Friday could not come soon enough. The highly anticipated episode 3 of Plerng Tornanong is here and let the family drama ensue!

Plerng and his mom arrived at the Chatiyotin’s household and his mom began to ponder why his father would ever leave this house in the first place. I would second her on that because the mansion is beautiful; tasteful wooden staircase and high ceiling decorates the open floor plan. But Plerng assures his mom that his father gave everything up because he loved her. But Boot has plans to make Plerng’s life miserable so she relegated them to stay at a small cabin in the garden. She claims that since they don’t have Kon Ying’s permission, they have no right to stay in Pipat’s old bedroom. And everyone concede.

Boot and her children’s goal is to get grandma to hate Plerng from the onset, but little did they know that Plerng had already met her. Nat schemes to poison a soup that Phong (Plerng’s mom) made and have them feed it to grandma. Nat is convinced that nothing bad will happen to her since doctors are readily available (what a considerate grandson). However when they were at the hospital, Numfon and her sister (Sita) were also there to visit Kon Ying. It seems every time Numfon sees Plerng, she addresses him as “Nai!” (which is almost like saying you! In an accusing way.) After asking him what he was doing there, she notices the soup bowl in his hands and immediately assumes he was up to no good. Boot and Nari keeps pushing Kon Ying to drink it. However, Numfon knocks the bowl out of Plerng’s hands. I have to keep reminding myself that her reason for hating him is because she thinks he is a bad person. Numfon approaches him and says, “I know what you’re up to,” (Or, I know your plan) and says that his intentions will reveal itself.  Sita apologizes for her sister profusely and scolds her. Numfon continues to act like a spoiled child. It always irks me that someone should judge a person without even knowing them personally. It doesn’t help when that person doesn’t like to explain themselves, for instance Plerng. Don’t get me wrong, I love with it when the main characters spat, it brings on chemistry, but not when it’s one sided. I’m hoping that Plerng gives her a taste of her own medicine, and soon.

I would think that from episode 2, when Kon Ying was upset over the phone about Pipat’s death and that he has taught his son to hate her too, that she would be happy to see Plerng. Wrong. Twenty years of pain (according to her) cannot be eliminated over a meeting. Plerng and his mom went to apologize to Kon Ying at the house and asked for her forgiveness. He said he was willing to do anything to get his grandma to forgive his parents. But Kon Ying is still hurt from her son’s abandonment so she gets up from where she was sitting and said “a broken glass will never be the same.” Plerng walks towards his grandma and agrees with her, which surprises her. He compares a family’s relationship to that of water, and no matter how the water is split up, it can always come back together. What a wise kid! But unfortunately that didn’t win over her heart, it certainly did mine – that and his beautiful, flawless skin.

Kon Ying decides to allot Plerng and his mom what they deserve: Pipat’s 20% share in the company which values at 100 lahn baht. She assumes they would go back to Ranong and be able to live a happy life. But little did she know that Plerng is a very proud and determined person. He decided that because his dad has shares in the company, he would use that to demand his right to stay and help with the family business. So in a new suit and hair that is brushed out of his face, Plerng asks his grandma if she would give him the opportunity to do what his dad had wanted to do and make it up to her. Kon Ying says this is not an easy feat but Plerng insists that he was willing to learn. And so she is willing to give him a chance, but with a clause. In 3 months, Plerng needed to produce more profit than his father did when he was working at the family jewelry business otherwise he will have to relinquish everything.  Crazy and impossible as it sounds, Plerng agrees because he was willing to grab on to any opportunity that will change his grandma’s views on his parents and to prove himself.

But like Boot says, how can you have a country boy who sold fish come and sell diamond? We shall find out. The challenges are insurmountable, including the new problem that the company is facing. Someone is stealing diamonds and putting fake ones in its place. Plerng told his uncle that he could help and with that, thus he will be learning the diamond business from the ground up- starting in the factory itself.

In the meantime, Numfon plays matchmaker to her sister Sita and Non (Plerng’s cousin, the nice one.) She thinks that Sita is attracted to Plerng and that will not do. Her sister deserves only the best (her words) and she is determined to pair Sita up with Non. I think she just can’t admit that she is attracted to Plerng too.

Case in point, the elevator scene! As Plerng is heading to the factory in his jumpsuit, Numfon tells him to hold the elevator, but gets pissed off when he was in it (Nai! She shouts again.) And says that the more you hate someone the more you will see them. Plerng replies with¸ “Did you ask if that person wants to see you?” She assumes he is playing a small role in the company based on his jumpsuit and Plerng doesn’t care enough to explain except for “it’s whatever you think.” Numfon smiles because he didn’t argue with her and said that she knows that he is acting so grandma would feel sorry for him and see the goodness in him. Then as if to spite her, the elevator shakes and blinks and Numfon finds herself next to him. It is as if no matter how much she tries to tell herself he is a bad person and that she hates him, they have chemistry. It was a cute scene but left me wanting more.. When they got out of the elevator, Numfon shows her high handedness: she said he should remember that she will never be in the same lift as him again. If I were Plerng, I’d roll my eyes. Day one of Plerng working at Thai Diamond commences.

The final scene of the episode shows Boot calling an early meeting to tell the board members that while her mother is healing, she will be taking over for the interim. Root tries to intervene but his attempts are futile, like a boat running out of steam.

I can see that Plerng’s character is very proud, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what others think (especially miss bad attitude) and is very determined to reach his lofty goals. What challenges will he face in the next episode? Do tune in!

FYI, I will not have access to Ch.3 for a week so episode recaps will be lagging at least a day since I have to wait for others to upload it to youtube J