How are you, dear readers? It’s been awhile since we had an open thread to discuss our well beings outside of this wonderful world of lakorns. In the past week me, along with residents of Washington, are suffering from smoke emanating from the wildfires of British Columbia. It happens to be one of our hottest summers (with long days of sunshine) since the 50’s, and yet, we can’t even see our blue skies. Last weekend was my last week of maternity leave and it seems like God didn’t even want me to enjoy my remaining days off. So I am back to work, commuting along thick grayness, where there used to be a few mountains or skyscrapers to enjoy. My kiddos are doing great, although one does not sleep, leaving me in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation. But he’s cute and I’m stocked on caffeine, it’s Seattle after all, you can’t drive five minutes without seeing a Starbucks.

I started thinking about my time and how I’ll allocate them between working, being a mom to two needy boys (by needy I mean toddler terrible twos and a three-month-old), a wife, and a semblance of “me” time. As lame as it may sound, “me” time usually means lakorn and writing time. The reality is that I cannot promise to write as much as I want – the desire is most certainly there, and I don’t want to quit on the blog altogether, so I hope to come back and write whenever I have time. The days of recapping may be over.. oh how I missed being able to go into details about each episodes!

At any rate, I hope everyone is doing well. I hope that we all stay healthy, physically and mentally. Please share with us what’s been going on in your life. And if you are good with everything, share with us what you’ve been watching. As you know, I’ve been tuning into LLSR. I’m not bitten by the addicting bug yet, I keep wondering when I’ll start to like these characters. But it’s only been week two, so there’s hope yet for the show to turn around and make me love it. I’ll be drinking wine this weekend as I revisit my youth at a twenty year reunion, and cheers to you, wherever you are.