To My Dearest Readers,

I hope this post finds you well. Some of you may not know that I started this blog in 2010 because I was living abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia at the time, and blogging was a cure for loneliness. I was childless, Mr. A was working a lot and on call, so the days, the hours, and the lakorn world was my oyster.

It hadn’t always been a lakorn blog. I wrote about whatever came to mind at the time, but because Jakarta had channel 3 on TV, I always tuned into whatever was airing during primetime, then wrote about it an hour later. My blog morphed into a lakorn blog naturally due to your requests, our interactions on each post, and my return to lakorns after a long 10-year hiatus.

I realized I missed this reliable story telling. I was hungry for others’ thoughts and opinions and realized there weren’t many websites or blogs out there that discussed or recapped lakorns in English. From experience, I knew there were a lot of English speaking lakorn fans out there, and most abundantly in the U.S., which was my home, and another reason why Lovefia’s blog became a lakorn centric blog.

Which brings me to my point. Any blog’s success is due to writing consistently and offering content that makes readers come back for more. At this junction in my life, with new work responsibilities, two busy boys to raise, sharing a cheese plate and bottle of wine with Mr. A, along with feeding my own interests, my time for lakorn blogging has come to a slowdown. I’m not quitting: as long as I am watching lakorns, I will be writing about lakorns. It’s so much infused in the experience of lakorns that I can’t not watch lakorns and not write/discuss about it.

And maybe it’s inevitable. The progression of this blog mimics so much of my own personal life. I hope to bring you more thoughtful writing about lakorns; so lakorn first impressions, reactions and posts of that nature. I will be doing less recaps (or perhaps no recaps) since that takes up the majority of my time. If you can imagine, a lakorn episode is 1 hr and 45 mins long and it takes me anywhere between 4-6 hours to recap (write, take screenshots, include comments, proof read, post), and in the current stage of my life, I don’t even know where I would scrape 4-6 extra hours in the day.

I would love for some help. If you love to offer your thoughts, love lakorns, and interested in guest writing for the blog, please contact me directly at I have the best readers and fellow lakorn fans, so the posts will not go unread. I think the biggest encouragement as a blogger is to know that one’s writing is being read. So I just wanted to take a quick opportunity to thank you for always fan girling with me, and that even though my blog posts will slowdown, know that your continued support is greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, what’s everyone watching? How is life? How is autumn treating you? I’m still here, and I’ll always listen. I finished up Jao Sao Jom Yorm, and let me tell you, I haven’t seen such a sappy hero in such a long time. I ate up this whole show like it’s my birthday and I must polish off an entire chocolate cake. Khun Kayt is the best and I love how his character remains consistent and sumptuous until the very end. Though he has a one-night stand with May, he spends 15 episodes trying to get back in her pants. When he finally does, he is the epitome of a satisfied cat. The show has its flaws, but what kept me coming back for more is the romance between Khun Kayt and May, and even the storyline about the crazy airline mom, slightly incestuous half bro couldn’t turn me away from the perfectly plated Khun Kayt.

I’ve also ventured outside of lakorns due to some recommendations from family and friends. I dabbled in the kdrama world and saw “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”. The hero reminds me so much of Khun Kayt, that it was like watching two sappy heroes I love at the same time. You can never have too many sappy heroes, especially ones that look like Mick Thongraya and Park Seo-joon. I also fell in love with some Netflix original movies, “To all the boys I love before” and “Sierra Burgeous is a loser” and it’s not surprising because the two show features the same lead actor, the adorable Noah Centinero – who reminds me so much of Mark Ruffalo – and I inadvertently fell back in love with him by default. Oh, the many heroes I love forever.

September has been good to me. I hope it has treated you well, and that the last quarter of the year will only bring heartwarming shows and to die for heroes and heroines. Happy cider sipping season, my dearest readers.