Courting the Casanovas is no easy feat, especially for the Spinsters. But all things are difficult before they are easy, no?

I just love this lakorn to pieces. It’s my new crack show. I haven’t sat by my tv waiting for every minute as I do with this show. It’s embarrassing, really. Nursing headaches from too much margaritas last night AND waking up early? Blasphemy. But I’d do it again.

From last week’s episodes, the girls made peace and are back together again. The inciting incident – the fact that they were provoked to find a boyfriend – no longer matters and the girls can give up their ruse. So what’s the point of having a fake boyfriend around? And that my friends, is where the show gets interesting and reminds me of a quote:

Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop. -H. L. Mencken

The girls are falling for the Casanovas and they realize that this is perhaps their last chance for happiness.

Nampeung decides to pursue Peet even though he’s only agreeing to this relationship so he can get his mom to cease her desire for a reconciliation with his ex-wife. In the process of trying to win over mom, Nampeung will attempt to win Peet’s heart too. (Not to mention his daughter who needs a mommy figure intervention asap.)

Maple is in quite the pickle. She finds herself developing feelings for a man ten years her junior but doesn’t understand that no man likes to be bossed around or made to feel insignificant. Heartbroken, Krisda heads home – if home is an island of your own- in order to help his father at Tawan Island. He had interned at It’s a Must to learn more about the magazine business, but decides on wearing the big boy pants instead. Mom learns through his best friend Nangfah that some Cougar used him as her fake boyfriend and has broken his heart. Meanwhile Maple decides to hightail from the city to bring back her fake boyfriend – for a couple of reasons. 1) She actually really like him and maybe they can give this relationship a go, 2) grandma threatens to marry her off to the gay man for real if she can’t convince the older lady that a Cougar relationship could really work. Pickle I tell you!

Out of the three girls though, I would say Linee is the luckiest because her Casanova is already head over heels in love with her. Wayu is so flippin adorable – corny lines and all. The biggest obstacle for them is Linee herself, who has too much painful memories in her past to overlook. But once she rightfully learns that maybe this man is the one good man in her life, the brick wall surrounding her heart could finally disintegrate. Besides, we ain’t got no time to sulk.

More than anything, this show is about relationships. I love a good story about friendships, marriage, work and life. Friendships, like marriage take a lot of work on both sides, whether that is trust, honesty or forgiveness. The story doesn’t end at happily ever after, we watch how even Wilai and her husband, as newly weds, still encounter issues that they need to work out. How will our trio couple work out their relationship differences?

Krisda is a sight for sore eyes. When Maple set eyes on a transformed Krit at the island – I couldn’t help but feel as excited as she was. I bet Wayu is really hot in real life. When he looks in Linee’s eyes and give her his warm smile, I just about melted. And well, Peet, even with his high handedness, he certainly can make a girl’s heart flutter. One could not blame the Spinsters to reconsider their bachelorette status.

Quite honestly, each individual stories are so captivating, I wouldn’t mind watching three lakorns out of this. Because when you get to a good squealing part, and getting a cliffhanger instead as the show cuts to another couple, you can really lose your mind. It’s difficult being patient. Be still my heart!