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Guest Writer Uhrenah: Ruk Nee Je Jud Hai EP 1 Summary


Please give a warm welcome to my guest writer Uhrenah who has graciously provided with episode one summary of Ruk Nee Je Jud Hai. She hasn’t signed up to summarize the entire lakorn, but we shall take what we can get, no? Please leave her lots of love in the comment section! ~Fia


Episode one introduces us to all the main characters and cast. It tells the story of twin brothers (played by Rome Patchatat) who were born and raised abroad in America. When one of the brothers (Pete) “comes out” that he is gay, their father cannot accept it and is furious and kicks him out of the house. Pete then moves to Thailand with his nanny and becomes a famous celebrity/male actor. His other straight brother (Paul) is a nature lover, carefree, and spontaneous. He can roam around in woods for weeks and not give a care about hygiene or what is going on the world. (He reminds of a ficitional version of the real life Tik Jedsada) That is why he is full of facial hair and has not taken a shower in who knows how long.

In Thailand, Pete becomes best friends and lives with our main female lead (Lookjun aka Matt Peeranee) Matt started out as an ugly duckling in college and fell for a good looking guy who leads her on that he is in love with her but he really is using her for her money. She gets burnerd by this guy and is still heartbroken and bitter to this day. He has made her become a man hater and probably movtivated her to transformed herself from an ugly duckling to a confident, sexy, and smart editor of a famous Magazine as well as a best selling author. She is considered to be a spokeswoman for woman’s rights and represents all man hating woman. As for that man? well not only did he break her heart, but he is currently her rival in the magazine world as he is also an editor for a competitor’s magazine company.

Moving on now, because Pete is an actor in Thailand, he must keep his sexuality a secret along with any relationships he has with men. He is currently filming the remake of Game Rai Game Ruk lakorn (previously played by yaya and nadech) which I think is both hilarious and cute. Anyways, LookJun works with a cast of interesting characters at her magazine company which include two employees that work directly under her and are both in love with her. It consists of a tomboy and a little surfer boy looking dude. They both are fighting to win her love and affection. A lot of the funny scenes includes them constantly backstabbing and bickering with each other to gain her affection.

Anyways one day Lookjun and her team go to the woods to do a photoshoot and meet Paul for the first time. Paul has been in the woods for who knows how long, he is incredibly smelly to the point where people can’t stand within a few feet of him. Lookjun and Paul get off to a bad start when they meet because as she walked passed him, she exclaimed that where as a horrid smell nearby so she gets out her perfume and starts to spray it not knowing that the smell was coming from Paul who was in the tree above her. He told her that her spraying perfume in the forest was problematic to the world. She screams out how does her applying perfume affect the whole entire world…like really? She vows to get him back and tries to go bitch at him but he is no where to be found when she tries to find him the next day.

Paul has been called to come to the city and visit his brother Pete who has been badly beaten by his ex-lover/boyfriend. Pete was beaten after discovering that his boyfriend has been cheating on him and threw a fit. The boyfriend then beat him up so badly that he could barely move, but somewhow he finds his way back home. He is tormented and hurt both physically and emotionally to the point where he tries to take his life by drinking poison. He was discovered by his nanny and rushed to the hospital where he does not die. Pete is embarassed and frustrated by the whole situation and does not want anyone to know what happend to him. He then begs his brother Paul to help give a press conference for him so that he can stop the press and public from knowing the truth. Paul does not agree to this and thinks it’s a rediculous request. Paul is upset that Pete refuses to tell him who hurt him especially after he learned that this ex-boyfriend of Pete owes him so much money.

News of Pete’s suicide leaks out to the media and caused everyone including Lookjan and her crew to be concerned and look for Pete to find out the truth regarding the rumor. All media and news outlets flock to the hospital where Pete is staying at to look for him and try to get an interview on whether or not he tried to commit suicide. He tries to be sly and sneak out, but he was noticed. The reporters all start to crowd around Pete as he was on his way to get a scan or something and he was about to be exposed, when suddenly Paul arrives clean shaven, rid of his stankiness, and dressed as Pete. Pete is shocked and surprised that his brother had a change of heart in helping to pretend to be him.

I will be summarizing EP 2 and so on soon………stay tuned. ~Uhrenah

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