We made it to the painful, final moment of Tarawatburam, where the fateful night of 2000 years ago finally get the light of day. It was heartbreaking all around, but in retelling the final day – the worst day ever for Mr. Immortal really – brings forth our next step into the present day and how our characters are related. More importantly, this final retelling allows Pachara to realize the truth about Praoploy. And who isn’t excited about that?


As the date night ended, Pachara and Praoploy return home in what could be a very shy, cute and reluctant goodnight.

“Are you heading to bed?” asks Pachara, reluctant to see her go. “Goodnight,” he adds.

Praoploy on the other hand has her back to him and struggles with words.

“Is there something you want to say?” he asks.

But she starts to tear up, “I had a great time tonight,” she finally let out. “So much so that I want to stop time.”

His eyes well up with tears too.

“But I know you’re just stalling time until I can remember everything, right?” she inquires. “The reason you brought me here is so that I can remember that I’m –“

He would not let her finish. “I don’t want you to be her. I don’t want you to remember anything anymore.”


“Go on to bed,” he urges.

“But I want to.. (remember)” she says. “You’ve been tormented by this for much too long now. Let me help you.”

Pachara turns and stands before her, like a reassuring presence.

“We can’t escape this,” she surmises. “It’s time to end this.”

He takes her hand in his.

At the house by the river, Wanda goes to visit Aon. Aoy (the shaman) tries to get her to pay up in order to find the whereabouts of Praoploy, but Wanda doesn’t fall for it. Just as she leaves though, she almost walks into Aon.

Aon tells Wanda that when it’s time, he will bring Praoploy back. When asked who “he” is, Aon says he is the man that should meet Praoploy. This is his time only, as he has been waiting for a long time. It’s time for Aon too, for when he returns, she will get to meet him too. When she calls Wanda by her birthname, “Wandara,” this convinces Wanda that Aon is the real deal. Aon adds that Wanda needs to stop looking for Praoploy and that in due time, he will bring her back. The key date is based on the solar calendar, the waning of the 15th night.

Wanda shares her recent discovery with Pon, which is met with disbelief. Pon thinks that she is gullible and wonders why he hired her. As he tries to remove her from the case, Wanda says he could hold her to that date, if his sister doesn’t return, she will leave on her own. With a smirk, Pon shows her his phone calendar, that states the waning of the 15th night corresponds to Saturday the 13th, which is tonight!  He suggests maybe she ought to start packing her bags. Oh snap, we really are going to get the finale of Tarawatburam.

Praoploy wakes up from a nightmare that scares her. Pachara is by her side and says that if she can’t handle this task, then they don’t have to do this. But Praoploy has come too far and she wants to change the curse. He looks far away and says that the events that happened that day, are events that he wants to forget the most.

We are taken back to the twist in the power struggle – Prince Ruthara’s team were discovered and apprehended. The fight ensues between Pachara and Wasuta who refuses to get caught. Pachara questions why Wasuta could even fathom betraying his own friend, but Wasuta laments that the crown prince had never been his friend, he has always been an enemy. Pachara pleads that he need only to ask and Pachara would have given him what he wanted. But Wasuta argues that if he were a true friend, he would already know what Wasuta wanted. But it’s too late and the men fight it out.

What happens next is the biggest plot twist! Prince Ruthara betrayed his own family by going to his father (the king) about his mother’s plans. He had overheard her saying that she won’t spare any of her opponents’ lives. He bargains with his father that if his mother is spared, he would leave the palace with her. And so, Prince Ruthara divulges the treasonous plans. This is so much more in line with his gentle character!

Meanwhile his mother and uncle glare at him, shocked that he would do such a thing. The king says his mom was greedy for the throne, but she declares that she had came first, and even if he had forgotten about her, she could forgive him, but the last straw was how he never took notice of their son. She wholeheartedly believes that Itsara’s mom would have her whole family annihilated. Itsara balks that that never occurred to him. The king thinks that she always has an excuse for her terrible actions, and that she had put poison in his bird’s nest soup, which is why he had always chosen the queen’s soup. At this, the concubine roars with laughter. The king was wrong again, she had put poison in the queen’s soup, and it was up to him to choose her soup. Damn. Ruthara looks at his mom one last time before she stabs herself to death, claiming that there’s no one in the world that would love him as much as she does.

Poor Prince Ruthara. And then it gets worst. Pachara comes back with Wasuta’s head! His next task is to sever the minister’s head, his very own beloved’s father. Matira comes screaming for him to stop and otherwise everything he has said to her are lies. But the crown prince orders Pachara to obey. Matira turns her venom on Ruthara and screams at him for betraying his own family. All Ruthara could do is walk away in sadness. So Matira turns her angry eyes at Pachara and accuses him of tricking her and killing off her family. Pachara merely looks down and sticks to his truth, that his feelings towards her are true and he’s just obeying orders. Matira sneers at the fact that Pachara’s only two vocabulary are Crown Prince and Tarawatburam. She spites that if those are the only two things he knows, then he shouldn’t have gotten involved with her in the first place. There is some truth to that, but he also didn’t know that her family were plotting treason either. Matira orders him to prove that his feelings are true by releasing her father and killing the crown prince. Might be easier to ask him to kill himself.

The dad finally speaks up, that he’s not afraid to die by the sword. He asks her to avenge their family’s death. The crown prince is heard ordering Pachara to kill the traitor, and Matira gives her final words, “I swear, you will never find happiness again, in this lifetime or any lifetimes!” And with that, Pachara swings his sword against the traitor’s neck. Yikes.

Ladtha tries to stop Pachara from going to see Matira after. She says his Matira is not the same person anymore. Pachara is adamant about being there for her because he’s all she has left, especially from what he has done to her family. He tells Ladtha that he still loves Matira all the same, to which Ladtha says that she knows, but that he must remember there are other people who worry and love him too. Pachara deems Matira needs him the most right now, and he’s off. Ladtha says that she loves and needs him, but that she doesn’t dare to think about it.

Janthra asks where the general is off to, and Ladtha reports Matira isn’t the same anymore. She witnessed Matira turning her white rabbit black. Janthra instructs Ladtha to head home and she would do her best to help the general.

At Matira’s pagoda, she is gathering her power to bring forth Akitaewa. While Janthra on the other side, calls forth Sintutape for guidance. Each ladies transform into their sacred selves, one turning into a gothic goddess, and the other a calm as water goddess.

And then, it’s Pachara’s worst night ever.

He came rushing to see Matira, pleading for her not to hurt herself this way, when he sees her gothic glory. She asks what he wants her to do instead, laugh it off? So she offers him a drink (ohhhhh, doesn’t this remind us of someone?!) and so they drink together. “Drink for my family,” she urges. Pachara tries to tell her that his feelings for her are still the same and that he will take care of her. Matira says she doesn’t know if she could believe him anymore. But she rekindles his love at first sight by insisting that she dance for him. But the dance ritual, mixed with the drink causes Pachara to weaken and feel faint, “what are you doing to me,” he finally says before he collapses.

She tosses water into his face to wake him. His arms are splayed wide apart, tied to posts. She takes out her knife, he insists that what happens to her family is cause and effect, but that his words to her remain true. Matira says she can only believe it when his heart is in her hand. Just as she raises the dagger to stab him, Ladtha throws herself on her brother, receiving the stab in his place. Before her last breath, Ladtha thanks him for everything and that she loves him.

Matira laughs and spats that now he knows how it feels to lose someone you love. Janthra’s voice is heard in the night, she asks Matira to stop this and to not let anything happen to Tarawatburam. But Matira continues on and curses her, that if she is adamant about stopping her, then she could never reincarnate. Oh snap. Before we know it, Janthra’s body perishes into tiny blue sparkles that float into the air. Now this explains Aon’s present condition.

Finally, Matira turns her venom on Pachara. She stabs his chest and uses her black magic to bring out his heart. It turns into a shiny entity and she even draws out Ladtha’s blood. Ah, that is just cruel. Matira stands before the burning fire and begins her curse: “As Akitaewa, I am cursing this heart, the general of Tarawatburam’s heart. He will live out his life without a heart, and he will never die until he gets his heart back. He will go on to live and see everyone he loves die. Tarawatburam, the kingdom that he’s loyal to will be destroyed in front of his very eyes. He’ll remain hopeless like me, until his heart returns.” She tops the curse off with Ladtha’s blood onto the heart.

Matira steps into the fire where she perishes into red embers and declares that someone he loved died and Tarawatburam is ruined all because of him.

Back to present time, Pachara tells Praoploy that only Matira knows how to fix the curse. Upon hearing this finale, Praoploy clutches her heart and collapses. Oh no.

Pachara immediately provides CPR and uses some sort of machine to attach to her chest and rib cage. He orders for a boat immediately and rushes her to the hospital.

Meanwhile Pon goes in search for Wanda, but finds her room unlocked and disheveled. He discovers her weak and in the bathtub, apparently from a bout of food poisoning. After some uncomfortable gas and toilet experience in front of Pon, he rings for an ambulance.

And just as Aon had predicted, they see Praoploy being carried on a stretcher into the hospital. It was unbelievable to both of their eyes, but Pon rushes to see his sister. Pachara follows shortly after and tells Pon that he will explain everything when Prao is ok.

Prim is alerted about her sister’s reappearance and to report to the hospital. She happens to be in Wipu’s office trying to brief him on her PR work for the grand opening of the new resort, but Wipu hadn’t given her the time of day, claiming that he has back to back meetings all day. But just Praoploy’s name prompts Wipu to drop everything and go to see her. Not before Prim and Matinee get into a verbal combat about who is more important to Wipu.

At the hospital the doctor says that it was thanks to Pachara’s CPR and quick thinking that Praoploy is in stable condition. They will observe her in the ICU for a few days and she could move into the regular ward. Pon asks to speak with Pachara, but Pachara relents that Pon wouldn’t believe anything he says right now so they ought to wait until Praoploy is conscious again. But Pon doesn’t give up and follows Pachara, only for the man to disappear in thin air. Seriously, what a handy skill.

When he sneaks in the ICU to see her, she was still unconscious.

Prim tells her brother how strange it is that Praoploy showed up like this – they scoured islands looking for her and yet she just shows up out of nowhere. Pon thinks Pachara has everything to do with it and is determined to make the man accept it.

So Pon decides to continue hiring Wanda to investigate Pachara. Unfortunately, in two days, Wanda couldn’t even follow his shadow. Lmao. But the good news is that Praoploy is conscious now and they could get the truth from her.

Praoploy opens her eyes to a fierce looking Pachara. Praoploy teases that if she were in a very serious heart condition, she’d perish just from seeing his fierce expression. Pachara smiles at her gently and asks about her condition. Praoploy says she’ll be at the hospital for another week or so.

Pachara starts to say that “if I don’t help you..” but Praoploy finishes his sentence, “who would reverse the curse?” Haha. Pachara surprises her with something super sweet instead, “who would go diving, hiking and seeing the sunset with me?” Aw.

Pon is not stoked to see Pachara has beat them to see Praoploy. He asks his sister to explain what happened and where she’s been. But our girl, who watches too much tv, starts to tell a lie that she recently healed from amnesia. Lmao. She really is quite elaborate. Pachara just smiles and let’s her do all the talking. It was an interrogation, but Praoploy has all of the made up answers: she got on Pachara’s boat when she had amnesia so he had no idea, then she stayed in a remote part of the island so no one else really knows her, but Pachara has shown her nothing but kindness. Then she bumped her head again and got her memories back. Wanda says it sure sounds like a lakorn.

Pon thanks Pachara for bringing her to the hospital and his quick thinking, but asks to speak to his sister in private. Wanda tries to tail Pachara, but like a ninja, he just poofs into thin air.

Pon thinks grade school kids could come up with a better story and asks if she expected him to believe that. He forbids her from seeing Pachara again unless she tells him the truth. Praoploy argues that Pachara has wanted to bring her back, but that she was stubborn to stay there. She adds that he has a problem that only she can fix. Pon thinks Praoploy is protecting Pachara. But he wants them to agree on one thing, that she must get heart surgery. Praoploy negotiates to get that done after she has helped Pachara and fulfils her job for the grand opening. Pon forbids her from being with Pachara alone, that he will need to chaperone.

Prim walks in to see her sister in tears. She says, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said those things to you.” She has been replaying it over and over in her head. But to Praoploy, it’s been so long ago that she doesn’t even remember it anymore. More importantly, Praoploy says she has the best little sister who even abandons her friends and work to take care of her. Praoploy asks for Prim to update her on what happened thus far in her life and Prim tells her that her love life is flourishing. In fact, she might get married to Wipu before either of them marries. Say what? Are we watching the same show? Lol. Prim adds that Wipu is so good to her!

And speaking of the devil… Wipu shows up with red roses. He goes on to say that red signifies health and prosperity. Prim sarcastically says then they won’t need doctors if colors could do so much. Wipu doesn’t argue, but sheepishly says he just wants to make Praoploy feel better. Even his prayers are answered! The first one is that she’s alive and well, and the second, she still wants to finish the grand opening with him. Prim practically rolls her eyes to the back of her head. So much for their relationship progressing.

The next day when Pachara tries to visit Praoploy like a honest person, Pon makes an excuse that Praoploy is tired. So Pachara shows up the next time as a doctor, a cafeteria person, anything to see her again unbeknownst to her brother. So cute.

He cheers her up with a video call with the boys on the island, whom, along with Kala are so worried about her. Then when Prim and Wipu comes for a visit, Pachara would teleport behind them and comes as himself. He admits in front of everyone that he doesn’t have a secret crush on Praoploy, he likes Praoploy. This makes her blush. Prim excuses herself and Wipu as not to be the third and fourth wheel.

As they leave the ward, Prim notes that they look good together. Wipu isn’t happy, he says Pachara doesn’t seem trustworthy and that they’re not well suited. Prim wonders who he thinks is suited with her sister, and asks if he thinks that person is him. She asks if he as ever considered her in his eyes, and storms off angrily.

Pachara fixes Praoploy’s bed and leans down. They get real close and Praoploy closes her eyes.

What Pachara says next is revelatory.

“I don’t think of Matira when I kiss you.”

And he demonstrates it by going in for their second kiss.

“You and Matira are two different people,” he says.

“Do you really think so?”

“Nothing about the two of you are the same beside your face,” he states. “I believe I misunderstood it myself. You don’t have anything to do with my past.”

What’s that sound? It’s a cushion deflating! Talk about taking the wind out of her sail.

“Why do you believe that?” she asks.

In completely convinced voice, he says, “because you are too innocent and pure and good.”

“What about the curse then?”

“If I go out to find Matira, the present Matira might be the person who has possession of the diamond.”

At the mention of that, her heart begins to hurt again. Praoploy clutches at it in pain.


It seems like Praoploy heart throbs when they get closer to the truth! Who else did a happy dance when Pachara finally realizes that Praoploy isn’t Matira? Holy cow that was great. Being that we’re also in the dark about the present time and how the people are related to the Tarawatburam’s lifetime, it’s pretty fun to play this guessing game. So far we can surmise that:

  • Aon is Janthra because it makes sense that she says she’s been waiting for her time as well – her time to finally reincarnate. She has been hovering as a soul this entire time.
  • Praoploy is Ladtha. I am pretty sure.
  • The big question is who is Matira? Prim could potentially be Matira because of similar personalities, in that Prim is caught in this cycle of victimizing herself. Though she loves her sister, and her sister is the one who is sick, Praoploy would always be the one to comfort her. And she has to care for Praoploy’s heart – probably due to stabbing her 2000 years ago? Even that explanation might be too simple. There’s a new character that will be introduced next week- the owner of the heart of knight. Pachara is guessing that she might be Matira.
  • Wipu may be Prince Ruthara.
  • This one is a stretch, but hilariously, is Pon possibly the crown prince? He sure is high and mighty hahaha.
  • Matinee – wouldn’t be surprising if she’s Prince Ruthara’s mom.

The biggest thing I am curious about, now that we’ve seen the end of Tarawatburam, is Matira’s reincarnation in the other lifetimes! How did they meet again? They said she had always been the one to seek him out. How did Pachara fall out of love with her? Is it during the curse, or during those many lifetimes after? What did she doooo? Looks like we shall find out more next week. Oh I can’t wait to scratch this curiosity.