Decisions, decisions. Prince Alan must decide whether he continues to avoid his fate and responsibilities or to embrace it wholeheartedly. While Princess Alice on the other hand, must choose a more personal crossroad that came sooner than she anticipated. Eenie, meenie, miney, LET’S GO.

EPISODE 11 RECAP: “Choice and Decision”

We get the backstory of how Hedais decides to do everything to ensure Kate becomes the Crown Princess. It starts back when he was a bodyguard and she had cried to him, in dismay that Alice became the Crown Princess when it should be her, however grandpa had to appease the public who disliked her because of her father’s indiscretions, which she argued is no fault of her own. Hedais had assured her that she was indeed the best fit and should be the Crown Princess. The two had a secret relationship and Hedais vows to stand by her side and do everything she asked.

Alan applies to work for a restaurant that belonged to Muat Paen’s friend, who liked that he’s honest (when asked why he wants to work at a restaurant when he has no skills in that area, and he said he needs the money). The restaurant owner is smart though and guesses that Alan must be a VIP, to which Muat Paen begs for the restaurant owner to help her friend. He gets accepted and the Prince has to learn how to live like us ordinary people, like doing dishes etc.

Muat Paen uses the restaurant phone to contact her commander to report the situation, but she’s shocked when she hears that Dawin and Alice are on their way to the restaurant to pick up the prince and she’s instructed to keep quiet. Though Muat Paen nervously runs back to the prince and says she has something important to say to him, only she changes her mind last minute. Too bad for her, Alice and Dawin makes it to the restaurant and bumps into Alan, who realizes that he’s been found out and tells Muat Paen he never wants to see her again.

Alice tries to stop him and apologizes for everything, lamenting that it’s all her fault, and that if she hadn’t seen everyone as an enemy or closed herself off, her and uncle wouldn’t have misunderstood each other, which is her biggest regret (because they can never reconcile). She tells him that before it’s too late for them, he should return to the palace, they’ve been hit with many losses already, she doesn’t want to lose him either. Alan is adamant that it’s safer outside of the palace walls and if she doesn’t want to lose him, she should let him be. Alice argues that his decision to stay put is him avoiding the truth and running away from his own shadows. It’s an impossible choice and he knows that. Alan relents that nothing is going to change his mind.

Muat Paen drives that argument home when she tells him (despite his unwillingness to see her or listen to her) that he can lie to anyone, but he cannot lie to himself, because no matter how much he tries to change himself, he’s still a prince. Furthermore, she can’t quite disappear yet until she ensures that her job is finished, meaning that the prince is safely in the palace.

Alice wonders if Muat Paen is able to convince Alan but Dawin says only Alan could make up his own mind and that they need to give him time. However, Dawin is going to take her to Alan’s place and Alice worries over what she’s going to say to him. As they en route on a boat, Dawin takes her hand and asks her if she knows how he feels. She says he’s worried about her and he nods his head, using this as example to say that she knows how he feels because he has shown his sincerity to her. Which means she should do the same if she wants Alan to understand, and that she can’t hold anything back. He adds that he will stay by her side and he’s sure Alan will come to understand her. Alice smiles and covers her hand over his.

Before they could do any of that however… we see that Hedais has also found Alan’s hideout. As Alan and Muat Paen arrive at the house, they get held hostage. Alice and Dawin must drop their guns in order to appease Hedais. Alice orders Hedais to let her cousin go and to kill her instead. But Alan just says she brought danger to him again and that Hedais should just kill him. Alice tells him that Hedais is responsible for his parents’ death, which seems to work as he angrily fights back and everything happens quickly after that: Hedais pulls a trigger to shoot at Alice but Dawin blocks her in time – earning a shot in the arm. Alan finds a gun and takes two shots at Hedais, but doesn’t hit any vital organs, then Hedais actually makes it out of there. He runs towards the mountains that have a high drop into the sea. Dawin follows close behind with the palace guards, lamenting that they must catch Hedais alive. Knowing this, a woman in black appears – to which we all know is Kate – and she shoots at him pointblank. Hedais realizes who she is as their time together – all the lies – flashes before his eyes. And his body falls into the ravine, to nobody’s sadness. Dawin sees the black figure but it took off before he could catch it.

Alice tells Alan that he needs to go home because there’s nothing for him here. But Alan begs to differ, as tears well up in his eyes, that if it weren’t for her, he could die and be with his parents already. Alice says that death doesn’t make the pain go away or make anything better. After his parents’ death, he’s still in pain and if he dies, grandpa will live in pain and guilt. She begs for him to go home because his life is much more valuable than he realizes. And FINALLY, she gets through to him. Alan comes out of the hiding place, decides to go home with her and vows to find the culprit that killed his parents.

We see that Kate had overheard grandpa’s call with Dawin earlier, he instructed Dawin to catch the man alive so that they can find out who’s the mastermind behind it. Kate snickers at her handiwork as she peers at the black outfit and the gun she used to kill Hedais.

Alice offers to tend to Dawin’s wound, relenting that he has done so much more than this for her. She is indebted to him many times over. Dawin says he doesn’t want anything in return, just her safety. And the way he looks at her, ugh, be still my heart. I didn’t know tending to a wound could involve such close proximity, squee.

Muat Paen says to Alan that her mission is complete so he could tell her to go back to Thailand.. like she’s waiting for him to say it lol. So of course Alan says what she wants to hear. Muat Paen pouts and starts to take off.. but Alan stops her and wonders when she became such a pouter puff. Hahaha. He tells her that he was joking and if she doesn’t stay, then who would keep him company? He thanks her for caring about him and apologizes for always trying to push her away. She says she’s willing to suffer his wrath if it means he would return to the palace safely.

When grandpa sees Alan, it’s like that’s the best thing he’s seen all day. So cute. He’s proud of his grandson for having the gumption to face his responsibilities. He also thanks Alice for bringing Alan back, knowing there’s only two of them left. Kate hears this and is brought to resentful tears. I’m sure grandpa didn’t mean it like that, but when your heart isn’t in the right place, you just hear what you want to hear.

Grandpa later tells Dawin that they can let the mastermind believe that Hedais is dead and they will continue searching for the man, hoping to eventually get the real culprit. Muat Paen asks Dawin if he knows who the culprit is, but Dawin doesn’t want to venture a guess, he’s determined to bring that culprit to light.

Meanwhile Kate fakes a smile and takes a temperature of the case, she discovers from Alice that they won’t know for sure Hedais is dead until they find a body. Kate even asks Alice who she thinks is the mastermind – and we see simultaneously that Will captures the commander on the count of endangering the crown princess – and back to Alice who says she can’t put her finger on who the culprit is, either someone in the military or a bureaucrat. And it’s almost ridiculous that Will even finds time to REMIND Dawin that he must have spent too much time with the princess and forgot just how different they are, in that, he is a lowly figure compared to the crown princess. Alice gets word of this and rushes to the commander’s side – and she’s so stinking mad it’s adorable. She defends Dawin, that he didn’t do anything wrong and without him she and Alan may not have made it back alive. She trusts him and wholeheartedly believes that if he’s around, she will be safe. AW and she declares that in front of everyone! It also makes Kate’s day who snickers at Will’s expression when Alice goes all concerned over Dawin’s wound showing some blood.

What happens next is creepy AF. Kate decides to tend to Dawin’s wound with the excuse that she wants to repay all of the times that Dawin has helped them. But her face doesn’t show like she means it at all. She leans close to him and says that she can tell how Dawin feels towards Alice just by looking at his expression. She tells him that love is a beautiful thing and will overcome obstacles like status differences, and that she can help if he needs it. As Alice walks in, she sees Kate being overly familiar with her commander. Kate even goes to Will and tries to play up Alice and Dawin’s relationship to make Will even more mad. Look at this pot stirrer, I hope it bites her in the ass.

Dawin gets more intel regarding Will – why aren’t the good guys suspecting Kate if at all? – meanwhile Will wants to speed up the marriage between him and Alice. Grandpa says he’ll talk to Alice about this and will get back to him. Grandpa tells Alice that it’s almost time for her to become Queen but that she also must decide about her marriage with Will. He says that the marriage is important, but he won’t force her because she’s more important than anything. Alice relents that her life has already been decided and she is ready to do what it takes.

Muat Paen bids the prince farewell and the prince puts on a brave face to say that she will always be his friend and that he will try to visit her frequently in Thailand. Alan even gives her a hug and sends her off in a merry spirit, which makes Muat Paen all awkward around him, but as she leaves his face falls.

Hrysos’ greatest weakness is their military. The king hears from the general that the support from Will’s country will make their country stronger. Alice walks in on time to hear this which only confirms her decision: she will marry Prince Will. This statement was said with tears rolling down her face and a smile so sad that grandpa looks at her in shock. Oof, poor princess.

She goes on a private excursion with the commander and I’m surprised she doesn’t start balling the minute she sees his face. Alice picks out a watch for him, and amidst what seems like endless mountains beneath them, Alice insists that he accept the watch as a token of her appreciation. He notices that something is bothering her and asks, to which she replies that she had to make a decision that had to do with her position much faster than she anticipated, and that she can’t refuse it. Dawin relents that everyone’s life has already been decided for them and they can’t change their fate, and that her role as a ruler is more important than anything else.

Grandpa decides the best time to marry her off with the prince is when the two are both coronated and becoming kings/queens of their nation. So that’s in a couple of days’ time. Both Alan and Kate are shocked at the speed of which they’ll marry. We and Kate watch Will hug Alice and want to barf. Kate congratulates them through her teeth, and fools no one but herself. I hope Alice notices that murderous glint in her eyes. The minute they’re alone, Kate rips into Will. But he blames her for it – that if she hadn’t brought up Dawin and Alice, this would never happen. He only acted quickly because he was threatened by what she said. As he walks away though, we can see the smirk as he knows he’s getting a rise out of her.

Almost as a last-ditch effort, Kate tells Dawin that Alice is going to marry Will and that he should do something about it– which is shocking to hear it – but Dawin smooths his face immediately and tells Kate that he respects Alice’s decision. But he does notice that Kate is losing some of that calm exterior and tells her that she ought to respect it as well. He says that he’s starting to suspect why she doesn’t want Will to marry Alice. Alan shows up wanting to share the same news, and Kate stomps away in anger.

Dawin shows Alan additional evidence that links Will and the illegal gold trading in Thailand. Alan admits that he did not know that Will had any connections with his friend and recalls that Will had been the person to push him to proceed with the trade. He asks Dawin if he thinks that Will is the person behind the illegal trading from the get-go. Dawin says they need more firm evidence. Alan says he’s starting to doubt how much he knows about Will and worries over the pending nuptial with Alice. Dawin says this is exactly why they need to keep it on the down low (not even tell the princess), because the mastermind is still out there, and they need to have it come out on its own, and then pounce. Alan asks honestly if Dawin is more concerned about Alice’s marriage to Will or finding the mastermind. Dawin merely says that if she marries someone good, he would be happy for her. But Alan asks if that person is not good, would he do everything to stop it? Good question Alan! Someone’s asking the hard questions!

So that night Dawin stays up digging around between Kate and Will. And we see in a flashback that he FINALLY asks the million-dollar question (at least MY million-dollar question): if the princess marries a commoner, will that affect her position? Alice’s maid replies that there are no stipulations (that says she can’t marry a commoner) but there could be a public outcry if they do not approve.

Alice can’t concentrate as she’s practicing archery, she keeps missing her shots. Dawin notes this and questions whether she has something that she hasn’t dared tell him yet. She questions if he already knows, to which he replies with, “know what?” ha. She clarifies but he still gives her a stoic face, like it doesn’t affect him either way, so she calls him out on it. He asks her how she expects him to act, sad? Angry? She wonders if he is any of those things. Dawin steps closer and says that he is all of those things, but he has already prepared himself for this. Damn. Alice turns her back to him as tears threaten to fall. Dawin asks her if she has ever seen the sky meeting the earth and Alice shakes her head, he says he hasn’t either so he’s happy just to stand by her side and look at the beautiful sky without thinking about claiming it. He says that he’ll always be the same Dawin, the one who always worry about her and willing to risk his life for her. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

He places the bow and arrow in her hands, as he guides it, and tells her to just let the arrow hit where it may. And bullseye. As they lean their heads together, Alice asks him not to be so nice to her, to which he replies that he could not. I think the arrow must have pierced my heart.

Will sees them like this and fumes.

And wedding planning moves forward.. Will questions why Dawin is still hanging around when things are already tied up. Dawin merely regards the prince and says that he only take orders from his boss. Hahaha. Kate shows up to tighten the corset on Alice lamenting that she knows Alice doesn’t love Will. Alice says love doesn’t need to factor in her marriage when she knows that Hrysos will benefit the most from it. Kate keeps squeezing that corset, to Alice’s surprise. She pretends not to know how much it’s hurting her cousin.

During the dance practice, Will intentionally tries to trip Alice so that he can catch her, and he gives a smirk to Dawin. He reminds Will that they are the best suited couple and she shouldn’t disappoint her grandpa and his dad. He tells Dawin that he doesn’t need to show up for the next dance practice because it’s making Alice nervous. As they’re alone, Dawin asks Alice if that is the case, because he can avoid the next dance practice. Alice stops him and says that she just wants him to be in the same room with her and if that makes her selfish. He says no because he’ll always be here for her. Alice feels like she wouldn’t be able to pull off the dance but Dawin has absolute faith in her. She asks him to be her dance partner then. Kyaa!

And so the most beautiful dance commences, and I died. I squealed so hard. They’re just twirling and smiling.. and flirting.. and then kissing. But maybe one of them or both of them or just me imagining the kiss.


We’re back you guys! The cinematography for this episode is simply breathtaking.

I know it’s supposed to be a somewhat sad episode, but I was kinda happy watching it? I know that sounds twisted, but during this sad time, they actually have the most open conversations. They share their feelings and respect each other. Being careful is just par for the course when it comes to the commander. He’s got it instilled in him to keep everything on the down low until he can catch the culprit. While I understand why he’s doing this – because our princess has a habit of jumping in headfirst – I must have faith that Dawin will stop the wedding when it matters. But when she finds out that he’s suspecting the guy she is going to marry and not tell her, well, that might be a tad sticky. Ah well, I guess they can kiss and makeup.

Golly Kate. She’s getting away with so much. I know she can’t pretend to be nice all the time, but I do wish that someone catches her fake niceness all this time, or least find her charade a little over the top? Glad Dawin has finally noticed something off about her.

As we ramp up to the finale tomorrow, let’s just pray for a happy ending. Because she simply cannot marry the bad guy and she’s gonna rule the world very soon.. so there’s just no other reasons left to deny the two lovebirds, unless they deny each other. This picture below doesn’t seem like they’re denying anything. Time to fight for your love!