As Paul leans in to kiss Lookjun, her mom and grandmother looked on with curiosity and shock. Luckily, he stopped himself. The mom asked the grandma if she was thinking the same thing and the grandmother said…I know. Lookjun’s mom asked her how she knew and the grandmother said, even though I hate men I am not against love- I just hope that Lookjun gets a good one. Back in the city, as Lookin was getting her morning coffee, Nut shows up and pays for it before she was able to. As she walked out, some thugs were trying to harass her and Nut comes to save the day. This was all part of his plan to ease his way back into her life. At home Paul takes a phone call from Pete.

Paul: What’s up Pete?

Pete: Oh nothing, I was just calling to give you the news that I’m doing much better now. When I get out of my cast, you can go back to living your normal life now. Just hang in there a little longer.

Paul: (Sadden by the fact that if Pete returns, he will not longer get to be near Lookjun) Oh you don’t need to rush, I am still able to handle it.


After bumping into Nut at a coffee shop, Lookjun gets harassed by some thugs on her way out. Nut shows up to help her. Lookjun brings Nut back to the office to help apply some medication on the injuries he sustained while helping her. Paul shows up to her office as well and walks in on her as she is applying the medication on Nut. Lookjun asked if he was there to have lunch with her. Lookjun then suggested that they all go have lunch together. Lookjun wanted to treat Nut out to lunch for helping her. Paul looks on with jealousy as Nut sucks up to Lookjun. As Nut was paying off the men he hired to harass Lookjun earlier, he complained that they went too far and socked him too hard so they get a pay cut. The man responded and said that Nut used to liked their service and was satisfied last time they did that with Ingorn’s incident. (Now we know how he and Ingorn hooked up, he used the same plan).

As Paul was staring at Lookjun while she worked, she blurted out that if he weren’t gay, she would think he was in love with her the way he kept staring at her. She asked him what he was looking at! Paul not knowing what else to say, said I noticed you have crow’s feet (around her eyes). Lookjun asked him why he wasn’t filming the GRGR lakorn so he told her that the director is still in the hospital and he would now have a lot of free time. When she told him he could come to work with her everyday to prevent himself from being bored, Paul beamed with so much happiness and excitement.

Now that Nut was starting to gain back Lookjun’s trust, he wants to further seal the deal and sends her some recycled flowers he received from Ingorn. Paul was present when the flowers were delivered to Lookjun and that causes him to be even more angry and jealous of Nut. He got annoyed that Lookun took it a step further by wanting him to take a picture of her and the bouquet so she could send it to Nut so he left to have some lunch. Coincidently, he goes to have lunch at the same Japanese Restaurant as Frankie and Nut. Nut left before Paul arrived, so he did not bump into him. This lunch that Frankie and Nut had together finally revealed the question that we all had. Who was Pete’s boyfriend and what does Frankie have to do with the incident. Frankie was meeting Nut there for lunch to indirectly blackmail him. Frankie (Nut’s lover he cheated on Pete with) told Nut that he was a witness to Nut beating up Pete near death. If Nut gave him some cash, it would remain a secret (I knew it all along that the mystery man had to have been Nut!!! What I am sure about is that Lookjun doesn’t know who any of Pete’s lovers are, but Nut had to have know that Lookjun and Pete were close friends! What a world class jerk who sleeps with literally ANYONE regardless of gender or age) Seeing Paul show up to the restaurant made Frankie uneasy and he decides to once again flee the scene. Paul on a hunch decides to go after Frankie because Frankie he told him that he was there alone yet the place setting was set for two. But before Paul could get his hands on Frankie, Nut sent some thugs over to beat up Frankie for daring to threaten and ask him for money. Frankie having just seen Paul there, thought it was Paul who sent those men to attack him and even called Nut to tell him about the incident not knowing that the real culprit was Nut.


One night as Annie was walking home, she meets a prince charming who helped her get her purse back from a thief who tried to mug her and steal her purse. They start a conversation and he starts to have a liking to Annie and she feels the same way. This guy who is now courting her, has inspired her to make changes to better her look starting with not wearing glasses. On Lookjun’s way out of the office, she overhears Annie sweet talking on the phone and warns her not to trust anyone easily especially guys.


After Pete’s encounter with the sickly old lady, his symptoms are starting to now surface. He was coughing uncontrollably and had a high fever. When Lookjun arrived home, she finds an even sicker Paul. She gets him some porridge but he uses this opportunity to seek attention from her by telling her that he’s too weak and she must feed it to him. He is enjoying every second of being sick because Lookjun now has to take special care of him even wiping his body down, helping him into his clothes, etc.


Just as things were going smoothly, Lookjun receives a phone call from Annie back at the office letting her know that Nut sent her another bouquet of flowers and if they should be routed to her home or not. When Paul learns of this, he becomes jealous again and shouts, “Flowers again? Why is he sending flowers every day, does his family or him sell flowers for a living or something?” Lookjun brushes off his comments and excuses herself. Paul wonders to himself, why she isn’t cursing out Nut like she used to. Back at the office, Art was snooping around looking for Jum, but Annie misunderstand and thought he was looking for Lookjun. She teased him and said that he must really love Lookjun because he looks for her morning and night and sends her flowers. Art not knowing what to answer hesitated and said yes he loves her as Jum listens in on their conversation form the other side of the wall. Jum walks away heartbroken, before she was able to hear the end of his sentence when Art said that he loves Lookjun as a sister or friend. She is not happy with Art but he is clueless as to what he did wrong. . Each time Art tries to do something nice for Jum, Annie stirs up trouble by thinking and commenting that it was meant for Lookjun. This causes Jum to misunderstand and think that Art still has feelings for Lookjun.


The next morning Lookjun was startled by the loud monstrous coughs that Paul was having. She starts to feel really concerned and tells him that he needs to go see a doctor. Back at Pete’s condo, a framed photo of Paul falls off the end table and cracks in pieces, giving us an indication that something bad is about to happen to Paul. Turns out when Paul did go to the doctor, he was diagnosed as having a serious contagious disease (Sorry I don’t know how to translate this illness). The doctor told Paul that he will be able to get better, but it may take up to a year. Paul is sadden by this news and wants to protect Lookjun by telling her to stay away from him. She insist that she’s not scared and continues to care for him despite his objection to her help. Paul is real touched and even more in love with her because of this. He cares about her so much that he tries to leave her for her own good. Lookjun catches him before he leaves.


LJ: Pete, you’re really going to leave me? Answer me! You’re going to leave me right? She says through a shaky voice.

Paul: I feel bad that you have to take care of me. I don’t want you to be troubled, I don’t want you to catch this disease from me.

LJ: But have you ever thought to ask me whether I’m tired or not? Or am I happy to get to take care of you? Have you ever thought how I would be without you here? If I get the opportunity to take good care of you and you happen to pass away from this illness, I will at least be able to live with knowing that I did my duty and did my best as your good friend. But you…you’re not even giving me the opportunity to take care of you and you’re already planning on leaving me? Is this what you claim as love for me?

Paul: Lookjun, I’m sorry.


As Lookjun tries to lean in to give him a comforting hug, he pushes her back and says “Don’t make me feel bad for the rest of my life” before placing a mask over her face. She does the same for him before giving each other a loving hug. Meanwhile overwhelmed with concern for his brother, Pete can’t take the suspense anymore and decides to sneak into the home and pay Paul a visit. Before he was able to talk to Paul, Lookjun shows up so Pete pretends to be Paul and lays down on the couch. He was so happy to see Lookjun and gave her the longest hug. Lookjun comments and says how come he’s not wearing his mask when he was so concerned about spreading the disease. Paul walks in on them and realizes that Pete was there and hides behind a wall near the kitchen. Lookjun was getting close to discovering Paul in his hiding spot when Pete distracts her by yelling out that he loved her. Pete tells Lookjun she should go upstairs to take a bath before they eat. Now Pete and Paul are finally alone and are able to catch up.

Paul: It’s nothing, just a cold.

Pete: Paul you’re coughing this much? Are you sure that it’s just a cold? I think you should go see a doctor.

Paul: I know already, and are you here by yourself?

Pete: I took a taxi here.

Paul: Oh what about Ba Pa?

Pete: I was too worried about you and couldn’t wait for her, so I just hurried up and came by myself.

Paul: Thanks so much Pete, but you don’t need to worry about me, I can take care of myself.

Pete: I am the one who should be thanking you. Thanks so much Paul!

Before they can say another further, Lookjun returns from her bath so Pete takes off. Lookjun questions Paul if that was the outfit he was wearing earlier when she noticed the change. Paul tells her that he was wearing that same outfit the whole time causing Lookjun to think that she must be working too hard and is losing it. Paul steers her away again to get medicine for him upstairs, giving Pete time to escape without her knowing.

The sneaky little snake Nut complains to Ingorn that his mom’s birthday is coming up yet he doesn’t know what to get her. When Ingorn asks what she would like, he says probably a purse and even slyly adds in which model, which color, and which brand his mom wanted. As Paul’s sickness progresses, it depresses Lookjun more and she emotionally tells him through tears….

Paul: Lookjun, what’s wrong?

LJ: Nothing..I’m just happy that I have you in my life. Pete, do you know that I had to work hard to get where I am today but I never once gave up because I know that if I ever fall, I still have my grandma, my mom, Ba Pa, and you that will always stay beside me……but what if, what if one day you…

Paul: Lookjun, even cancer can be cured sometimes, this is just a little disease why wouldn’t I get better?

LJ: Pete, you have to promise me that you won’t die before I do.

Paul: How would we know who is going to die first? How can I make that promise to you?

LJ: Well I don’t know, you just have to promise me that no matter what you can’t die before me because I will be very sad so you have to let me die first.

Paul: And you don’t think that if you died first, I wouldn’t have to be sad too???

LJ: No!!! I am going to be MORE sadder than you; therefore, you can’t die before me and you have to let me die first! She demands, promise me…you have to promise me! Lookjun has now changed her demeanor from sad and sulky to competitive and whiney.

Paul: Okay okay….I promise, he says reluctantly.

LJ: Ahhh I feel much better now, knowing I will get to die first. Paul looks at her in disbelief of all her crazy ideas and silly requests.


That night as they were watching a show similar to national geographic, Lookjun recalls the incident with the stinky man in the forest. She tells Paul that the show said the same thing about the ecosystem that the stinky guy said to her. She tells him that she feels bad now because the stinky guy was right. Lookjun further says that she wonders if that guy will forgive her? Paul answers her and tells her that he has probably forgiven her. She questions Paul and asked him how would he know? Paul reassures her that he just knows. She tells him that she wants to do good merits for him and send his spirit some blessings. Paul tells her that he’s not dead yet, but Lookjun argues that he must surely be dead living like that in the forest. They go back and forth with saying he’s dead, he’s not dead, he’s dead, and even at some points Paul accidently says I’m not dead. Lookjun does not give up so Paul says fine he’s dead and pretends to die on the couch.


The next morning, Lookjun keeps her words and she and Paul free some fish and give their blessings for Paul to recover from his illness, and she even extends her blessings to the stinky guy in the forest. So Paul shakes and receives the holy blessings twice.


After that they decide to have a picnic out on the lawn. (omg this Lakorn is really something, they really do cleverly think of the funniest outrageous things for our characters to do.) In this scene Lookjun and Paul take turns feeding each other by lifting up their face masks. It’s brilliant, funny, and very original. After another doctor’s visit that afternoon, we see Lookjun balling her eyes out making us assume that Paul’s illness has gotten worse, but they were informed that the original diagnosis was incorrect. He just has a small infection and dampness in his lungs, it’s not the contagious disease. Paul asked her why she was crying when it’s good news, she tells him that she’s crying because she’s so happy that it wasn’t something serious and he’s going to be okay. Paul removes their masks and gives her a sweet hug.


Because Lookjun took so much time off to care for Paul, she returns to work with tons of work to catch up on. Nut visits her at the office and tries to rekindle their relationship, but Lookjun is not buying it just yet. She is slowly allowing him back into her life cautiously. Paul shows up to her office to learn that she had already left to have lunch with Nut. Paul is not happy with this news and decides he will sit and wait for her to return. While waiting, he gets a clever idea and asks Annie for some hot boiling water, which he pours into the bouquet of flowers that Nut got her. Upon her return, Lookjun questions why the flowers died so quickly, to which he tells her that Nut must of gotten her old bad flowers. She asked him how long he’s been waiting for her and he tells her that he just came, but Annie exposes his lie by telling Lookjun that he’s been waiting for her for 4 hours. Lookjun tells him that he’s not a good liar and he must be hungry.


When Nut receives the pink purse as a gift to his mom from Ingorn, he takes the purse and gifts it to Lookjun. Lookjun receives a special highly confidential assignment from her boss and decides to entrust this assignment to Annie to take care of since she has to leave. Annie treats this package with great care and locks it in a safe. That night, Lookjun’s right key keeps twitching, so she believes it’s an indicator of something bad to come. Is she right or wrong? We shall see…….