When was the last time you were head over heels in love with a lakorn? It has been awhile, hasn’t it? This new year however seems promising, in that the lakorns we thought would have aired in 2013, would most likely air this year! Yay us! Since channel 3 released their upcoming lakorns for 2014, it’s safe to assume that at least our highly anticipated ones will be featured in prime time TV, and soon.

Case in point, Yah Leum Chan starring the princess of lakorns herself, Ann Thongprasom, and the heavenly Tik Jessadaporn.

Than Miss Anne will take the backseat and release her second directorial lakorn, Samee Tee Tra, a remake starring Ploy Chermarn, Pope Thanawat and Jui Jiranat. If Punyachon Gon Krua was any indication, Samee Tee Tra will be a fun and wild ride.

Our Nadech Kugimiya will play a twin in Lom Sorn Rak with Taew Nataporn and Patricia Good. There’s never too much of a good thing. Namely Nadech.

Missing some Rome Patchata? Will worry no more, he will be headlining a lakorn with Matt Peeranee in Rak Nee Jae Jud Hai. Looks to be a spicy one.

We also have some reunions on the horizon, Taew and Mart Krisada in Wieng Roy Dao, Mew and Pope Thanawat in Rak Ork Rit, and Great and Matt Peeranee in Rak Tong Oum.

Not to be outshined however, we also have some interesting new pairings to anticipate: Chompoo Araya will star for the first time with Chakrit Yamnarm and Por Nattawut in Sai See Plerng, Janie and Dome in Saneha Sunya Kaen, Mint Chalida with Khunchai Ratchanon (sorry can’t remember his real name!) in Cubic, and not to mention Aum Atichart and Matt Peeranee in Fai Nai Wayu.

Boran lakorns are on the schedule as well, Bella and Ken Phupoom in Look Tard, Wawaa in a boran lakorn and my nong James Ma in Ka Badin!

We also have sequels coming up as well, Margie Rasri and Mike Pirath in Rak Boon 2, and Ken Phupoom with Namtarn in Dao Kiang Duen.

Finally, there are a slew of other lakorns in the making and I can’t say that the rest are ones I’m anticipating, but you can review the remaining lakorns at the end of the video segment by channel 3. Sadly speaking however, I didn’t recall any indication that Rising Series and Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series will be finished in time for 2014. I suppose we’ll save the gansters for 2015. Oh, the pain of waiting! But nevertheless, there will be some head over heels lakorn this year even if I have to throttle a few characters!

With that being said, what lakorns do you want to read about? I’d like to start the year off with a recapping project, so I’m hopeful that one of these highly anticipated lakorns will air soon! Let me know in the comment section below what you’re anticipating, what lakorns you know will be subbed, and what lakorns you think won’t be subbed and that you will certainly die if you have to read lips!

*watch Channel 3’s lakorn 2014 Youtube video here: