A person’s value cannot be determined by their exterior possession of money, prestige or beauty, but it is determined by the goodness of that person’s heart and the person’s ability to do the right thing. This message is relayed throughout the lakorn by obstacles and challenges that our two main protagonists must endure to find their happy ending.

Gluay (Noon Woranuch) is desperate for money, yet again, thanks to her gambling addict brother. She grew up in a farm and made ends meet by performing and teaching Thai traditional dances. Gluay is a proud, dutiful and strong woman. However she is faced with a jarring problem, her brother needed 10 million baht to pay off his gambling debt or else they will lose their grandmother’s farmhouse in which he had used for collateral. It appears luck was on her side when a stranger approaches her to be his mistress for a price. She knew that the man wanted her out of his brother’s life and was willing to pay the price. Because she wasn’t willing to degrade herself as a mistress, she bargained to be his wife in name for 10 million baht and they would divorce as soon as Pimarn gets married. Little did she know that the decision to marry Luk would change her life forever.

Luk (Pong Nawat) is a type A male: stubborn, possessive, obstinate, determined and macho. He is the oldest son and heir of his family’s wealth, he is responsible for his household that consisted of his step mom and half brother Pimarn (Nam Rapeepat). He takes his responsibility seriously and embraces his bachelorhood wholeheartedly. The latter causes many to view him as scandalous and uncommitted to love, opposite from Pimarn who appears with scruples and possess a bright future.

There weren’t many challenges in Luk’s life thus far that he could not overcome with his strong personality and wealth. He was used to people bending to his will and always got what he wanted. He also never cared what others thought of him. Upon learning of a woman who is believed to capture his brother in marriage, Luk decides to pay her off with money. He was convinced that every woman has a price tag. Gluay however challenged everything that he believed in and unknowingly turned his life upside down and inside out.

Pimarn (starring Nam Rapeepat) has a dark secret that only his brother and family lawyer knows. He is weak in that he doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions. Although he believes that his older brother can do everything better than he, he was not envious. Pimarn is the son of their father’s mistress. He too must learn a lesson.. how to be a man. Due to his indiscretion eight years prior, Pimarn fathered a child, but because he was weak and afraid his mother would be upset, his brother Luk took the responsibility of being the father instead. Pimarn is in love with Gluay but his mother wanted him to marry a wealthy daughter of a prestigious family.

The first part of the lakorn revolved around Luk and Gluay ensuring that their marriage resonates with Pimarn. The challenge is putting on a believable act for Pimarn to see. This offers very cute scenes and shows that they have developed feelings for each other. Middle act created conflicts, misunderstandings and distrusts to tear the two apart. Final act resolves the conflicts.

I can completely do without the middle act, just give me the first and last part of the story. Sometimes I forget how dramatic channel 7 lakorns are. My heart goes out to Luk who had to endure challenges and conflicts to no end. There were a lot of scenes that were highly unnecessary and served no purpose. But altogether it is worth watching because the chemistry between Pong and Noon is so electric and amazing. Pong also earned another fan, me! His acting is spot on, he really stays within his character and one can’t help but admire his masculinity. Noon’s character on the other hand was strong and wonderful to watch at the beginning, but towards the middle and ending of the lakorn, she was very frustrating to watch. In the end, I’m just glad Luk got what he worked so hard for, even though Gluay totally doesn’t deserve him.

I have some favorite quotes from Luk: “You were born for me… I am yours.” “You are mine..” he would say these as oppose to admitting to his feelings. He also has the tendency to blame others for his anger, so it was wonderful and surprising to hear him say this “I’m sorry…will you marry me.. I love you.” Which are three things the old Luk would never say. And finally when putting the ring on her finger and after he jumped through hoops and climbed mountains (figuratively speaking) “My wealth.. my heart are piled on your footsteps.” Not your fingertips mind you, but your footsteps. How romantic!

(Romantic Drama lakorn on Channel 7 , 21 Episodes, aired on Feb. 2011)

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