It’s another revenge drama for our W-Th timeslot! Plerng Naree will take over once Rang Tawan ends, introducing Mai Davika to Channel 3 viewers alongside the already revered Tik Jesadaporn. Guts Entertainment takes the revenge plot up a notch by involving royalty – Mai plays Princess Pririsa of Saijeet (a country on an island). She was born Thai but had to flee the country with her mom due to suffering and death threats by the hands of her father’s family. They seek refuge at Saijeet where her mother ends up marrying the King, so she became the Princess by default and her life as she knows it, becomes a fairytale. But she could never forget her past and upon seeing that the culprits are living a great life, she decides to seek justice and ensure that these people pay for their crimes. Against her mother’s wishes, she travels to Thailand disguising herself as a normal citizen and proceeds with her revenge plans.

Our hero is Police Major Theepop who is part of a skilled SWAT unit, however resigns from his unit to take over his dad’s position. Dad became sick and mom is concerned for his life since he faces life and death situations everyday. In order to test his skills, he is given a struggling part of the jewelry business that belonged to his future inlaws. Theepop travels abroad to Saijeet, which is currently offering abroad investors to check out their market. He meets our heroine at the park, but he doesn’t quite know that she’s a princess, only that her Thai is very fluent and it makes him curious as to who she is. Upon returning to Thailand, he becomes the managing director, and their paths cross again as she becomes a secretary at the same company. She pretends not to know him and denies ever being in Saijeet. Being naturally curious, especially with his experience as a Police Major, Theepop doesn’t let this curiosity go unappeased.

How will the princess exact her revenge while this good looking K-9 watches her every move? Checkout the teaser below and see for yourself if this is something up your alley. These two are also in another lakorn together (Jao Wayha on True4U) which hasn’t aired yet.