Brought to us by LakornThai Production, produced by Da Hathairat (Sawan Biang, Game Rai Game Rak) and directed by PaaJaew Yutthana (Khun Chai Putthipat, Raeng Pradthana)- Yah Leum Chan, namely Forget Me Not, takes a tale of bitter sweet romance and revenge to new heights. To the pedestal of Anne Thongprasom and Tik Jedsadaporn that is, not to mention the wonderful Kong Saharat and Rita Jensen. So beat that, other currently airing lakorns.

Yah Leum Chan opened with an 8.4 rating, not bad, seeing that Thong’s Production closed Samee Tee Tra with 14.7. Stats aside, this has been a long awaited lakorn and it’s finally here. Episode 1 has been recapped by Darkness Lakorns, but before we get into episode 2, I’d like to go over the cast of characters first:

Anne Thongprasom as Suriyawadee/Suriyong aka Nu Lek (since DarknessLakorns is referring to her as “Su” we will maintain this for consistency) – she’s our tough heroine who fosters two adorable twin sons. How did she come by these gems? Well she married into it. Apparently she had been dating Kemchard, her college sweetheart, but had to break his heart to marry an older man to pay off her family’s ghastly debt. The stipulation is that she would raise the man’s twin sons. Unfortunately, this made her an enemy of a few people. Kemchard – whom we’ll get into shortly. Her late husband’s two daughters – Orn and Aum – who would like to rebuke the twin son’s shareholdings from the company, and she’s holding the reigns. Our girl’s got spine made of steel though, so she can handle any bullshit that come her way.

Tik Jedsadaporn as Kemchard– boss from hell – aka our angry hero – but also our very hurt hero. He prefers to hold on to the hate instead of succumbing to the feeling of the all-encompassing pain that his college sweetheart put him through. Gasp! This could also be his first love! Those are the worst. Poor fellow thought everything was going fine during college until his girlfriend broke up with him with a letter. (They didn’t have texting back then.) As he meanders heartbreakingly down the street, he gets hit by a car – a near death experience, his words – whereby he practically lays on his deathbed and learns that she’s marrying a rich dude old enough to be her father! Worse day ever! So Kemchard builds a fortress around his heart, thinking he’s got it locked up quite good. Well, until she shows up in his life again, and as his Executive Assistant no less. How dare she! He’s going to have a fine time declaring that he’ll fire her every minute yet unable to stop his jealous rage or tamper that rekindling heart.

Kong Saharat as Eua– Su’s step son if you will. According to the summary on Thaitv3, her old husband had planned on pairing her up with his son, but due to the intervention with his two daughters, he decided to marry her instead so that she can take care of his twins. I’m sure this is what the sisters were referring to when they said that Eua listened to them before, why wouldn’t he continue to do so? Eua is also Su’s close friend, they talk every day, he sees the ‘kids’ quite often and he has developed quite the crush on her. But you know, he has to deal with his diva sisters so I wouldn’t hold my breath. Eua is such an easy going guy though, who plays the guitar, sings beautiful songs- how could you not like him?

Rita Jensen as Kanlong – Kemchard’s love interest, but not the crazy supporting actress typical in lakorns. She’s got standards of her own. Although she likes him and he seems to like her well enough, she doesn’t want their relationship to go to the next level until she has captured his heart. She feels that although he’s close by, he feels so far away. Truer words. Kan is also a very smart and modern lady. She’s earned her masters and wants to take a break, but I reckon 2 years off is a wee bit long. Ah, that’s what it means to be rich, beautiful.. and rich.

Our commentators on the show come by the form of two funny men: Boy Pidsanu and Pu Montri as Weeboon and Somkit. They are Kemchard’s left and right hand man, but also the curious minds who want to know why the boss fire her on the spot then decides to rehire her – yet treats her like his personal whip. Granted, Kemchard runs through his Executive Assistants faster than his clothes, but he has always treated everyone with fairness. But with Su, he’s pushing her to fail, knowing she’s the best EA he could ever hope for. Curious indeed.

It’s a star-studded cast! We have the winning combination of acting, directing and writing. Let’s see if this makes for an ‘unforgettable’ ride!