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Behind every great man there is a great woman. This phrase couldn’t be truer in this episode and story.


Mayumi rallies the Onitsuka clan for a powwow on behalf of Soriyo. Ryu situates before the clan while Mayumi voices the concern regarding Onitsuka’s influence and power among the community. The competition and enemies are stealing market shares and dwindling Onitsuka’s forces, not to mention severing the three warriors. As the future lady leader of the clan, she is asking the members to consider their loyalties: will they forego the trials and be with their families, or stay with Soriyo and fight? The crowd nods their heads with consent and their loyalty to stand beside Soriyo. Mayumi turns to Onitsuka ancestors and swear before the pillars that she is committing her life to Soriyo, the clan bow in agreement. Talk about embracing her position as his wife.

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Ryu thanks her later as she wheels him to their backyard for a private talk. He’s grateful for her love, her encouragement, and her strength. Ryu knows that more than doing this for the clan or her role, Mayumi is doing this for him and he’s touched. Ryu relents that he doesn’t think that Onitsuka can ascend to the power that they once held, but Mayumi his hopeful. With the symbiosis of their clan and alliance with their friends, it’s possible. By “friends,” she’s referring to Miurak, that is. Haru hasn’t signed an agreement with Misawa yet, so it’s still anyone’s game.

So that night Ryu notices a few extra pills that he has to take, which Mayumi explains that she has noticed he’s been stressed out lately and wanted him to sleep better at night. Besides, he’s the only hope for Onitsuka, and she truly believes in him. She tucks him sweetly in bed and he falls asleep, none the wiser.

Because our girl has plans – ones she hasn’t quite shared with him – on how to repair the alliance between Miurak and Onitsuka again. She dons an over the shoulder black dress with thigh high slits and a fur wrap.

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Mayumi orders Taishi to wait for her outside while she brave the lion’s den (Haru’s club) alone. The man finds her gutsy and quite worthy to be his leading lady. He’s determined to change her heart from her future handicapped husband. Upon seeing her, he showers her with praises and tells her that he’s always willing to assist her. Mayumi, as the spokesperson for Onitsuka clan, is happy to accept his collaboration. However, much to her surprise, he’s doing this for her personally and not for the clan. He places his hand on hers and tells her that she’s a valuable person, and he will take care of her better than Ryu. He goes in for a kiss, but she turns away, claiming that it’s not an appropriate place.

Haru opts to take her to a more private lounge and wants to make his move on her but she wants to discuss business first. She wants his agreement to partner with Onitsuka and rescind the offer with Misawa. Haru wonders what he will gain out of this because he’s not after a friendship. He wants her. Obviously. As he goes in closer, Mayumi takes out a weapon hidden in her dress and warns him not to underestimate a thorny rose. He’s still impressed with her and Mayumi leaves the club with a warning that she hopes he will make the right choice. Haru can see the sincerity in Mayumi’s eyes and he’s inclined to believe that Onitsuka truly wants to partner with Miurak.

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Turns out, Haru has to make the decision sooner rather than later because he is summoned to Misawa holding. Haru quickly learns that Yamamoto had been the one to summon him. He wants Haru to collaborate so that they can eliminate Onitsuka and take over their influence in the business world. But Haru surmises that Yamamoto is out to get Onitsuka as a personal vendetta, and he tells Yamamoto that he’s a rather strange person and prefers to make his own decisions. He thanks him for the opportunity, but it seems to be, Haru has picked his side, and no means no.

Meanwhile our resident spy, Junko, has heard all of this. I hope she’ll be ok!

The following morning Ryu questions Mayumi whether Haru went to see Takaoh last night. Mayumi relents that negotiations take multiple meetings, but Ryu feels that someone with a lot to offer can always change someone else’s mind. If Haru declines the offer, he’s basically waging war against Yamamoto. What Ryu doesn’t know is that Haru doesn’t want to partner with anyone who wants to kill them again and again. True. He also doesn’t know that his fiancé did an extra homework last night.

Junko suffers from drug withdrawal and the condition is more than mind over matter. She flashes back to what Yamamoto said last night and is determined to share this news with Ryu. To her it’s more than helping Ryu, but helping herself and other people in her situation. But just as she makes it to Onitsuka’s domain, Misawa gets a hold of her. Damn it. Poor Junko, she gets slashed in the face and now barricaded from leaving Misawa again.

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Miurak minion wonders whether his boss his deciding to rescind Yamamoto’s offer due to a woman, but Haru laments that even without Onitsuka around, he would never collaborate with Misawa. He’s pretty sure that Takaoh was behind their attack. And even before he could finish that sentence, their club immediately got a secondary attack by none other than Takaoh and his gang. Fighting ensues between the two clans and Haru learns that Takaoh actually wasn’t his accoster in the freeway, it was Yuji. Damn, and Yuji empties a couple of bullets into Haru and down he goes. The culprits made the fight scene look like revenge by Onitsuka.

The cops (Masaru) uses this excuse to visit Ryu and surmises that Miurak was attacked last night due to Onitsuka’s displeasure over the negotiation. Ryu says that he didn’t send anyone over to Miurak to negotiate. Oh boy. The cop points out that the boss lady certainly went: the aforementioned lady looks mighty guilty.

Ryu points out that she made him into a fool, medicating him to sleep and sneaking out to see Haru. Mayumi only did it because he wouldn’t let her go otherwise – but Ryu argues that no man would put the woman he loves in danger. He wants to punish everyone who condones this, but Mayumi pleads to punish only her. Then Ryu directs the anger at himself, he not only can’t protect her, he puts her in trouble. Mayumi insists that she did it on her own accord due to her love for him, she begs him not to be angry with her. Ryu touches her cheek and asks her to promise not to do this again, he’s alive because of her, so if anything happens to her, he would never forgive himself. Aw, I love these two so much.

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The cops are thanking their lucky stars that Mayumi helped their plan more than she thinks. Even though they don’t have evidence that Onitsuka was behind the attack (evidences can be planted), the people’s opinion of the clan will decrease. And that’s going according to Yamamoto’s plan. Another bonus is that even though Haru isn’t dead, he’s practically dead. Our good cop overhears this!

Mayumi convinces Ryu to go see Haru because she feels responsible for his attack. I don’t think Ryu could say no to her, hee. But for some unforeseeable reason, the patient she tends to first is Aikiko, who’s been admitted due to faintness. She asks to be taken to the two warrior’s ICU room and Mayumi consents, and that’s when Uncle Koji moved his hand!

Unfortunately his body is still under duress and he’s unable to talk. That means, he won’t be able to tell the good guys that Yuji is in cahoots with Misawa. Regardless if he could, Masaru thinks it’s irrelevant because at the rate their plan is going, Onitsuka will never be at their greatness again.

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Uncle Koji is transferred back home to heal and he tries to tell them about his flashback of Yuji, but he’s unable to do so. Ryu apologizes to his uncle for being the worse Soriyo in history, he couldn’t help with anything, couldn’t stop Hasuma’s death, and their business has been taken by Misawa. But he has every intention to redeem Onitsuka again. Ok buddy, heal quickly!

You might have guessed why Yuji knew of Uncle Koji’s condition. He had sent Aikiko to the hospital to spy on Onitsuka and report to him. Now he has a new task for her, which is to finish Haru off with an poisonous injection. Will Aikiko become a murderer too?

Next thing we know, Mayumi rushes into Haru’s room and he’s shaking vigorously. Aikiko watches from the bathroom door, apparently already made a deal with the devil. Luckily Mayumi rescues him on time but she’s in the hot seat now. Since she was last seen with the patient and she’s under investigation due to Onitsuka’s case, Masaru wants to sue the hospital for negligence. Until the case has been cleared, Mayumi is forced to take a leave of absence.

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Aikiko gives Mayumi a scented handkerchief before she leaves the hospital. Instead, in the handkerchief is the butterfly pin that Mayumi had returned, which now pricks her finger. What a bitch. She tells Mayumi that her relationship with Ryu won’t last. She finally declares that she will do what it takes to make Ryu hers, which is the last thing Mayumi needs to hear after an already bad day, but at least Aikiko has unmasked herself.

Mayumi becomes light headed as Yuji comes behind her. She passes out, which we all know it’s their plan! Taishi is looking for Mayumi at the hospital to no avail. At the same time, Uncle Koji manages to utter the words “Yuji shoot” and Ryu finally put two and two together! ‘Yuji shot Uncle Koji?!’

Mayumi is taken to a condo where Yuji prepares to seduce his next victim. The prick on her finger was laced with sedative by Aikiko, and Mayumi is to be out for the entire night. Ugh, this really disgusts me.

As Yuji leans down to get ever so closer to Mayumi’s lips, he simply couldn’t do it because she’s different from other girls. He has invested so much time in courting her. He decides that true love cannot be forced love – so there’s a modicum of humanity left or is it delusion that he still has a chance with her?- whatever the case may be, I’m glad he decided not to rape Mayumi. But she’s going to have to boil her hand.

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So Yuji shows up in front of Ryu, with the “missing” and sleeping Mayumi. He says that he found her knocked out and decided to take her home because her handicap husband can’t protect her – he would be happy to be the one who would take his place. Ugh. Ryu spites that the cop’s smile isn’t going to cover up his crookedness. Ha. Ryu tells him to stop pretending to be a good person and that he’s disappointed to see a cop consorting with Misawa in the lowest of regard. But Yuji retorts that honor is nothing but a face value that losers tell themselves. Furthermore he feels bad that Mayumi has to marry someone who can’t even protect her. He clarifies that although Mayumi spent almost all day with him, he didn’t touch her because a gentlemen doesn’t hurt the woman that he loves. Ryu looks like he wants to fly and throttle the man.

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Ryu sits in his wheelchair and looks at his woman all night. She comes to her senses the next morning and wonders how she got home. Mayumi tells him that she doesn’t recall fainting due to the stress, but she flashes back to Aikiko saying that she would do anything to get Ryu. But maybe she feels that she doesn’t have any proof? So she doesn’t tell him that Aikiko did it and she even said that she’s grateful Yuji took her home. Ryu sneers and says that he’s grateful he brought her home without doing anything to her. Ryu explains that Yuji had been the one to shoot Uncle Koji. Mayumi is shocked.

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And we get more of the backstory with Takaoh and his estranged, dead father. Apparently he was neglected as a child for being a child out of wedlock. Because of his anger, he wants to do what his father and half brother could never do, which is to make Misawa grander than Onitsuka. Well there’s a motive, but at this point, I don’t really care.

Meanwhile our good cop (Hiro) has been snooping around and discovers that the cops are trying to cover up more evidence that can close a case. He’s fearless against the baddies, which really, makes you concern for his life. Hiro reports to Uncle Koji and Ryu of his latest findings: Yamamoto is behind everything. They need to have a solid case against him in order to indict him. But first, they need to prepare themselves and not underestimate the big bad.

The baddies congregate at Misawa club and Masaru demands to see Junko otherwise he’ll close down the club. Junko shows up and lucky for her, she gets to overhear their conversation about Miurak and Onitsuka. Yamamoto wants to be the one holding the most power. Takaoh glares at Junko, daring her to do something.

Ryu knows that the baddies are plotting something, they just don’t know what. He has an inkling that someone (Junko) could probably help them. And Ryu wouldn’t be wrong, because Junko convinces Masaru to take her out of the club for a night of fun. On the ride over, she feigns stomach pain and is escorted to the hospital, where she phones Ryu. Misawa clan is on her tail. Ahh, hurry!

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But she doesn’t get to talk to him because she abandoned the public phone for her safety instead, Ryu gets another call from Dr. Nana telling him that she just met Junko. Ohh interesting! Dr. Nana reads a note that Junko left for him, detailing that Yamamoto is prepared to do a large shipment after the sun sets, the value is invaluable and can account for the cost of the entire country. They want power.

And as if Ryu needs another bad news, the hospital reports that the second warrior (Masato) has passed away.Sad.


I’ll keep this short: Ryu, I expect you to walk by next episode.

I’m a little delirious and in bed (don’t we all hate being sick?) so feel free to commentate about the episode below while I get some zzzz.

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