I know, I know, it’s Friday and where’s my “Dum Kum” review? Let’s just say that I got distracted. That seems to be the keyword these days. How is it that it’s taking me more than a month to watch this lakorn? That’s unacceptable.. it’s not that it’s not good, because it is, a million of other things just get in the way.

So instead, this week I finished “The Help” by Katherine Stockett, which I wholeheartedly recommend reading. I also watched “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” starring Mario and Fern, this movie will pull at your heartstrings, and I watched it twice.  “Tard Ruk” gained some of my time as well, it’s nearing the climax and the truth is finally coming out!

The rest of the time in between is spent trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia, because I am in Jakarta. That lasted about five minutes every day. I’m sure if I’m stranded in another island where they don’t speak English, I will pick up the language much faster. But why learn another language when I can use my time trying to finish Dum Kum?

Have a wonderful Friday and fabulous weekend everyone!