Get ready boys and girls, Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wiset (When A Man Loves A Woman) will be airing on Channel 3 this coming Thursday, April 21st. Headlining this prime time lakorn are James Ma and Kimberly Voltemas, pairing for the first time through Anne Thongprasom’s production. A hot pairing to be sure, but more importantly, this lakorn appears to have all of the makings of an intense, engrossing drama.

The premise sounds very similar to Wanida, only in a modern setting. James Ma plays a doctor who ends up marrying a wealthy woman, Kimberly’s character, in order to pay off his mother’s debt. There is no love lost here, obviously, and each side has boyfriend/girlfriend who will wreak havoc in their marriage. Sounds fun. Let’s hope our hero in this modern world will be one we can fall in love with and not throttle, and a heroine we can like and respect. If all else fails, there’s always the hot pairing to root for. I mean, look at them. I can’t wait.


I’ll be doing a first episode recap the week it airs, if it’s engrossing enough, I may consider recapping to its entirety. Who’s tuning in?

Full synopsis and spoilers can be found at Asianfuse Wiki.

Teaser can be found on KimmyStation’s YT Channel.