That’s Taya Rogers. Who do you follow on social media these days? We have twitter, instagram, facebook.. it’s all so very much to keep tabs on. Personally, I don’t care much about celebrities outside of their lakorn world – because I watch lakorns to fall in love with the story and characters – and usually turn the other cheek when it comes to celebrity scandals. But much of celebrity gossip is a guilty pleasure for many, and I can’t hate on that.

On that note, I follow Taya on instagram because she posts little nuggets of wisdom that helps her through the day, she sends out positive energy to the cosmic world, and she also posts delicious food. If you’ve seen the original Prissana, you may be a fan of the Young Taya who paired up very well with Tik Jessadaporn, the McDreamy of the year 2000. She’s also an American – which has little to do with why I follow her – but thought you might want to know that. I’ve always wondered whatever happened to the adorable girl, and come to find, she’s currently back in Thailand filming her newest lakorn “Tiger.” I might even recap this just to observe her current acting skills. In her personal life, she appears to be a savvy and smart lady.

It’s finally Friday, Lovelies. Feels like a lonnnng week, so I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with fun, laughter and maybe even some lakorn viewing. Feel free to spazz, discuss about your weekend or even which ever lakorns you’re currently watching that simply, floats your boat.

Say cheese!