We close out the story about a two-thousand-year-old immortal who searches for his heart so that he may die, and a human who searches for a matching heart so that she may live to see another day. The contradictions in their life brought them together to resolve a problem from a legendary tale two thousand years before. As they face the final music, can they convince a scorned woman bent on revenge to end the karmic cycle and make peace with everything? Or will they succumb to yet another lifetime of pain and suffering? Let’s get to our finale.


Sherlock Dad brings Sintu back to Petch Island, not only to chat with Pachara, but for his safety. At the hospital someone had tried to silence him. We see in a flashback that Sherlock Dad had stopped a nurse before she could give Sintu an injection. Wanda wonders who else can be responsible for this since Matinee has already been arrested. Sherlock Dad surmises that it must be someone who’s backing Matinee. Sherlock Dad questions Wanda on her relationship with Pon. He says he better not find out they’re more than a business relationship. Wanda comments that now is not the time to be possessive of his daughter.

Charles (reincarnated Ruthara), questions Wipu on how he knows Ronald is the owner of the Heart of Knight, since very few people know about this. Wipu thinks maybe he just got lucky. Charles then asks who he suspects the night of the missing diamond, but Wipu relents he doesn’t know. Charles wants to know if he thinks Matinee has a reason to steal the diamond, and Wipu says at first he didn’t think she was responsible but now he’s not so sure anymore. Wipu’s expression is very stoic as he answers the questions robotically. He says he’s known Matinee since he started working and she has done everything for him (work wise) and has never disobeyed his orders. Charles comments that he must be disappointed that his person turned out this way.

As the lawyer (Matinee’s reincarnated father) joins Wipu’s questioning, Wipu asks if they knew each other prior to working together on this case. The two has only met at the onset of the case, but when they shake hands and the way they look at each other, seems to me that they know who the other person is, since they both remember their past lifetime. The lawyer comments that it’s not a coincidence that the same people come together in different lifetimes. He asks why Charles suspects the three people: Pachara, Wipu and Prao. Charles states that he has a feeling that someone familiar with the diamond must be the culprit. They tell Wipu that they’ve only met on this case and they are determined to find the motive behind the diamond theft. Furthermore, the lawyer believes that there must be an accomplice.

We then flashback to Wipu’s revenge scheme from the start to today. The most interesting thing we can gather from this is that Prao’s heart condition improved because Wipu had saved her with black magic. She’s the other key that will help him torment Pachara even more. He was also the hooded figure that tried to silence Sintu, which is why Sintu had been desperate to report to Pachara. Wipu tells Charles that he doesn’t think Matinee has an accomplice, to which Charles sarcastically says how efficient of her to do it all on her own. Before Charles let him go, he says he simply wants to warn the culprit that having a change of heart now is not too late.

Sintu sees the headline and panics, thinking that Janthra’s premonition about the eclipse and the curse may come to fruition. Sintu says they need to hurry and help Pachara. Meanwhile Pon gets a phone call from Pachara’s doctor that they found a matching heart for Prao, but they need to make it back to Bangkok within ten hours. Pon orders his sisters to pack their bags and meet him at the airport. Prao is so ecstatic she is at a loss for words.

During Pachara’s visit with Matinee, he asks if she remembers what she did to Sintu, but she denies having anything to do with it. He asks who is behind this, and Matinee thinks back to all the orders that Wipu gave her. Pachara also contemplates over the information he got from Wanda regarding the test results of the vial, there are heavy traces of traditional herbs present, which isn’t something you can’t find readily available anymore. He said they used this perfume when they go out hunting, and he questions how Wipu managed to procure such an old age ingredient. Wanda wonders if Matinee had something to do with it, but Pachara relents that he no longer suspects Matinee. He suspects that Wipu is the mastermind and that he is the person Pachara has been looking for. Pachara warns her not to tell anyone yet and that he will find evidence to prove his case. Yes finally!

As Prao gets ready to head out with her sister, she forgot her phone in the room and turns back to get it. Pachara attempts to reach her over the phone to no avail – couldn’t you just teleport there? He tries to phone the lawyer next, but Wipu spies Pachara’s name on the incoming call. He asks if they know Pachara, to which they say that they do. Wipu says that the people you trust the most are the ones that can hurt you the most. And when you are hurt like that, you never forget the pain.

This prompts Wipu to take his next step, he kidnaps Prao and tells Pachara that he could meet Prao one last time if he would come to see him. This time Pachara teleports to meet Wipu.

Pon is furious at Prim for losing sight of her sister, and Wanda tells him to go easy on her because Prim is about to cry. Charles says that the security footage shows that Wipu took Prao to the hospital due to her heart condition, they can’t say whether she was abducted. A minute later Sherlock Dad alerts Pon that it is indeed Wipu who is behind everything, much to Prim’s surprise. Pon asks why Sherlock Dad is just telling him this now and dad just says to ask Wanda. Yikes. Pon picks a bone with Wanda, and how long she has known that Wipu is the mastermind, because now Prao is in the hands of the most dangerous person. Wanda says she promised Pachara not to say anything, and Pon spites that if anything happens to his sister, he will never forgive Wanda. Prim overhears this and asks Wanda to confirm. Pon asks Prim to take them to Wipu’s spot.

Upon reaching the compound, they discover Clarissa’s body and several evidences. Wipu stands by the cliffside, placing Prao’s body on the rock like an offering to god. The sun is at its highest and brightest, must be the day of the eclipse.

Pachara reaches Wipu and asks what he has done to Prao. Wipu laments that he’s just helping with her heart condition. Pachara says this is their issue, Wipu should not involve anyone else. But Wipu argues that anyone that Pachara loves are all implicated. Pachara pleads Wipu to let Prao go, she has to undergo a heart transplant, but that he’s welcomed to do whatever he wants to Pachara. He teleports to a foot of Wipu, who says that Pachara has the gall to beg him when he has never reciprocated it in kind. When Matira had begged him, he never listened. We flashback to that moment Pachara executed Matira’s father.

Charles and team find Aon next.

Wipu pours a drink for them again, which makes Pachara question if he was ever going to change his routine. Wipu says he wants every moment to be the same, hence all the final scenes in every lifetime. Pachara accepts the drink but doesn’t drink it. He asks how many times he needed to apologize to her, in order for Matira to forgive him. He asks for it all to end here, because no matter how many lifetimes go by, the only thing that never changes is her eyes. Wipu says he’s already made his decision and they drink.

Aon tells Sintu that she’s not Janthra, the spirit has already left her body, and on its way to meet its friend. Sintu immediately says he’s going to see Pachara, despite the secretary warning him that Pachara forbids him to go. Sintu says it’s his obligation to Pachara. Everyone ends up following Sintu to the cliffside.

Pachara pleads with Wipu that he would be willing to continue living alone, but that Wipu needs to let everybody else go. This will break the karmic cycle. He reaches for Wipu’s face and says that he needs to let him go. Wipu touches Pachara’s hand, as they are both in tears, he remembers their love back in Tarawatburam time. The sun is eclipsing and Wipu asks if he won’t miss the person that he loves. Pachara says that he would miss her, but that he would be doubly happy if she could escape from the karma once and for all.

We can hear Janthra’s voice telling Matira to stop. She says to let everything go and come with her. Janthra relents that she came for Matira only and she’s the only reason why she’s still here today. Wipu says Janthra doesn’t need to feel guilty anymore because he is not mad at her anymore. He bids her to rest in peace. Janthra’s spirit flies away.

The lawyer tells Matira to end the karmic cycle, to which Wipu questions why he has made his appearance. The lawyer says that he did work with Pachara, but not to hurt her, instead he wants Matira to let the revenge go, as he was a factor that caused this karma. Charles/Ruthara says he is also here so that Matira could lessen her karma, he regretted turning his back on her during that time.

Wipu says that no one could change his mind now. Sintu laments that Pachara has suffered the most in two thousand years, yet he has never hated her, he just doesn’t want to see her hurt herself. Her father asks for forgiveness.

Prao finally comes to and she begs to take on the curse on behalf of Pachara, who has suffered enough. With that, Wipu uses the power of the eclipse and the fire to summon the heart of knight, which then turns into a ball of energy that goes back into Pachara’s chest. You can hear Pachara’s heart thumping, and Prao goes to him and holds him. Wipu says that this is what it means to have true love, self-sacrifice. She finally understands why Pachara loves Prao. Wipu takes out the dagger and says that she will give her heart to Prao, and then stabs herself.

The eclipse passes, the sky is bright again. Pachara leans his head against Wipu while he passes. Prao’s heart condition worsens and is taken to the hospital for immediate heart transplant. The heart was donated by Wipu, who was a match. Prim says she pities Wipu, and Pon says Wipu has ended his karma now.

Pachara thanks the lawyer and Charles for their help. Charles says that Matira turned out this way because of all of them. Pachara says to let bygones be bygones and to live their life well. Pachara gives the biggest sigh, lol. Sintu says he’s still strong and will be with Pachara for a long time.

Sherlock Dad wonders when Wanda plan on coming back to help him, their business has boomed after recent events. Wanda says she has an appointment but that she would hurry back afterwards. The person she’s actually meeting is Samornsee who thinks that her lover is cheating on her. Wanda says she no longer accepts spy jobs because she had promised Pon that she won’t take on risky jobs. Samornsee says she just needs pictures as proof and she’s willing to pay a hefty price. On her spy mission, Wanda sees Pon with another woman instead. But as it turns out, it’s just an elaborate ruse that Pon put on to propose to her. Cute. She says yes by the way, *smiles* and he seals it with a kiss.

Prao sees Charles/Ruthara and says that she finally knows what it feels like to have a normal heart. Ruthara comments that it’s a surprise that Wipu’s heart matches hers, but Prao says it is more like Matira who must want to be as close to Pachara as possible. She also adds that is no different than her, whose heart only beats for one man. Ruthara says that Pachara is a lucky man to have two hearts beating for him. Pachara says that one day Ruthara will find someone whose heart would beat for him too. Turns out, Ruthara’s new art teacher is Prim. Looks like we have a budding romance in the making.

On the rooftop Prao says she still can’t believe they are standing together, while Pachara says he can’t believe he is a warm-hearted person again. Prao thanks Wipu for this and Pachara agrees, Matira has finally freed herself. She asks if he still misses Matira, to which Pachara says he thinks about what they all had accomplished together and happy that she’s free. Prao asks that if she doesn’t look like Matira, would he still love her. Pachara replies that without Matira there would be no Ladtha, there would be only Prao and Pachara, and this Pachara loves his Prao just the way that she is. Prao says she will use the heart that Matira has given her to love him with all of it. Pachara also says that he will take care of his heart with all of his heart as well.

They hug and he teleports them back to the island. Say what? So he still possess teleporting powers? Pachara tells her that he loves her, but before she could finish her sentence, he swoops down for a searing kiss.


We can all breathe a big sigh of relief like Pachara, because you couldn’t get a happier ending with a cherry on top, than if you were to write your own ending. That is because throughout all of Pachara’s sufferings for two thousand years, he is rewarded with his human heart, maintained his extraordinary teleporting skills, and also be with two of the people that he loved in the form of Prao. Now they can live a normal lifetime and grow old together. #winwin

The plot twist of Wipu turning out to be Matira is interesting, I just wish we did more with it, they had great chemistry towards the end, I almost wanted a bromance story out of it. Can you imagine Pachara being super smart and figuring out that Wipu is Matira because he’s the one who’s making all of the stars align and approaching him like other lifetimes, only this time he’s a man. But instead of Pachara flirting with Clarissa, Pachara would flirt with Wipu instead. Wipu is bent on revenge but gets foiled by Pachara’s genuine desire to make things right. Ok, I do watch too much bromance shows lately. My head is in the cloud recess and the four seasons, but that’s a story for another time.

Because instead, we get Wipu who at the last minute decides to feel convinced of Prao’s self-sacrifice for Pachara. Then he does the right thing by returning the heart back to the knight and made peace with everything. Perhaps all he needed was Pachara’s touch and knowledge that he’s willing to live an eternity, but he doesn’t want anyone else to suffer, including Matira. At the end of the day, Matira is just hurting herself.

I really did enjoy the first half of the show. Show managed to make me question who is Matira for the better part of the second half, and it was a game of who is Matira and how are we going to cure Prao and make Pachara human again. But the pacing suffered with the regurgitation, and I lost some interest towards the end. For what it’s worth, Nychaa and Tono are still great together, and we can finally put this mystery behind us.

Thanks for tuning in and for reading the recaps, ‘til next time my lovelies.