What is everyone watching these past few weekends? Are you staying on top of currently airing weekend lakorns or catching up on past lakorns? Weekends are tough on my schedule, so I don’t usually have time for lakorns, but I still try to tune in on Sunday nights and see if any of the weekend installments catch my eye. I’m here to report that both aren’t really my cup of tea, but maybe it could be yours?

Great Warintorn as a dancer just doesn’t work for me, for starters. I really miss him in a suit; the man bun is not the best look on him. The story starts with Great’s character getting adopted at a late teen age. He dreams of opening a dance studio that accepts any kids who wants the opportunity to learn to dance. However during opening day, a bomb explodes in his studio, causing his adopted family to die, and his leg to be injured. Lots of angst as expected, Great feels that he’s bad luck because everyone in his life ends up dying. Saimai’s character comes into play because she grew up being Great’s #1 fangirl. She’s actually raised in his home as her father takes care of Great’s home for over twenty years. But ever since Great’s real father died, he hasn’t returned. But Saimai has always followed his career and even goes to the opening day for his dance studio to cheer him on, but witnesses the bombing. She’s determined to support him through this tough time.

Top Jaron’s lakorn on the other hand, gets even weirder, storywise. Top works for the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department and is living his dream job, but he soon learns the cost of the dedication to his job. He runs into his college girlfriend and first love, Nycha, who dumped him five years ago. She didn’t like that he was always dedicated to his art – he was a band singer during college – and that she always came second. She tells him that from now on, she will choose someone who cared more for himself than for the greater good. Top is still hurt from that breakup five years ago, and here she is, standing before him and asking him to find her younger brother who is lost in the forest. Top decides to use the opportunity to retaliate by making her promise to marry him if he finds her brother. Say what?

And she agrees, lol. Top of course saves her bro and he gets his dad to fly from France to ask for her hand in marriage. So weird, Show! I feel like I’m watching a sitcom. Anyway, his chief tells him that his marriage is doom to fail from the start, because no woman is willing to marry a man whom they won’t see frequently because he’s too busy protecting the forest. The chief says that at the end of the day, at least he’ll have his forest. Well, he has a point. And who knows, maybe the tree is responsible for rekindling this old flame! I think maybe the story would be more compelling if they started at the beginning, tell the story of the romance in college and how it came apart, then do the angsty reunion later instead of the flashbacks. I did like how they met, where she thinks he’s stalking her, but he’s only going to his house (they’re neighbors) lol. That was cute, but the rest came together very discorded.

I’ll just keep a not so close eye on this series – while enjoying the dog days of summer weekends chasing my boys, eating ice cream, and catching up on sleep – since there is still Louis Scott’s and Toey Ponsakorn’s part to anticipate. Fingers crossed that the story is good.