Mae Manee.. Mae Manee ja.. the familiar voice whispered her name in the dead of night, almost as if her dream conjured up the voice. Manee Jan (Ann Siriam) is a modern woman of 1994 who has not realized that fate, in the form of a mirror will take her to her soulmate who lives some hundred years ago. Khun Luang Thep (Tua Saranyu), a well mannered, traditional man in every sense of the word never realized that a mere woman from the future will aid him in his patriotic endeavor and be his life partner. Both knew not of one another, but goes through life in their prospective times as if waiting for someone.

An antique mirror acts as the connecting door from Manee Jan’s world to Khun Luang’s world. It is its own entity, calling her, demanding her and only allowing her to visit either worlds on its own accord. If Manee Jan missed or refused the calling, she would develop a severe physical reaction. It seemed as though only she was privy to the mirror’s callings.

This is a classic love tale about two very different people coming literally from two very different worlds. They have enormous challenges and obstacles ahead of them. Can their love last through time, can they overcome their periodic differences, and accomplish their patriotic duties all during the time frame provided by the mirror?

I originally watched Taweepob when it aired in 1994 but for clarity purposes I re-watched it. I can definitely say that the emotions that overcame me while watching this in ’94 was the same as I watched it today. That goes to show that a good lakorn will stand the test of time, whether it would be the shirts with shoulder pads, blocky cellphones, none of that matters because the cast chemistry and acting abilities overshadowed them all.

Taweepob (1994) is a successful production for another reason as well: the depth of the storyline. One really gets a good idea of the lifestyle of Khun Luang Thep’s time; the way they dress, eat, speak, mannerism and historic figures. The way the storyline progressed makes sense, the action/reaction and characterization falls into place. I haven’t seen a storyline that develops so well, perhaps these are many reasons why Taweepob was a hit among the viewers as well as critics. The production won lakorn of the year during its time and it is about to experience a remake. I am curious to find out whether it will live up to the successes or improve in its depth and understanding of our time.

Tua Saranyu and Ann Siriam did a phenomenal job in their portrayal of Khun Luang Thep and Manee Jan. A few scenes that stood out for me was when they first met, after it was determined that she wasn’t a ghost, Khun Luang said ..”It’s like I’ve been waiting for someone…until you showed up.” And the scene after the meeting with Jao Tan and Manee Jan has impressed him. Khun Luang said, “Can you not be a Khun Ying today.. that if you wait.. you can be one down the road,” as if saying you can be my Khun Ying..” I love how Khun Luang’s character speaks the way he feels. He’s unassuming, doesn’t play any games and such a true man.

Throughout this lakorn I got goosebumps, whether it is from the suspense or the way that Khun Luang looks at Manee Jan, it is as if he is looking at her soul.

Here is the playlist that I used from TukTukLand on youtube, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Taweepob, Filmed in 1994
Also known as Two Worlds
Genre: Romance, Time Travel, Period
Duration: 21 Episodes, Ch.7

Ann Siriam as Manee Jan
Tua Saranyu as Khun Luang Thep

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