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Another episode filled with uber adorable-ness. Is that even a word? I don’t care. I’m in love with the show. The relationship and story front both move to the right direction. The girls come to an understanding, while some misunderstandings stay hidden. Seiko warns Takeshi from mentioning morbid things, and we see that perhaps he ought to listen to her. But he’ll take punishments in the form of kisses.. yes, hugs and kisses please.


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It’s Takeshi’s day off – or special day off, as Ryu would have it – and he’s spending it with Seiko.. doing homework? Heh. Their work tables are facing each other because Takeshi wants to see her face while working, but Seiko hates to be such a bother, although she appreciates his help with her paper. Takeshi reminds her that she’s his daily dosage of happiness, when he’s around her, the stress just melts away. He finishes the sentence with the standard ‘my beloved Kimi’ and to his utmost surprise, she responds with ‘my beloved Anatak.’ Hee. Their last exchange of hearts must have done wonders for this progress!

Takeshi is practically jumping up and down in his seat. But his Kimi takes him down a notch by telling him that she’s only following his orders. Takeshi goes back to work with a pout while Seiko gazes at him and says to herself “I’m following your orders, but I’m following the sound of my heart, Anatak my beloved.” She smiles secretly to herself. Mario makes the cutest sulky face. Ha.

How can you say no to this face?

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Haro puts his mind on planting marigolds in the middle of the night. He tells his dad that marigolds love full sun exposure, they are representation of the sun, and gives off hope for those struggling to move on. Marigolds also wilt and die when the weather changes, very much similar to the metaphors of life, and the human’s negative and positive experiences. Koji relents that whatever it signifies, it is still a flower at the end of the day. Ouch. Furthermore, it’s his job to take care of the flower, he can never be the owner. Alas, Haro’s fate might be relegated to pining after Marigolds for the rest of his life. Can someone throw the puppy a bone? Maybe another love interest, perhaps?

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How can you not envy these adorable lovebirds? Even the sending her off to school is so cute, packaged lunch and hordes of smiles to go around. Ryu steps in and chides his cousin that they can spend some time apart so they can worry about each other. He hands the packaged lunch back to Takeshi and takes Seiko’s hand and wishes her great concentration in school. Oh you devil. Takeshi suggests he can release his beloved’s hand now. Heh. Takeshi tucks his Kimi in the car and waves her off. He then notices that Ryu is swatting himself and wondering out loud who left the sugar out because the mosquitos are biting him. Hehehe.

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Misawa wonder what possessed Aiko to get up early and go to school. We learn that she’s making good on her promise to eradicate Seiko out of Takeshi’s life. Aiko follows Seiko closely at school, while her minion distracts Haro the bodyguard. Once Seiko is in the restroom, Aiko strikes and throttles Seiko. Her friend rushes out of the restroom in search of Haro when she spots Aiko taking out the knife. Aiko wants to carve out Seiko’s face and see if Takeshi would still love her.

Haro isn’t distracted too far and comes in time to rescue Seiko as Aiko raises her hand to slash Seiko with the knife. The best part is that he throws Aiko in the bathroom stall, ha. But this is another scare for Seiko, and her friend vows that she will not let Aiko hurt her best friend again.

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They report to the police station as Takeshi comes to his wife’s aid. He pulls her into his arms and tells her not to be afraid. Takeshi turns his questioning to Haro, how could he let this happen? Her best friend explains that Haro was misled in a different direction while Aiko wanted to take the knife to Seiko’s face. This shocks Onitsuka, they didn’t think she would be capable of this. The bestie confides that she has already reported this to her father (the police) and they will apprehend Aiko for assault. Ryu states that he will not relinquish the person who hurts Seiko.

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Ryu and Koji pull Takeshi aside to advise that if he pursues Aiko for assault, Misawa would be displeased. Ryu suggests that they make Misawa agree in front of Osamu (the chief) that Aiko would not harass Seiko again. Koji thinks it’s best to let Misawa punish his daughter (that worked really well in the past…) Takeshi laments that hurting Okusang is like stabbing his heart, if Haro hadn’t saved her in time, she would be in bad shape. Ryu suggests he consider the partnership with Misawa over his personal issues. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

The chief requests a private conversation with Takeshi and Ryu prior to the arrival of Misawa. He inquires the young mind (and new power) about what they think would be a resolution to the three powerful families: Onitsuka, Misawa, Sato. The chief doesn’t want the country to be overrun by them, Ryu states that Samurais are not on the boat as the likes of those criminals (Sato.) The chief counters that fighting amongst each other without regards to the law does not differentiate them from the criminals. Takeshi wonders why the chief wants them to end this feud and the older man reasons that his father (Ichiro) envisions the improvement of the country, and to keep the peace, Takeshi must marry Aiko. Chief pleads for him to let Aiko free of the charges. He assures Takeshi that Aiko and Misawa will not harass Seiko anymore. Takeshi doesn’t want to let it go, but Ryu steps in and makes the chief promise to have a talk with Misawa, if they don’t abide by the promise, then they will reopen the case.

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The chief relents that he’s aware Onitsuka does not break the law; moreover, they protect the people. However, he forewarns them that Misawa and Sato are not like Onitsuka. It is time to clear the air about those two clans and the police force is requesting for Onitsuka Sorel’s cooperation in this.

Onitsuka and Misawa convene before each other at the police station. Aiko despises seeing Takeshi holding hands with Seiko, but can’t do anything about it since her father has her on a leash. While her brother wants to pummel Takeshi’s face, but Ryu stops him and warns him not to add to their list of discretions.

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Takeshi holds Seiko close and tries to console her as she cries. Haro watches on quietly as he drives them home.

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Ricki scolds his daughter for creating more dislike between Takeshi and Misawa. They have the same argument, that Seiko is stealing Ryu’s love. Satoshi tells her to hold her horses and wait for a year, but Aiko dislikes waiting. She orders her dad to kill off Seiko but Ricki chides that they have enough problems as it is. If Seiko happens to go missing, the police would think it’s Aiko’s doing. Daddy advises her to adhere to the chief’s orders and she may have a chance of being the first wife. But she screams her discontent, why is everyone protecting Seiko? We know she’s not stopping there.

Misawa is sounding like a broken record when he says that he will get back at Onitsuka the moment Takeshi marries Aiko. All bark and no bite? The only person who’s “doing” something about it is Aiko, but not in the smartest way.

Haro gets another scolding from his father for underestimating the safety of Seiko at school. Koji declares that he will request another person to protect Okusang because clearly his son can’t do the job, maybe he’s best suited protecting Sorel or the work facilities. Koji surmises in hindsight that Okusang is too beautiful and any man who goes near her would fall for her. Haro promises that he knows she belongs to Sorel and he has no ill intentions, but Koji scolds that he doesn’t even have the right to feel sad about any unrequited love. In case his son didn’t get the message, Okusang is Sorel’s heart and there’s no way she would be his. Dayam, Koji.

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Over dinner, Takeshi’s mind is still on the conversation he had with the chief. He shares this with Seiko and that problems won’t cease if he doesn’t marry Aiko. Also, if the town is strong on its own then they won’t require warriors like the clans to protect them, and his family’s murders wouldn’t be dragged on like this. So far, he has learned that the people who set the bomb were taking orders from Sato. If he gets a chance, he would kill Keniji. Takeshi apologizes to Seiko for not taking better care of her safety, he doesn’t realize that Aiko is capable of this. Dude, Seiko needs to spill the beans that Aiko is the culprit behind her kidnapping! Make Takeshi realize that the girl is not redeemable!

Alas, she doesn’t. Seiko surmises that she’s the root of the cause: Keniji had mentioned during the kidnapping that a heartbroken woman is the scariest. Takeshi takes the blame though, he was wrong to love Seiko, especially when she already has a boyfriend in Thailand. Seiko argues that Aiko isn’t in the wrong either for loving him. But Takeshi vows that he won’t let her slide if she touches Seiko again. Well, he’ll just have to uncover the truth himself because Seiko ain’t talking.

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Seiko notices a single marigold flower in a vase and inquires whether Takeshi had prepared it for her. Haro nods his head in agreement, sometimes we have to wonder about the pain we inflict on ourselves. Seiko mentions that marigolds remind her of Thailand. Her home has marigolds planted all around the garden. Haro slips and tells her that he’s pleased to hear that she likes it. Seiko admits that her heart is touched every time Takeshi does something for her. Haro adds that it’s due to love, Sorel does everything from his heart.

In the kitchen Seiko learns that Takeshi loves fish while Ryu loves meat. She wonders how difficult it would be to raise these two and cook separate meals. Auntie admits that when they were younger, it was challenging, but entertaining because the two would bargain and switch foods. The two are very close, they were raised together, they are best friends and brothers.

Time for lunch! Seiko brings out the dishes for the duo Ryu and Takeshi, and Ryu does a quick taste and notes that the dishes are quite sweet today. Heh.  Seiko thinks he’s being serious and balks that she didn’t put any sugar in the dishes. Takeshi snipes that Ryu’s just jealous. Ryu pretends to ask the heavens why they’re so cruel as to make him a third wheel.

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But maybe the heavens is not so cruel because Sorel and Okusang just got invited to dine at Takahashi’s family home as a way to congratulate them for their “nuptials.” Ryu wonders if he ought to go too because it’s giving respect to “his” Okusang. Takeshi corrects him that it’s “my” Okusang not yours. Oh, these boys. I could watch them argue all day. Takeshi says that if Ryu wants to see Mayumi, he should just admit it, stop being so tightlipped. Heh. Ryu starts to eat furiously, great way to keep that mouth shut.

That night Seiko thanks Takeshi for everything he has done for her today, which confuses him. Seiko explains that he has helped her recall the warmth of her country, her home has marigolds planted all around. He relents that he’s pleased to see her happy but.. (he glances at the flower) seeing his happiness come to fruition makes him worry about Ryu. He wonders if he’ll live to see Ryu admit his love for Mayumi. Seiko bids him not to speak of death, Thai people are superstitious about that. Their lives are so different, his clan’s agenda is filled with revenge while her life is simple, she doesn’t know how long she can be his Okusang.

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Takeshi takes her hand, “My mother cried on every occasion that my father took his warriors out to settle a score with the enemies. I don’t want you to go through what my mother went through. I’m sorry Kimi. In just one year you’ll be back in Thailand. You’ll be back with your lover.”

Hot tears form in her eyes.

“I’m willing for you to walk away, than to endanger your life here.” And he pulls her in for a hug. Aw.

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At a dark casino, a little boy sneaks in. It’s the son of Sato’s minion. This is also where Keniji is laying low. He immediately rushes over and slaps his minion, scathing that he failed at his job. He tosses a glass against the wall but it lands on the kid instead. He chides the minion that they’re in enough trouble, last thing they need is a minor at their establishment. We can tell that the minion cares for his son as he wipes the blood from his sons face. This shows that people do bad things because maybe they only see the dark path to aid them through their problems. He’s angry at the way Sato treated his son.

Keniji receives a letter from Aiko requesting a meeting at the same spot. She snipes that he failed at his job and trying to manhandle her is a bad move, didn’t he endure enough bodily pain? Keniji snipes that at least it’s better than heartache. Touché. She relents that he needs to attempt another kidnapping or even just kill her off. Keniji doesn’t get ordered around though, even with money dangling in front of him. She questions what he wants and Keniji tells her that she need only to come find him and she’ll know. If she doesn’t agree to his terms then she doesn’t need to show her face. In this instance, it’s all on her.

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Sorel gives his Okusang a new, red kimono. He finds her stunning in it and prepares to change as well. As he strips, she turns away in surprise, he wonders why she’s not used to it by now. Heh. Seiko laments that she’s not a pervert who likes to look at people changing. He confesses that he likes to watch HER. She sulks and tells him that if he doesn’t stop his teasing, he can ask Auntie to help him into his clothes. Takeshi smiles and says that she’s uber adorable when she pouts. She mutters that everything she seems to do seems to please him. Takeshi sweetly tells her that the world is livable because she’s in it. Somehow this saddens her, she wonders what his world will be like when she returns to Thailand. He tells her that it will be as if he has died. But he brightens up and says that he’s going to treasure all of their happy moments though. (To make them stretch and last during the darker days? Ah, the thought itself is so sad.)

Ryu paces in front of the car waiting for his cousins to arrive so that they can go to Mayumi’s house. Takeshi observes that he’s quite impatient, perhaps his heart has reached there before his body has? Heh. Seiko is a little nervous about this dinner because it’s her first social appearance as his Okusang. Takeshi suggests that she take it easy, she’s already his great Okusang.

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Yay we’re at Mayumi’s house!

Mayumi and her sister greets the group outside, Ryu’s face practically lights up the minute he sees her. He mutters, “pretty,” to which she heard and scowls. Heh. He gives the group the “did I say that out loud?” look. Ryu covers his mistake and compliments that the house is pretty.

In the kitchen the girls prepare the first course and Seiko offers to help. Mayumi, with a straight face, tells her to make sure she arranges the vegetable according to what is to be eaten first and what is to be eaten later, further indicating that just because a vegetable is prettier, doesn’t mean that it has more value.  Seiko understands the metaphor and the two separate to prepare the dishes, Mayumi, playing the unsmiling hostess. As she makes the miso soup, Seiko observes that she should not heat it on high or throw in a clump of miso, but Mayumi does the exact opposite to spite her.

Koji feels it’s time to pass on the responsibility to his heir, Haro. They kneel before the late Sorel and Koji hands him the family heirloom (ring).

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.54.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.59.49 PM

Mayumi’s father compliments that Seiko is beautiful and has great manners, deserving to be Onitsuka Okusang. Ryu adds that Takeshi totally adores her and if it weren’t for the invite, he wouldn’t let Seiko leave the house. Mayumi looks on at Ryu, probably not happy that he’s condoning this relationship. Ryu chokes on the miso soup and the rest of the group taste theirs to see what the choking is about. To Mayumi’s horror, the miso is horrible, salty and non-aromatic. And to her surprise, Seiko fesses up and takes the blame for her. She offers to make a new batch.

Mayumi follows her to the kitchen and wants to know why Seiko took the blame for her. Seiko explains that she had volunteered to help in the kitchen so it is her fault too. Mayumi questions if she’s only pretending to do good to win brownie points? Seiko questions her back that it sounds as if she doesn’t like her.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.01.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.19.01 PM

They continue their conversation outside. Seiko laments that living in a small home with warmth is better than living in a large home with emptiness. Mayumi asks if she’s not happy living in a big house. Seiko says that some people strive for the grandness and some people refuse to accept them. Mayumi wonders what category Seiko falls under. Seiko turns away and replies the latter. She confides that she can understand her prejudice against secondary wives because if she were Mayumi, she wouldn’t be pleased if Ryu has an Okusang. However, she doesn’t have a choice. Seiko explains the situation to Mayumi (about Sato’s intentions on kidnapping her to kill Onitsuka and how she came to live as Okusang) and concludes that she wouldn’t want to share her man with another woman either. Mayumi feels remorse for judging Seiko without knowing the circumstances.

Seiko suggests that they head back inside because she knows that Ryu and Mayumi must want to see each other. Mayumi says that Ryu doesn’t know how to miss people, but Seiko shares that Takeshi told her Ryu cares about her feelings a lot. In fact, he talked to her dad about allowing her to study medicine for that reason. Seiko suggests that she focus on school and that time will work itself out with matters of the heart. Mayumi is smitten with Seiko now and understands why Sorel loves her so much.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.28.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.29.56 PM

Ryu wanders outside as if he has nothing better to do. Heh. Seiko realizes that she’s being the third wheel and excuses herself to get more sake for Ryu.

“She really knows me,” he mentions.

“P’Seiko is a cute person, not a cunning person like you.”

“Is that right.. you’ve only gotten to know her one time and already you’re sisters?” Ryu observes. “Or are we feeling a little touched because she took the fall for you? I’ve had her soups many times and she never fails.” Hehehe.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.32.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.33.23 PM

“You’re quick witted,” she comments and walks away.

He spins her around, “Are you calling me a dog?”

“That’s your imagination,” she counters.

“You know that I like to imagine? Well, guess what I’m imagining between us right now?” He has her by the shoulders and looks at her deeply. “No counters? Ok, looks like you’re agreeing to all of it.” He swoops down for a kiss.. hehe.

Mayumi pushes him away, but before she could go, he tells her one last thing: that she’s very beautiful in the kimono today. Oh my. Her lips slightly turn up into a smile before she marches away. Why are they so cute?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.38.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.38.30 PM

Takeshi and Seiko catches Ryu smiling so happily, the fullness in the stomach has nothing to do with food this time. Seiko tells him that love originates from the heart, but if he doesn’t confess, the recipient would never know how he feels. Ryu feigns sleepiness and excuses himself. Heh. Takeshi wonders at this rate, how will they ever find love. Seiko advises that it’s best to keep it this way, Mayumi is still young, they should let nature play its course. Takeshi fears that nature may go a little too rough on Ryu. This is not a foreshadow, right? I can’t take it!

Aiko is missing from home and her father has people searching for her, even at Onitsuka’s holding. But we all know where she’s going, right? She cannot fault anyone else from the bed that she chooses to lay down on. Daddy is concerned about her whereabouts, and I sort of feel badly for him that he has such a shitty daughter. He promises to destroy Onitsuka if anything happens to Aiko because of Takeshi. Aiko returns home feeling guilty. She lies and tells her dad what he wants to hear, she went to the library so that she can study and finish school soon. Be a good wife to Takeshi. Daddy says he’s really proud of her. Bro is a little more skeptical.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.45.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.03.29 PM

Takeshi stirs awake and notices a journal wedged under Seiko’s pillow. And the first page reads “Happy birthday to me.” Frantic, he gets up.

He finds Haro next, who’s trimming his marigold bush. I wonder if Takeshi will put two and two together… Seiko stands before a garden of marigolds. Aw Haro, you know your dad’s going to give you a hard time about this, right?

Seiko immediately thanks Takeshi and that he makes her so happy. She embraces him, leaving him confused. He smiles anyway and wishes her a happy birthday. He wants to find her the best present, but she tells him that it’s enough. He’s totally reaping the benefit from what Haro’s has sowed! Haro watches them hug from the sideline.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.11.12 PM

They go out on a date that night to celebrate her birthday. This makes its way to Aiko’s ears. Bro wants to know why she’s following the news about the couple – it’s not like she could do anything about it – other than getting angry. Aiko relents that the anger will help her hate Seiko for the rest of her life. Bro suggests that she ought to hate Takeshi instead because even if Seiko is out of the picture, he would never come to love her. Hahaha. I kinda love and hate Satoshi. Maybe I just love to hate him. Ha.

Takeshi wines and dines his Okusang while the guards survey the restaurant. Haro spots a suspicious man who brings over a plate with a knife tucked underneath. He follows the server.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.20.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.22.25 PM

But Takeshi and Seiko are simply enjoying themselves. She overhears a happy birthday song and feels nostalgia for home. She tells Takeshi that every year, her mom would bake the cake and her and her brother would frost it to their hearts’ content. She’s just missing her parents and younger brother. Takeshi takes her hand and says that she’s with him now, today, in this country. They are one family. She thanks him, touched by his love. Takeshi says that she’s his heart, and he has to take care of his heart, even with his life. Seiko reminds him not to speak of morbid things. He apologizes and laments that he’ll take punishment in the form of kisses. Heee.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.28.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.29.09 PM

Haro spies the hand holding as the duo walk down the stairs. He recalls his new responsibility and the reminder of the family heirloom.

Takeshi, being the adorable cousin that he is, stops by Ryu’s favorite food stand to order his cousin’s favorite dish. But we see that the vendor has bad intentions as he follows them with a gun. He aims and fires. The bullet hits Haro on the arm first and the two bodyguards open fire. Another gunman shows up on the opposite corner, Takeshi jumps in front of Seiko and takes a bullet in the chest. Oh noes!

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.34.04 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.34.16 PM


Eeps! You can’t end there! I want MORE! Two episodes a week aren’t satisfying my appetite for Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan. Next week will be Seiko’s moment to shine, I hope? She will have to nurse Takeshi back to health and show him just how much she feels for him.

I love how the show goes into the differences between Ryu and Takeshi, without giving everything away to us. We know that the two boys are very different. Takeshi likes to speak his mind, he’s honest and doesn’t spare his feelings. If he loves someone, he would tell the person. He’s gentle and kind and never professes to be a hero. While Ryu on the other hand, is tightlipped and prefers to show rather than say anything. To him, actions speak louder than words. So we’re going to have a ball watching him trying to speak those words. Heh. I’m already falling in love with Ryu and I hope that they don’t take away the fun and adorable-ness (there’s that word again) from Ryu and Mayumi, even if we know there’s angst down the road.

I don’t feel sorry for Aiko anymore, because she has made her bed now. She could have chosen a different path, but her anger and blind love causes her to continue the bad route. I do feel sorry for her father though, because even though he craves power, he does love his family and is honorable in that way. It’s sad to see that not only is his daughter getting the unrequited love, and going through what he went through, she’s bat shit crazy.

I’m so curious about the Japanese culture after watching this show. There’s so many titles and ceremonies.. I must learn more, and the best way to do so is through dramas. Ha!

But not before I indulge in more re-watches of Takeshi-Seiko and Ryu-Mayumi scenes! Off I go, until next Wednesday my friends!