I know we’re not ready to say goodbye to our current action lakorn lineup Likit Rak and Neung Dao Fah Diew, though thankfully we have a few more episodes left to indulge ourselves, while Matupoom Haeng Huajai ended today. However, the lakorn horizon is getting serious and we should be prepared for that, and I am here if you need me.

I’d like to take a temperature of what you’d like to read next, please vote below – only once! I can’t decide between the three Juthathep bros, I love ’em all, so your vote will help.

Following Matupoom Haeng Huajai (My Hero Series #1) is Montra Lai Hong (My Hero Series #2) starring Great Warintorn and Saimai Maneerat. This is a story about a hiphop dancer/teacher who loses the ability to dance due to his dance studio getting blown up, and his #1 fan enters his life to give him the will to dance/teach again. Because dance teachers are heroes too! Great’s fans around the world rejoice. This one will air June 15th.

If you are missing a certain someone from your TV screen, he’s going to be gracing your Wed-Thurs timeslot after Neung Dao Fah Diew. I’m talking about Mr. Pope Thanawat who will be playing a recovered drug addict in Kharm See Tan Don (Crossing the Ocean). It’s a serious role to be sure, and a remake from its 1999 counterpart starring Tui Teerapat and Kob Suwanant. Chippy Sirin is playing his leading lady, with a drug addict brother and she’s going to be asking Pope’s character to help her bro out. No rainbows and butterflies for this one, but this role should give Pope’s acting chops some challenge, and I’m sure he’ll rise to the occasion. There isn’t anything he couldn’t do, if you ask me. It’s too bad they couldn’t steamroll a Pope-Bella reunion faster than the reruns.

Maybe they should have been smart like Taew and James Ji pairing who did back to back lakorns. If you can’t get enough of Taew and James Ji in Neung Dao Fah Diew, you won’t be disappointed to see them reunited in a modern lakorn called Game Sanaeha (Game of Love), a slap/kiss variety. The teaser is looking pretty steamy, and I’m contemplating recapping this one for multiple reasons. I can keep my recapping schedule of Mon-Tues and gosh James Ji is looking FINE in this one. This is slated to air June 25th.

What are your thoughts? What lakorns will you be tuning in? What lakorns are you currently watching and sad to see go? I’m watching everything, apparently, as evident by my furious tweeting (hahaha). Matupoom Haeng Huajai was a little much for me, I haven’t been excited about seeing three people die so much in my lakorn viewing days, lol. So glad the general, the princess and the illegal gun dealer are dead. SO GLAD. They were despicable, no matter what the general and princess reason is behind their cause, they are just plain awful. This lakorn was brutal and harsh, the romance storyline had their challenges and I’m not in love with it, but the pairing, omg the pairing. They totally work. I’ve learned that I can watch anything if the pairing works. That is all, just make it work lakorn gods.

See teasers below, feel free to include any fan subbers you know will sub this – help your fellow lakorn friends out.