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It’s Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday. Ah, my cheek hurts. It’s another solid episode for our midweek crack- the only shining, most awesome diversion for hump day. I think I’m still alive from the workweek, although that remains to be seen. Fewer pictures due to P’Fia’s time constraint, but you’ll go on over and watch it anyway, right? So let the fun begin!

When Prakai Dao asks her friend to accompany her on a silly dance to cheer up Khunchai Jantarapanu, she didn’t anticipate singing a duet on stage with the man himself. But they do so good-naturedly; only when Khunchai opens his mouth (he chose a lookthung song) the crowd doesn’t know whether to laugh or cringe. Perhaps this is one of his weaknesses? But it’s OK, because we aren’t all born with the skill to carry a tune. Dao isn’t gifted with that particular skill either. The crowd boos, despite Lin and Jin’s attempt to convince the contrary.

But Pongjan on the other hand, realizes this is his moment to one up Khunchai (since he’s measuring himself on a stick and is determined to uncover Khunchai’s weakness.) It turns out, Khun Pongjan is a regular (according to the host) and has a great voice. He charms the girls in the crowd, singing to Dao, about how he will stop with her.  Not the best song choice (nor voice) but it coincides with his story.

Apichet pulls Khunchai aside to discuss the videotape scandal at his mall. It’s handy having a police friend. Apichet surmises that it isn’t the work of a perve at the mall, but more like an enemy who’s determined to discredit him. Khunchai folds his arms across his chest in thought, but finally admit that he has only one enemy- Khun Siwa.

At this time Dao is peering from the hallway, eavesdropping, it’s one of her skillset. She learns that Khun Siwa may want to even the score with Khunchai because Khunchai had defended her: he wanted to end the misunderstanding between Arn and Dao. This prompts Apichet to ask his friend point blank: ‘Do you like Khun Dao?’ Dao finds her heart beating faster. And just as Khunchai is about to answer, Ying Nim appears and asks quite loudly what the heck her P’Dao is sitting there for? Eavesdropping of course! You have the worse timing ever, Ying Nim!

Dao and Khunchai exchange an awkward look, she probably wishes the ground would open up and swallow her.

Speaking of Siwa, he’s currently crawling back to his wifey who tells him she ain’t having it, if he doesn’t leave, she’ll have him arrested. Those are empty threats because we already know the domestic law, but Siwa is still the pathetic puppy wishing for a bone. When he’s almost greeted with shards of glasses broken from a cup, he clenches his teeth and spats (albeit quietly) that he wouldn’t be crawling if she weren’t rich.

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Dao is not one to sit around looking pretty. Since Khunchai protected her and got his mall targeted, Dao is determined to rectify the situation. She calls Siwa to come over, while Lin questions whether she’s doing this with the intention of getting on Khunchai’s good graces and thus acquire his sperm, or something else? Dao replies that this is genuine concern. And if that is the case, she’s playing with fire. Dao relents that if she could help Khunchai, she would be willing to walk through hell.

Dao and Siwa convene at the gym, where he finds her exercising on the pilates machine, sweating. Apparently he finds it sexy. He reminds her that he knows her well: he had been the one to take her to the gym when she’s stressed out, or take her on a photographing run when she’s sad. Dao stops his creepy chatter (she’s probably getting the willies.) She commences her tactic on Siwa, lure him to get interested in why she’s mad at Khunchai. The more she withholds, the more interested he gets. Typical.

Khunchai on the other hand learns that Dao had intentionally put on a silly dance to help alleviate his stress. Nanteenee does not like what she hears and proceeds to do her own, funny dance. Khunchai asks if everything’s ok with her, heh.

Siwa is dumber than a rock, because he falls for Dao a second (third, fourth) time. When she pretends to despise Khunchai and tells Siwa that she wants to thank the person who wreaks havoc at the mall- Siwa offers to help her sabotage Khunchai even further. Little did he know that Dao has his voice recorded yet again. Before he could confess that he was responsible, he spies Rathee and makes a beeline for a hideaway, where he collides with another potential lover. This man is insufferable.

Khunchai smiles to himself as he recalls Dao dancing the other night. It’s even sweeter now that he knows she did it intentionally- for him. He phones her- and the funniest part- Dao says her sperm manufacturer is calling. Haha. He invites her to dinner, it’s at an Italian restaurant, there’s live music, it’s totally romantic. Dao squirms and tells him that they should go as friends, because she would be more comfortable. Because god forbid, if they term this dinner as a date, she thinks she can kiss her baby goodbye.

And because Khunchai hasn’t asked a woman out to dinner for a long time, a good sister like Ying Nim needs to eliminate all obstacles for him. Namely, Khun Pongjan. Funny, that’s the first thing she thinks about? Heh. So she phones him and the first thing she hears as he picks up his phone is the ‘you so sexy lady’ song that he dedicated to her at the bar.  He proceeds to annoy the crap out of her by speaking in formal words that an ordinary person like him cannot refuse a dinner invite from her highness.

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What’s better than one dinner date? Two of course!

Khunchai runs into Daen Din (Dao’s bro, meaning ‘land’) and is given a little secret. Good god, Din is so adorable. I looove Lift. He plays Din so well, a man who loves his family and doing his best to “manage” his sister. He tells Khunchai to try his beloved wife’s curry, but he won’t promise that once Khunchai has a taste of it, that he would be able to eat any other curry. Because it’s that good, yunno. But before he even tastes the curry, it lands on his shirt, courtesy of Brother Din.

The land is cleverer than the star? Just a pun. Din chuckles at his cleverness as he leaves the condo, while Khunchai takes off his shirt, and remembers what the brother told him. As he turns to Dao, who hands him a robe and starts to blush, turning her face away, Khunchai thinks her “condition” has exacerbated. She can’t be close to a man who is light skinned and red lipped, per her brother. Ha. Only he doesn’t know that she’s having the hots for him. Omg, this is hilarious.

When she slips and he catches her, Dao’s nose starts to bleed- she’s overheated- a usual occurrence for her. They scramble for a tissue paper as she tries to keep her head held high (literally) but can’t keep her eyes from staring at his broad chest. She begs him to put on a shirt. Someone has it bad!

Too hungry to hold out for Italian food, the two decide to enjoy a dinner at home with her sister in law’s curry that is the best in the whole wide world. As they eat dinner Dao hopes that Khunchai doesn’t mind a single dish, but Khunchai says that no matter what, this dinner is the most special dinner he’s ever encountered. Dao asks why and starts to blush when his eyes spoke more than his words could ever say, because his response is only to reiterate that it’s because of the curry. Ah, these two.

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At another dinner date (sushi), Ying Nim tries to stall Khun Pongjan. He almost gets a close call when she texted a picture of their dinner to her anonymous friend. Pongjan is convinced that Ying Nim secretly likes him and so he asks her to come out with it. Ha, otherwise, why would she stall so much time at dinner? Isn’t it because she wants to spend them with him? He gets real close- which unnerves her- and she stomps on his toes with a final word, ‘don’t be too full of yourself.’

That night Rathee sidesteps Siwa before he heads home and badgers him for seeing another girl at the gym. She even encourages Arn to badger him too because nobody likes a woman who gets jilted by her husband. Siwa lies of course, that he wants to make amends with Arn by taking her on a surprise European tour. She falls for his sweet, fake words.

Dao walks Khunchai back to his car and gives the driver a word of advice: be careful while handling the car because Khunchais’ life is valuable to many people. Heh, she’s treating him like the family jewel, I can’t help but laugh. Khunchai smiles too and questions whether that includes her as well? We all know the answer to that. They make eyes at each other.

Regarding the development of the videotape scandal in the bathroom mall, Khunchai feels that the woman is dragging this out as long as she can so the mall’s reputation would be soiled- when there weren’t any circumstantial “negative” videos taken that could jeopardize her privacy. But she refuses to settle.

Dao works her angle with Siwa and he agrees to come see her at her condo to “chat” further. Jit and Lin are afraid Siwa is trying to pull something and offer to play chaperone/witness, but Dao relents that she can handle this weasel.  Then her right eye twitches. Is that good or bad?

Ok so Siwa isn’t a total dummy as I’d gather, he’s convinced that Dao’s not sincere about sabotaging Khunchai, but he’s willing to help her in other ways, like going to heaven. I think my eyes may have been stuck to the back of my head from rolling so much. Let’s see who will outsmart whom.

Siwa does the old school way and dumps an entire bottle of sleeping liquid(?) into Dao’s orange juice. Dao fakes that her restroom door is busted and asks for him to search her room for a key to unlock the door (she’s having a nice drink and filing her nails in the meantime.) His wife and bestie pay Dao a visit and spot Siwa’s car. Luckily, Khunchai came in time.

Arn and Rathee storm Dao’s condo and the whole gang get into a tussle. Aiming for Dao’s face, Arn accidentally throws an entire content of orange juice into Khunchai’s face.

Now that the fighting is out of the way, they decide to have a mature conversation. Dao reveals why she had plotted all of them to be there.

We flash back to Dao acquiring the woman at the mall’s number, whom she suspects that the woman had been hired by Siwa. She uses Siwa’s phone to call the woman over to her condo and Siwa is caught red handed. Nice job Dao!

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Once again, Khunchai is in her condo, with his snug tank top, thanking her nicely and profusely that she has saved his heritage and mall. He is willing to repay her with everything. Everything? Dao fantasizes of Khunchai being her personal sperm manufacturer. Ha. She asks for two minutes to clear her head and rushes to her bedroom to call her girlfriends. They all concur that this is the perfect opportunity. Ask for it. She’s afraid he’d send her to crazy town.

As Khunchai waits, he begins to get real sleepy. Perhaps he received a taste of that orange juice?  Ha it’s not a sleeping aid, it’s a drug that makes one.. horny? Haha. He envisions Dao giving him a sexy dance and come-hither look.

Dao shows him a book of babies, which lands on a mother breast-feeding, Khunchai is having a hard time controlling his fantasies and imaginations. He suddenly realizes what’s going on with him, as he flashes back to the time Arn tossed the orange juice in his face. Siwa must have put something in her glass, and now Khunchai is under the effects. Dao also realizes this- are you guys laughing and feeling quite uncomfortable at the same time? Perhaps it’s the background music, ha, so obviously trying to make it sexy, funny, awkward.

Dao tries to rectify his condition by giving him war catastrophe photos, but he could only see boobs and butts. Lol. Then she takes drastic measures by dumping his head into the water to sober him up. It eventually works and he’s indebted to her again. I think they keep helping each other, so why don’t they consider it a wash? But Khunchai says that it was dangerous for her to invite Siwa over knowing what he’s capable of- if anything happened to her, Khunchai would feel guilty for the rest of his life. But Dao admonishes that no one can hurt her easily. True that. Khunchai takes her hand in his and thanks her again as they look into each other’s eyes. Hot!

Arn kicks Siwa out of her house and announces a divorce. She’s had it with him. Rathee stops Siwa from going after Arn because isn’t that what they were working towards after all- for Arn to divorce him on her own accord? Siwa just pushes her down. He is not ready to leave his rich wife. But he doesn’t understand the magnitude of his cheating ways and the damage of their reputation, she takes out a gun to scare him away.

Dao is feeling unwell, something feels lodged in her stomach. Lin attributes the pain to love, you know, the butterfly in your stomach syndrome. But Dao doesn’t think so, after all, she’s had 3 boyfriends, and she’s never felt that way before. Lin continues that it’s because she’s never loved those 3 men before and now she’s met true love- in Khunchai Jan. Furthermore, Lin says that everyone is convinced how Dao feels about Khunchai, she’s the only one who doesn’t realize it. But Dao says adamantly that she doesn’t.

Lin questions Dao whether she is conflicted with the following syndromes: worry about him? Think about him all the time, with every breath she takes? Just getting close to him and you’d want to melt? If Dao succumbs to any of these conditions, that means she is in love with him. Clearly.

Dao takes a seat. ‘I love him? I can’t. I want his sperm for my baby, if I love him, this love will be troublesome.’

Lin advises her to get rid of the butterfly in her stomach then. If only it were that easy.. especially when the aforementioned man texts her.

He’s stirring in his seat, waiting for her to respond to his text message. Ah the world of technology, it’s good to know that there’s always two sides to every call. Will he call me? Will she call me? Ah, cute.

Ying Nim comes into his office and teases him that he appears like a man in love. Khunchai actually admits it! Which throws her off because he has been tight lipped about it and when he does admit it, he does it so easily! Khunchai relents it’s because he doesn’t like to confess until he’s sure. Furthermore, Khunchai knows it’s love because of who she is: unique, independent, natural and she makes him happy when he’s with her. Ying Nim makes an accurate guess, he’s referring to Dao. She’s has always known, of course.

Back to Khun Pongjan, ah, poor guy, doesn’t know that he’s lost the battle even before it started. He’s meant for someone else. Ying Nim texts her anonymous friend that not for much longer, she’s going to have a cousin in law. Khun Pongjan knows what this means.

Creepy baddie is on the phone and says that he has found her- Dao that is, who’s currently working on a photoshoot- the baddie asks whether he should handle her now. During said photoshoot, Dao begins to hear a reference to Khunchai everywhere: she hears the name “Jan” and can’t help but think about him. She scolds herself to stop thinking about him. But such is the mind, you can’t control it, really.

Much to her surprise, creepy baddie appears and suddenly tries to choke her. Dao calls for help but at the same time, beats the crap out of the baddie. It’s hilarious, seeing that she doesn’t need help but calling for it anyway. Khun Pongjan comes around the corner and grimaces on the baddie’s behalf, who’s face is all bloodied up. Siwa is responsible for hiring him and the baddie shares that Dao is pregnant and it’s not the kind of hired job that he typically takes. Siwa is perplexed.

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Lin phones Khunchai to report that Dao had been attacked. He finds her at the hospital, where Khun Pong is at as well and says sadly that he’s always an afterthought. Ha. Lin steers Khung Pong away to talk about hiring his company to manage her newspaper firm’s event.

Dao doesn’t want to report this incident, against Khunchai’s wish. He doesn’t want the man to get away from trying to harm a woman, especially this woman. Aw. He’s totally concerned about her. He tends to the bruise on Dao’s lip, ever so closely, ever so slowly. Khun Pong had returned to Dao only to witness a scene that looked like they were kissing, he sadly walks away.

Khun Pong takes his anger out on his punching bag, literally. He is not in the mood to talk to her highness. He sends her an angry, red monster face text message. Ying Nim offers to talk to him, free of charge. Heh. This seems to cool him down a bit but he texts that the woman he likes kissed another man, he wants to punch the lights out of the man. ‘But you didn’t. ‘ she writes. ‘I don’t have the right.’ He replies. ‘How manly,” she writes again. Heh. She questions whether his woman loves the other man, but Khun Pong doesn’t want to know. He just wants her to be his girl. Being the wise one, Ying Nim writes that love is not about possessing, but love is about giving- unconditionally. She learned it from her bro, and the woman he loves is a very lucky woman indeed. This hits too close to home for Khun Pong, who takes a deep breath. Can he accept that Khunchai is just a better man? Or should he look at it a different way- that he and Dao aren’t meant to be. Because I’m sure, that’s what Ying Nim would advise him next.

Siwa goes to see his wife only to find Khunchai closing out his conversation with her. Uh oh, could it be that Khunchai told Arn about Siwa’s cheating ways with her bestie? Hm. We shall see!

It’s so good, you guuys! Time to weigh in your thoughts 🙂 while I go and zzzzzzz.