word.

Grandma continues to ask if the doctor can tell her who her heart donor is, but to no avail. Phong chimes in that Kon Ying need not know when the donor was happy and willing. This causes grandma to be suspicious and that Phong knows too. Boot comes in time to excuse Phong and they continue to talk in the hallway. Phong is aware that she has promised not to tell, and this is overheard by som ang who wonders why they were keeping it all a secret.

Boot and Nari attempts another scheme to embarrass Phong in front of grandma. Here’s the thing that concerns me, I feel that grandma is a fair person, but how can she sit and watch her other grandson serve the family dinner? Isn’t it difficult to watch? Numfon is over for dinner as well, and Plerng and her exchange many looks as he sets a place for her on the table. Nari overreacts and made it look like Phong had spilled the soup on her. They scream, Nari gets up from the chair and that is the end of our episode!

Previews for the next episode shows some interesting things, Numfon learns that Plerng will be working with her sister. Lin asks to live with Plerng but Boot angrily forbidden it and they get in a cat fight. There is also an intriguing scene where Plerng asked Numfon if she was going to hit him… Until the next episode friends!