Anyone feel beat? Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend. Happy Friday y’all. This week went by fast and I can’t believe half of the stuff that I’ve managed to do – like installing a new carpet, working, chasing after my minion (oops my toddler) and blogging. Oh, and don’t forget that I’ve attempted to make a birthday dinner for Mr. A and BURNT MY WRIST. Go figure. Really, it was a small thing I wanted to do for him even though we’re throwing a party on Saturday, but yunno, he’s such a darling that I WANT him to eat something that’s not delivered by eat24, grubhub or primenow, even if I’m going to be wearing a scar for a few weeks. We can’t win at everything.

Let’s talk about lakorns. One lakorn (Mark’s) premiered earlier this week and another one (Pope’s) will premier on Saturday Sunday. That means Sai Lap will end on Friday Saturday, and I’m only on episode 4. I feel SO behind, and marathoning during the weekend is a challenge. BUT, I don’t think I have any other lakorns on my radar (aside from checking out the first episode of Pope’s) this weekend. What are your plans? Watching anything? Or watching anything differently than me? How did your week go? What is going on in your life?