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Hi guys!

I’ve been receiving quite a few new readers and lakorn viewers lately who could use some help navigating this wonderful world of lakorns we live in. This got me thinking that my blog could use some tweaking. I’ve changed the about page to “First Timers” which introduces newbies to this blog and this lakorn club. I’ve changed the name of “ratings” page to “recommendations” since ratings seem to stir some confusion. There is also a resource page where I hope to continue to update and include other lakorn bloggers, fan subbers and lakorn resources out there. A new request page has opened up as well, which will help me gauge fellow lakorn fans interests and what sorts of material/content they’d like to read about.

At the end of the day, my goal is to muse about lakorns and discuss them with you, and I want to encourage lots of interaction on this site. So, it is due time that I make it a little more user friendly. Are there anything you’d like to see on the resources or first timer’s page? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your continued support, fangirling isn’t so fun when going about it alone. So thanks!