Seeing Pope and Mew together is like seeing two puppies. They’re so cute, I just want to put them in my pocket. Especially when Pope looks at Mew like she’s the most adorable thing he’s laid eyes on.

They were at a Ch3 calendar signing event and something hilarious happened. Pope tried to tease Mew but ends up tripping and falling, like a total wipe out in front of everyone. Mew happened to be sitting next to Taew (who’s THE Nakee, the ever powerful goddess) and Mew busts a gut laughing at Pope, sniping ‘what goes around comes around’ for trying to prank her around a goddess. HAHAHA. Pope gets up and tries to act cool, but Mew says she got Nakee on her side so no funny business. Oh my goodness, these two.

In the follow up interview they discuss their upcoming collaboration. Before Mew considers the project, she had inquired whether Pope had taken the part, because in her mind, if he said yes, she was going to say yes no matter what. Gah, be still my heart. I lub these two.

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