Yes please. Finally.

It’s been SO long since we got to see the adorable James Ma. If you are a fan you would not easily forget his portrayal of Khun Chai Ronnapee, nor forget his penchant to march into dangerous waters and singlehandedly kick some ass.  No one does action scenes like James Ma, nor look as good while doing it. Like a true action hero, he ignores the camera angles and just gets things done. Perhaps we credit the director. Perhaps it’s James Ma. I for one cannot conjure another name.

Thus it’s no surprise that he’s headlining another lakorn that will challenge him in the action genre, but also allow him to flex his other acting muscles. His second endeavor in the small screen is with TV Scene, a production team with big budgets. Haven’t you seen Khun Seuk? This one will have the historical glitz and the HD glamour, but more importantly, it’s James Ma. A newbie actor that totally knocks my socks off, and will be the reason why I watch this show regardless, well, I can always drop it. Think positive thoughts.

James Ma has shed his sharp suit as Chai Phee for a rustic, historical look as Haym in Ka Badin, which takes place in the era of King Nang Klao, the third reign (after King Rama II). The story sets around the period when England (known as Wilat at the time) enters into a commercial partnership role with Thailand, and this historical fact plays as a backbone to the plot of this drama. Because Haym is a good looking, well-mannered and bright boy, he is known as “Phor Haym Roop Thong” meaning “Phor Haym the Golden” (back then boys/men are referred to as ‘phor’). He has a knack for English and sneaks around to further his skills with an English teacher, however once his father finds out – he who doesn’t trust foreigners – decides to send his son to study at the monastery. There, Haym picks up sword wielding skills.

Unfortunately, accused of killing an Englishman, he is relegated to being an elephant keeper. He then masters the science of ailing elephants and becomes quite the vet and elephant keeper. Therein he meets Lamduan (Matt Peeranee) who is the leading actress of a dance play in Amphawa. He had already met her when they were younger, and this propels them to fall in love. However due to their status differences, as well as interference from another man who wants Lamduan for himself, Haym pursues the military forces so that he can improve his station (as much as being an elephant keeper was pretty cool and all..). With his brilliance and capability, Haym climbs the military rung (so to speak) and also becomes the national pride and bravery of Badin. So essentially, “Ka Badin” could signify “Slave of Badin” or even.. “I’m Badin.” Badass!

This lakorn began its filming in February and with the looks of things, we could be seeing this before the year is over.

I can’t wait. It’s all about James after all.

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