After back to back recaps, I told myself to take a hiatus from lakorns. We’ve been handed piles of melos lately, it’s time to unwind and allow the brain/blood pressure to relax a little. This explains my lack of updates. But what did they say about timing? Once upon a time, we’ve all been reeled into the lakorn fever that is Mick Thongraya. He was divine in Karn La Krung Neung, a lakorn that had an addicting pace and great onscreen chemistry. Though the ending went downhill, the lakorn for the most part got everybody hot and bothered. But YOU GUYS, Mick in Jaosao Jam Yom is a must watch. I had to do everyone a favor and throw in a PSA: watch The Reluctant Bride. It has aired three episodes so far, though I’ve only seen the first episode, it’s so addicting you will go back for seconds. Mick is absolutely delicious. His character and chemistry with Fonthip will get you smiling like a silly, silly fool. 

Jaosao Jam Yom opens with Kaytdaen (Mick) and Maysarin (Fonthip) both jilted at the alter (in separate weddings of course). Turns out, their “significant other” left them for each other. They were lovers prior to agreeing to marry Kaytdaen and Maysarin. Kaytdaen sees his bride running into another man’s arms, though his jaw tightens, he doesn’t look too devastated over the turning of events. He walks back to the group and calls off the wedding. Maysarin on the other hand, is wrecked. The groom had been someone whom she grew up with, someone whom she waited for. When he proposed, she took the chance to be with him finally, but it is for naught when he is MIA for the wedding ceremony.

Distraught, Maysarin gets roaringly drunk on her wedding night, but she has to be my favorite drunk. This is what Kaytdaen sees when he enters the hotel beach party, a girl who from behind, looks like his bride. As he gets a close up though, she’s just a really pretty, really drunk bride. They bond instantly, through being abandoned on their wedding, and decide to have a fun night – by roleplaying as THE bride and groom! Kaytdaen still has the engagement ring and pretends to propose to Maysarin in front of the affable crowd, and hilariously the ring doesn’t fit but she tells him to shove it on anyway, like the adorable drunk that she is. It’s time to kiss the bride but Maysarin pretends to faint –hahaha- which prompts Kaytdaen to carry her back to the hotel. She laughs with one eye open and instructs him to deposit her in her room, though she doesn’t remember where it is. AND she has to pee really, really badly. Kaytdaen has no choice but to carry her on his back, as she can’t make any sudden movement, less she pees on him (now THAT would be hilarious). Kaytdaen makes her some hot tea while she does her business in his hotel bathroom, but it went on longer than normal so he checks in on her, only to find her passed out in the bathtub. HAHAHA.

Kaytdaen pulls her out by the armpits and straightens her up. Maysarin says that she’s thirsty, which Kaytdaen hands her the hot tea he made, but she wants the stronger beverage, not yet ready to say goodbye to her buzz. You can tell the night has turned out much funnier, much more pleasant than the alternative, and you can see how Kaytdaen is enjoying Maysarin’s company (and vice versa). They are the best of friends, bosom buddies, a guy’s guy. This prompts Kaytdaen to ask for her name, but Maysarin, the ever flirt, says they will play a game. It’s almost like charades, the deal is if Kaytdaen guesses wrong, he will drink and take off his clothes. I’m AWAKE! So the game gets steamy and they’re laughing and they’re getting more drunk by the minute. The culmination of the night brings their faces together and Kaytdaen does what is natural to him: he swoops down and gives her a searing kiss. Maysarin accepts the kiss, and one thing led to another, she finds herself beneath his shirtless chest, on the bed, and he makes love to her.

The next morning Kaytdaen is taking a shower as his mind brings him back to the night before. Something seems to click and he smiles. Meanwhile the sober Maysarin realizes her state of nakedness, in an unfamiliar room, with a naked man in the shower across the room. The situation registers, a look of horror crosses her face. She recalls most of the night, and tries to rush out of the room. Kaytdaen stops her, seeing the panic in her eyes. They tussle until they fall on the bed again, Kaytdaen says that they were both drunk last night, but he wasn’t too drunk not to know that he was her first lover. Maysarin looks angry and embarrassed at the same time, relenting that he must be so happy to rub it in her face and rob her of having this first experience with the man that she loved. She says she had saved herself for her groom, but now the experience is a regret. Kaytdaen says he’ll take responsibility, and honorably offered to legally marry her. Maysarin tells him to forget what happened because she will only marry for love. She claims that this experience won’t ruin her, even if Kaytdaen offers to make it right.

Even though the one-night stand may have taken something from Maysarin, it leaves a bigger effect on Kaytdaen. He’s curious about her, and he’s always thinking about her. Outside of this small world, Maysarin is a shopping mall heiress, who wants to make a name for herself, so she opens a fancy boutique hotel, though apparently everyone in the hotel business claims that her hotel is struggling. She doesn’t get along with her dad, whose past indiscretion caused her mom to die. She agreed to marry her best friend, who up and jilted her at the alter. Then she meets a random stranger and she thinks he only cares about sleeping with her. Maysarin has had it with men and swears them off, she’s going to focus on her hotel now.

In come Kaytdaen who is a real estate mogul. He shows up at Maysarin’s hotel, wanting to acquire it, and not realizing that the hotel belongs to the woman he has been smitten with. Upon meeting her again, they go through this funny slap and kiss routine, but it’s not so jarring because Maysarin keeps responding to his kisses. Haha. Like she can’t help it because her body seems to be in tune to his. There is a funny part where he kisses her before she slaps him and she huffs that she didn’t even slap him yet. Kaytdaen just shrugs like it’s no big deal, like he gives out kisses for breakfast. I’m dying you guys. They are sooo adorable and oh so hot together. Kaytdaen says his offer still stands, but now, he also wants to buy the hotel. Maysarin tells him it’s not for sale, that she put her blood and sweat into this hotel, she’s not selling it to anybody.

Kaytdaen has competition though, in the heart and the business matter, this new guy from the States called Nakarin, competes for it all. He just opened a competing shopping mall and now wants Maysarin’s hotel and her. There seems to be a motive, like her dad pisses him off somehow and he’s out for blood (or her good graces). Though unfortunately for him, he’s a hair late because she jilted him at the dinner date to give Kaytdaen back his ring. Kaytdaen pulls her into the pool with him and continues where he left off: giving her another one of his searing kisses. It is the kiss that may just seal the deal altogether, as in the next scene, we see her reeling from the repercussions of getting caught kissing in the pool. Oh, how does one deal with this scandal?! Perhaps get married, become a real bride, albeit reluctantly?

Be still my heart! From its first minute to its last second, this episode has me glued to the screen. Mick cannot look more hot and more enticing as Kaytdaen. There’s something about the way he portrays Kaytdaen, the devil may care, the teasing smile, the air of mystery, like he knows a secret that everybody wants to know. Fonthip as Maysarin is so interesting and layered. Her character is so fun to watch and I love how she keeps ALL the guys, even her dad, at arm’s length, which makes them all want to get closer. The biggest reason to watch this show is really the chemistry and the story. Don’t miss out on Mick as Kaytdaen! And don’t mind me, I’m gonna go smile like a silly fool now and grab episode 2 like a toddler grabbing for that last cookie.