If you haven’t figured it out already, Ruk Sudrit aka Race (the English title as suggested by the production team) has James Jirayu front and center as the self prescribed bad boy with daddy issues. Something happened between his parents, which caused his mom to hightail out of Thailand, leaving her only son to deal with the controlling father alone. But Ittirit does not blame his momma who abandoned them; he blames his father instead for putting his momma through tears and strife. And to make matters worse, his father adopted his partner’s son, adding another level of competition and angst in Ittirit’s eyes. So Ittirit opts to play the misunderstood rebel.

Therefore it is not surprising that during his final examination in his final year in college, Ittirit is caught cheating. The teacher’s assistant, and his newest foe, Chanamon (Punch Worakarn) fails him on the spot. As she reconsiders the verdict, Ittirit confirms her decision by charging at her with his motorcycle.  Boy doesn’t help matters. Thankfully, his father is the Major General and pleads with the professor to give Ittirit another chance to redeem himself. The professor approves that Ittirit may retake the test, however, he must ace the exam and attend school in the summer quarter. If he could achieve the aforementioned condition(s), he may actually graduate.

Ittipol surmises that the best tutor for his son is the person who failed him to begin with. With a little cajoling (and triple the pay), Chanamon reluctantly agrees. Although she comes from a warm and doting household (of father and incorrigible little brother) they are still scraping by. She also needs pocket money in order to further her studies for a Master’s degree abroad. Desperate times call for temporary abandonment of her pride. So Chanamon is determined to take the necessary measures to work with Ittirit and help him past the test, despite Ittirit fighting her in every way.

The only two things he currently cares about is racing on his motorcycle and his celebrity best friend, Maya (starring Wawaa.) Chanamon will have to incorporate these two things in order to convince him to study. But slowly (I’m sure..) she will not only help him through his studies, but will also teach him a thing or two about growing up and appreciating what he has. ‘Cause life is so hard being rich, beautiful and privilege.

This is James Jirayu’s second lakorn and although his first few screen time is shaky at best, he slowly grows into his character and commands the screen. Ittirit and Chanamon’s relationship starts off on a bad footing, but the chemistry is there. It would be interesting to see Ittirit falling for a woman who’s two years his senior, intelligent, responsible and strong.   There’s certainly a lot of fan service as well, James mopey and angsty scenes, discerning that the whole world is against him.

Although Ruk Sudrit is clearly all about James, there are other aspects of the lakorn that captures my attention. The family dynamic between his father and brother Thun (Beam Kawee), the fun and loving relationship between Chanamon and her family, as well as the budding love story between Thun and Maya (Ittirit’s best friend/crush.) There’s going to be so many love triangles/criss cross relationships. Two episodes in thus far, I gather that this is a lakorn I’ll be keeping my eyes on. It’s light hearted, easy going but hints at some interesting conflict to come. I’m not gonna lie, James is adorable, and the soundtrack is amazing.

This lakorn airs during the Friday-Sunday timeslot, spearheaded by Wave Production on Channel 3. Also, it’s currently being subbed on Viki, do search by “Love to the Extreme” otherwise you can watch it raw on Youtube.

What think you?