Kuan Kaantong Gup Gang Por Pla Lai is one of those shows that you don’t want to say goodbye to. It is one of those shows where you sit back and actually miss the characters. Vicky Sunisa chimed in the Tonight Show that after the closing celebration of Spinsters Versus Casanovas, she thought about her character Nampeung and how much she would miss her. You know that it’s a good story with great characters if the actress herself long to play her character again. The ending itself closes on an uplifting note, but open ended enough that it can carry over to a potential sequel. So maybe this is just the beginning to another ending? I sure hope so. I can watch the heck out of this series.

From the first episode to the finale, the story was well paced and kept the fun going. It’s nothing like watching a story you expect to be funny, but had way too many elements of melo (yeah, I’m talking about you Paen Rai Phai Rak.) There were touches of realism and angst in this drama, but the show managed to keep it laugh out loud funny, especially when the girls are bawling their eyes out. It makes you feel like a crazy person laughing and crying at the TV with these perfectly imperfect Spinsters.

And that’s part of the charm of this show: the characters are so perfectly imperfect. The writer isn’t afraid of making the three Spinsters so flawed in the expense of teaching us a few heartfelt lessons. It is made obvious to us that the three – whether by choice or behavior – need to understand the errors of their ways and why they are having such a hard time being truly happy. They can make the excuse that they’re rich, beautiful and can have their choice of men, but deep down, they still have their insecurities and weaknesses thus keeping them from achieving peace. The moral of the story isn’t to change your true nature – because we all know that when you’re at a certain age, change is difficult and near impossible– but to embrace your flaws, accept them, and understand how your behavior can affect the people around you.

For example, through her bad mouthing and diva like attitude, Nampeung broke up her friendship with her best friends and alienated herself from the entertainment industry. Unknowingly, she wounded her number one fan, who came into the industry to spite her and ruin her career. Talk about motives. When Nampeung’s behavior bit her in the ass, and she seemingly have nothing left – no boyfriend, no career – she is forced to take a good look at herself in the mirror. She was able to confront Merdee (her former fan) and give her a wakeup call. Merdee has two choices, she could either learn from Nampeung’s mistake and change now (because she still has time), or she could become just like Nampeung and have nothing redeemable left. Taking responsibility for one’s own behavior shows excellent character growth. Yay Nampeung. And only through her acceptance of her mistakes, will she be able to gain back what she truly needs: peace, love, and continued opportunities in the industry. If Nampeung chooses to remain ignorant of her own demise, she would meet only that: demise.

Linee on the other hand, has the Great Wall of China built around her heart. Trust is a huge issue for her because she witnessed with her own eyes, the cruelty to which a father and husband could inflict upon his daughter and wife. Her mother became a handicap and lost her memory, forever. Mom only knows Linee as someone whom she could not fathom living without. Linee goes through life wary of men, and upon meeting a good man, she has the natural inclination to keep him at arm’s length. All that wariness and anger is consuming. It will suck the living out of a person if she continues to live like this. Only when she meets a determined (and worthy) man in Wayuboon, a man who does the right thing without announcing it, and a man who knows what he wants and is willing to do anything to get it. Right now he wants to make Linee happy. Only true love can change a Casanova? Or only Casanovas make great husbands? Hee.

Then we have Maple who is all sorts of a mess. For a woman who proclaims that she has 10 years over Krisda, she certainly behaves like someone younger than him. Apparently, being older doesn’t mean being wiser. But gosh do I love watching these two together. Maple’s biggest flaw is her fear of failure and the future. Five years from now, she would be 40 and he would be 30. She doesn’t want to be devastated by heartbreak down the road if things don’t work out. This is coming from a 35-year woman who has never had a boyfriend, so the fear is legitimate. But the thing is, one can’t see the future so one can only do the best one can in the present. So it’s great to see her throw caution to the wind and date the most adorable 25-year-old man, Krisda, who is wise beyond his years, and can still teach her a thing or two about life. Even the other Casanovas admit to this, they are much older than Krisda but they don’t share the same wisdom as he.

Beyond the great writing, acting and directing, one thing you can’t anticipate is the onscreen chemistry, and this show has it in spades. The palpable chemistry between the three leads makes the love stories believable and allows one to cheer for the pairings. Some even cheer for Alek and Joy Rinlanee to be an item in real life, and they are indeed 10 years apart too.

This lakorn serves as a reality check for many women and men as well, according to the fan’s feedback, many people can relate to the characters in the show. The friendship reminds them of their own group of friends. And through the well thought-out plot, the writer makes an argument that she can actually win. Not only hats off to the scripwriter, but hats off to the production team, Master One, who has truly outdone themselves this time around.

Alas, we must say goodbye to an addicting show, but a show that brings laughter, tears and all around fun to our lives in the past month. I am here to comfort you through any withdrawals you may be feeling right now.