I think not. We all know Nadech Kugimiya is pretty darn great, but in the latest appearance in Mai’s 30th anniversary celebration concert, he is damn near perfection. I say this not only because he can act and sing and dance, but the way that he does all of those things conjure up so much nostalgia of the 90’s that it took me back to the teenage youth of my era.

Nadech does an on point rendition of “Waew Tah” and “Kaa Jai” of J Jetrin Wattanasin, the king of Thai pop back in my day. I forgot for a moment that it was Nadech “covering” these songs, but that he has taken a step into the past and became a very gorgeous version of J Jetrin (I mean he even got the dance parts down!) The 90s were about catchy tunes, synchronize dancing, and songs about trying to get the attention of that girl/boy. Perhaps because Backstreet Boys are back together that Nadech’s spinoff is bringing me so much hope for Thai music to bring back some awesome “oldies”.

Better yet, can Nadech just record his own album now? He can have ALL of my money.

Originals can be seen here “Waew Tah” and here “Kaa Jai