Ah, our latest weekend installment has come to its conclusion, ending with eleven episodes. Which in and of itself is very short, considering the amount of time it took to film this funny gem. Remember how long we waited for its debut? I mean, this project has been determined since the inception. Is it me or has channel 3 lakorns seemingly gotten shorter and shorter? We are used to the norm of at least fifteen episodes, but after the Gentlemen Juthathep and 3 Musketeers Series, everything just seems to be unfortunately compressed. Which for many lakorns, it’s not an entirely bad thing, because we don’t want it to drag, but for some, we want it to go on and on.

Dao Reurng is a unique case all on its own, because it incorporated the funny, the silly, the ostensibly real time depiction of the lives of Don Pattana townspeople, headlining by their resident thug Dao Reurng who in actuality, is the glue that keeps the whole town together.  There are pleasantly surprising plot twists and character developments that allow for this lakorn, as a whole, to make its way to the hearts of Yaya’s fans, as well as any light hearted, comedy centric lakorn fans alike. It’s been an interesting ride for me, in some areas I am left to laugh at the surface level  of the lakorn- the slap stick funny scenes and jokes- and in other areas I am pulled into the characters and stories. It is the type of lakorn that tricks you into thinking that it’s only going to make you laugh- and it does that- but it also offers so much more. One only needs to look at the steady ratings and know that it has successfully hit its mark (the finale hit 16.1 in Bangkok.)

Final Recap


The beginning of episode eleven conveys our male characters in their prospective hospital rooms due to standing in the line of fire for their crush the day prior. Their crush is rushing into each room, thinking that they have gotten the right person, but much to their sheepishness, they find themselves in the room they aren’t supposed to be in. Heh. Reurng and Rose swap with an embarrass smile.

Mer on the other hand is in the right room but Wan doesn’t want anything to do with her- not realizing how much he has come to rely on her- and yells at her to get him Reurng. Only Reurng’s presence would make him feel better. After all, he got shot in the ass (I can NOT get pass that, so funny. Only Wan can pull of the ass-shot and still come off being adorable.) Stung, Mer relents.


In Preuk’s ward Reurng feels badly that her brother had to be hurt in her place, but like a good brother, he is glad to take her place. He also learns that she had been in the line of fire too, but Khun Palat took a bullet for her. Not being able to help himself, Preuk asks after Rose and thanks Reurng for looking after her. This does not go without notice to Reurng.

In Khun Palat’s ward Rose feeds him (hey your other hand works, dude.) Rose wants him to promise her that he would quit his post here and go back home. Khun Palat says he hasn’t been here for a year yet but Rose thinks it’s plenty time because their agreed upon three months’ is up (more like her ultimatum.) Jin wants to stay because more work needs to be done, just because the baddies are behind bar doesn’t mean that a town is safe and besides, his development plans hasn’t been realized yet. Rose questions on whether there is a woman he’s staying for, heh, and Jin practically chokes at the astute comment. Rose relents that he’s too busy with work to be enthralled by any women, right? Right..

Jin smartly changes the subject. Rose tells him that Preuk saved her life, and Reurng took care of her wound and spent the night with her. This doesn’t surprise Jin as he smiles and says that Reurng always puts others before herself. He respects her more than three men combined, without her help, the police force would not have garnered evidences as quickly as they have. Aw. And this doesn’t go unnoticed by Rose either.

Sia Gampon is put behind bars. He continues to declare he knows nothing but they refuse him bail, indicating that they have substantial evidence to indict him. So satisfying to see a man who thinks he’s invincible put behind bars.

Mer fetches Reurng to visit Wan when she spies Rose (to her amazement, a celeb in town) going into Preuk’s ward.

Meanwhile Reurng pays a visit to Wan who is in the restroom and harping at Mer to fetch him toilet paper and demanding this and that. How could he even survive without her? Ha. Reurng just rolls her eyes. But upon seeing that it’s his Nong Reurng, he tells her he has dreamed of her taking care of him like this for the rest of his life. He goes in for a smooch, but Reurng pushes him onto the bed, where he jumps in agony because he landed on his ass. Lol. He barely gets a few minutes with Reurng when the nurse comes in to interrupt.


Which frees up Reurng’s time to check in on Khun Palat. Unfortunately she hears him uttering Rose’s name and she looks disappointed. But when he opens his eyes and sees that it is indeed Reurng, he almost jumps for joy. She comes up with all sorts of handy excuses that she can’t stay long.. and gives him a glass of water, saying that it’s not as good or refreshing without Rose giving it to him. Khun Palat downs the glass of water in one long gulpp. Hee. This surprises her as they smile at each other briefly before she hightails out of there.


And what happens next just makes me giggle. Finally someone besides Little Pian is noticing this exchange of concern over people they shouldn’t be concerned about. Mer sees Reurng coming out of Khun Palat’s room and then Rose coming out of Preuk’s room. Rose comes up with a totally unnecessary long and drawn out excuse for visiting Preuk. As if someone would suspect her of visiting him just because. Mer later spots Rose giving Khun Palat a kiss, which brings Reurng in a deeper depression about it all. Mer finds the reaction mighty suspicious.

And the girls get together to prepare food for the boys, Reurng makes Khun Palat’s favorite dish while Rose knows exactly what Preuk likes. Both Reurng and Mer wonder how she would know, and they soon find out why when Little Pian and Momma Bancheun announces that they saw an article about Khun Rose, who did not come here to see Khun Palat, but to avoid the reporters instead. Rose confesses that the man in the picture is Preurk because they know each other from Bangkok, but they are only coworkers, nothing more.

Meanwhile at Wan’s ward, his family has brought Luang Taa Kong to do a blessing on him, ensuring that all of the bad spirits have left his body. The act of cleansing him is hilarious, no recaps needed. There is a scroll of things he should do and should not do in order to be cured. This life and death situation has taught Wan that life is short. So therefore, once he gets out of the hospital, he would like to repay his parents. The family is in awe; thinking that he would ordain, but instead, Wan says he would get married and give his parents grandchildren. Mer walks in, shocked at the sound of “marriage.”

Reurng and Momma Bancheun demand to know what’s up between Preuk and Khun Rose. And it is as if Preuk and Khun Rose rehearsed the same response, he tells them that he has only worked with Rose to help her after the accident he has caused. Besides, they shouldn’t believe the news so much, because reporters sometimes fabricate them.  They are just coworkers, nothing more. Got it?


Reurng brings curry to Khun Palat and walks in to see Rose feeding him. He immediately decides he can feed himself. Handy. He asks her if she’s coming back this evening to see him? Heh. Reurng thinks he’s concerned about Rose and tells him that she’s not coming back but she’ll stay with Rose tonight and ensure that Rose is safe. She talks as if she’s one of his buddies, taking care of his girl for him. Sad.

As she walks out though, Reurng peers through the window of the ward, looking hurt. Mer sees all of this as she does a water run for Wan.


That night our heroine broods. Rose comes out to see her, and says that she understands why Jin loves it here. She hasn’t seen a starry night like this in a long time. Bangkok is always so busy, never still nor quiet. But she doesn’t know why she still feels lonely amidst the chaos. Reurng says that even though the upcountry is easygoing, it is at times boring, if people weren’t born here, they probably won’t decide to spend the rest of their lives here. Reurng finds it strange that Bangkokers would want to live here (they talk about how Bangkokers may have a second home in the countryside and Rose relents that maybe sometimes they would even prefer to stay in their second home over their primary home.) While the country folks aspire to have cool jobs and work in the city. Indeed, no one is ever satisfied with what they have. Most importantly, Rose says that people may want a simple life, a life where their love is requited and they can spend their lives together.

Khun Palat is released from the hospital and he contemplates to the Director on whether Sia Gampon would get off this time, since he’s a powerful man and can pull many strings (and that there may even be a more powerful man backing Sia.) Khun Palat says it is time to reveal their evidence against him. Next he calls his mom to close her shop for a few days and come to Don Pattana. She is just leaving the hospital too and says that everything is healthy and fine. Her.. or someone else? Hm.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.52.26 PM

At the court of law, the judge dictates that the existential evidence is not enough to convict the defender. Sia is released, and he snarks at the Director that he was not wrong! As they leave the courthouse, Khun Palat and Reurng faces him. Reurng says how unfortunate that he’s out for a few minutes to breathe the fresh air, but have to return to jail soon. This is not funny to Sia. The good guys take out their final card, Gamnan Term! He’s alive! And we should have known, right? Lakorns typically don’t kill off the good guys. This shocks Sia Gampon who gets invited back to the police station in a murder case accusation. He challenges them to obtain enough evidence to convict him, otherwise they would be the ones to run because he will make them remember how powerful he is. He storms off, leaving our good guys watching his departure. I sure hope they have something more up their sleeves.

The townspeople congregate in a circle to find out why Gamnan Term fabricated his death. He first thanks the Director, Khun Palat and Reurng for saving him and keeping this a secret. Most importantly, he thanked Khun Jantha (Jin’s mom) for taking care of him while he was recovering. We flash back to the time by the pond where Khun Palat had rescued Gamnan from the water. They brought him to a hospital in Bangkok under his mother’s care. The funeral part came in because they want to trick Sia Gampon into thinking that Gamnan is dead (because he has been after him all this time.) This would open opportunity for Sia Gampon to do more drastic illegal stuff and allow our good guys to plan a way to catch him.

The group all breathe a sigh of relief and glad for his return, he has opened their eyes about Sia Gampon’s true colors. Gamnan is now satisfied in living an easygoing retired life, teaching school children. He is no longer interested in the political affairs after having such a close call in life. They decide to celebrate Gamnan’s return by throwing a dinner party at Reurng’s food booth. Both Mommas, Bancheun and Jantha are chummy, but Reurng saddens at Rose sitting next to his mom, looking all extra cozy.


But Rose has other things on her mind, she seeks out Preuk but gets caught by Mer. Knowingly, Mer says that Preuk lives in the house behind the restaurant (not in the same unit as Reurng and her momma.) Rose finds an excuse to meander back there, to pick some vegetables, when she noses around Preuk’s hut. Caught again! Preuk is right behind her and she makes the excuse that she was hunting for a plant, which we all know that it belongs outside, not in a house. Preuk tells her as much but he offers to pick them for her because they could be prickly. Rose could only watch him, yet again as he does more things for her. Aw.

Preuk hands her the plant- and surmises her that she must want to return to Bangkok now. Ah, why must we be sarcastic? Are we hoping that she would say it otherwise? ‘You must be fed up with this lifestyle,’ he assumes. She’s good at being sarcastic too, ‘yep, why should I stand it here? My life is over there. I’m only staying here until Jin clears up his work so we can go back together.’  Preuk just goes in for more self-torture, ‘so you’ll never return, right?’ Rose practically breaks his heart by telling him she would marry Jin when they return to Bangkok. He doesn’t fight a losing battle and wishes her well. Rose is staring at him as if expecting a fight? Oh, these two.

Reurng decides to check on Rose when she overhears this too. The news doesn’t sit well with her.

Wan and his gang rides their motorcycle to Khun Palat’s house: Kamjorn couldn’t help but comment why he has to act so cool by standing instead of sitting on the motorcycle? Heh. But the minion says that his ass hurts so he can’t sit. Lol. Wan came to honor his man to man promise with Khun Palat. He asks for Khun Palat’s help since he has saved Khun Palat’s life. Our guy agrees, in order to show his gratitude.

And we set a painful precedence:  Wan asks Khun Palat to ask for Reurng’s hand in marriage. Oh shit. Not cool Ai Wan.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.54.23 PM

They arrive at Reurng’s food booth- and Wan is throwing me off ‘cause he’s now sitting on the motorcycle and running around as if his ass hadn’t been shot at. When he asked Khun Palat to help him, who knew he meant today, right now. Khun Palat has a solemn expression; he says in front of everyone ‘I know that you and Wan know each other since you were little. I’m also aware that you are close.. so Wan asked me to ask for your hand in marriage.’

Everyone gasps in shock. But the look on Khun Palat’s face doesn’t say that he’s happy, and Reurng just looks shocked, she didn’t think that her crush would go so low as to ask her to marry someone else. Aw. Reurng remembers what Rose told Preuk earlier too that she and Palat plan on marrying right away when they get back to Bangkok.

And it just gets ugly from here. Reurng spites him by stepping forward, ‘if you took the time to ask for my hand, why wouldn’t I agree?”

Momma Bancheun is in the background just confused. Ai Wan practically drools at the thought and almost passes out from glee, Mer is shocked.

Momma Jantha could tell that her son does not look happy with her response.


Reurng cries in her room. Momma comes to see what she’s up to, warning her that marriage is a serious business. Momma agrees that Wan is a nice guy and that he loves Reurng. They will be well off- but that’s not important. What’s important is whether Reurng loves him back. Marriage is a once in a lifetime event and she needs to be sure. Reurng relents that one day she can probably love him. She tries to walk out of the room, but Momma knows her too well, ‘You can run from everyone, but you cannot run from your heart. And at the end of day, you’re the only person who’s unhappy.’ Reurng runs away in tears. Preuk stands outside of the house, overhearing their conversation.

Khun Palat hands off all of Gamnan Term’s evidences against Sia Gampon: videos, pictures, and even Sia’s voice when Gamnan was shot. They think that with these evidences, Sia wouldn’t get a way.


Reurng takes the ducks for a frolic in the pond waters. Khun Palat goes to see her and asks her again whether she would really do what she agreed with Wan. Reurng always, always keep her words. She promises not to make him lose his face, she will hold her end of the promise. Let’ s just keep stabbing each other in the heart. She thanks him for everything he has done for her, for teaching her to be a good person, for saving her life.. because from now on (she’s holding in those tears) they will go their separate ways, fulfilling their prospective duties. They will be raising their own families (ouch), therefore there’s no reason to see each other again. She spins around to cry.

He grabs her arm and tries to stop her. She only tells him to go back to Rose, she doesn’t want to see his face. He drives away.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.55.14 PM

P’Preuk’s turn (yes, can you talk some sense into her?!) He says she’s marrying someone but her heart is with someone else, is that possible? Furthermore, Preuk thinks that Khun Palat is just as sad to ask for her hand for Wan. Reurng doesn’t think it matters because at the end of the day, he’s engaged and there’s nothing she could do. She’s still convinced that she can love Wan one day, but P’Preuk says that would have happened a long time ago. He tells her that even though love and marriage may not be the same thing, but wouldn’t it be great if you can have both? He wants her to marry the right person, but Reurng says that nothing is greater than doing the right thing. She would rather be hurt than to hurt anyone else.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.55.59 PM

She turns away from her brother too. Preuk drives to Khun Palat’s house for a chat with Rose.

‘Do you love Khun Palat?’ he asks. ‘Because if not, just let him go.’

‘And what will I get out of letting him go?’

‘Freedom- freedom from the words that you gave to a person whom you already know that you don’t love,’ he replies. ‘The freedom to love the person you truly love.’

‘And how would I know that my love is requited?’

Preuk looks at her, speechless.

Next thing we know, Khun Palat arrives home and Rose tells him (in front of his momma) that there’s something they needed to talk about.

Meanwhile Sia Gampon is at wits end, and he threatens someone even higher up than him, that he would divulge all secrets and take him down with him if the man doesn’t give him a hand. Just as he hangs up the phone though, a sniper murders him on the spot.

The news spread that Sia Gampon had been silenced. There is an even bigger baddie in town.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.58.13 PM

Wan brings his parents to officially ask for Reurng’s hand in marriage. They even do a wave, lol. Mer is spying from the truck, crying. The parents tell Momma Bancheun that she can ask for however many dowry she wants, they will plan a big wedding. P’Preuk chides that she can ask for more time- to which she doesn’t need- and Wan’s family cheers. Mer walks into the room, in tears, she claims that Reurng doesn’t love Ai Wan- who tells her to shut it. Reurng cheerfully says yes, they can marry today, but she has three conditions for Ai Wan: if he could achieve them all, she would agree to marry him. This is SO hilarious.

  1. He must marry Mer first. Heh. Then she would marry him later. (The minions chime in that at least he can divorce right away.)
  2. He must sign the marriage license with Mer. (Mer is in cloud 9, lol. The minions think they can divorce again.)
  3. He must be wedded (and be husband and wifey with Mer) for 3 years. HAHA. He must have kids with her every year. If he can do this, then Reurng would marry him.

For a moment there, Show, you had me so so scared. And now? You had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Wan balks on her conditions, he’d rather kill himself. He wonders why she didn’t provide these conditions when Khun Palat asked for her hand? Heh. Mer says that he should consider those three years that he and Reurng are not soul mates. Reurng tells them to reconvene in three year’s time. LOL, which is impossible! Mer jumps into Wan’s arms.

Preuk drives Reurng in their motor cart and they both smile at Reurng’s clever conditions. She confesses that she doesn’t want to hurt Wan, but she thinks this is the fairest route for all parties involved. Preuk wonders what parties? Reurng states Mer’s and Wan’s side of course. But Preuk has an addition side to show her, and he steers the motor car towards the townhall. They see Kamjorn who tells them that Khun Palat has taken seven days off to Bangkok, he’s preparing for a wedding.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.59.03 PM

Reurng walks herself to the pond again, seems to be her moping spot. She thinks about all of their time together, since the first time they’ve met until the time he asks her if she won’t consider changing her mind. Her mom is right, she can’t escape her own heart and she’ll be the only one who ends up unhappy.

Sometime later, a meeting is called at the temple. Gamnan Pan and his wife announce that they are entering into the beauty pageant to compete with the provinces. They want to enlist Reurng as their representative, and she balks reasonably, but Momma Wieng says that this year it’s different, they can only allow descendants of former Miss beauty pageant to enter. If that isn’t the strangest stipulations.. The minions decide to play some reverse psychology on her and say she’s afraid of losing. Momma Bancheun relents that if she doesn’t enter, then Momma may have to (lol). Finally, Reurng succumbs.


And the competition comes sooner rather than later as Momma paints Reurng’s face. She peers surprisingly at her face in the mirror, can’t deny that you’re purdy, eh? Reurng asks her mom whether she could go back to school now that P’Preuk has finished his law school. She wants to be more than an informant for the cops. Momma tells her to decide after the event, and it leaves us wondering like Reurng, why she can’t decide today, right now.. Hm.

The beauty pageant dress looks awfully like a wedding dress. She also wonders why there are only two people in the competition, her and Mer. Heh.

The trio spies the event reception and everyone is dressed up. They feel under dressed. Suddenly, Khun Palat arrives in a white suit, following his mother and Rose. Wan assigns his minions to buy a suit for him at the market.

Khun Palat is called to the podium; he thanks the crowd for accepting him as one of their own. For teaching him all sorts of new things and most importantly, he wants to thank a certain beauty who has made his work day such a pleasure, that he doesn’t want to move anywhere else. (Wan is peering from the outside, wondering what Khun Palat is referring to.)

Little Pian comes to escort his cousin and his blown away at how beautiful she is. He blurts out that once Khun Palat sees her, he would totally forget about Rose. Heh. He tells her they need to hurry, she has been chosen. Which raises more suspicion from Reurng but Little Pian says it’s time. He tells her when she’s walking on the stage, not to talk because her beauty may fritter away. Heh. This earns a smack to the head.


Reurng overhears Khun Palat’s voice and panics, Mer tells her that without him, they wouldn’t have this event. He calls her name and Mer pushes her onto the stage. Khun Palat is speechless at her beauty. Then he announces into the microphone that Dao Reurng is his bride! The stage opens up to a wedding set with Dao Reung & Jintawat logo in the background.

Her turn to be speechless.

Gamnan Pan calls out to her and asks how it feels to be managed, she has always managed people before. Heh. Phoo Yai Kong laughs and teases her for blushing. All Reurng sees are people laughing at her. She calls her mom over and demands to know what the heck is happening. All Momma can say is that Khun Palat loves her.. and we flash back to a huge community meeting where Khun Palat says that Dao Reurng is the person with the most power in this town, she has stolen his heart. Omg (how corny are we?) He won’t be able to continue living here if she is not with him, because he loves her. He declares his love in front of everyone, and the crowd is in awe. They decide to conjure a plan to get her to marry him. And so we have this.

Wan storms in, crying dramatically that it’s not true (the crowd say in unison that it is true, heh.)

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 6.00.43 PM

The elders step in and say that it’s an auspicious time, but Reurng declares that she’s not getting married. Wan tells her to run away, run far away from all these deceivers. Lol. Khun Palat apologizes (to have to go to this extent.) She doesn’t think a mere apology will suffice, but Khun Palat says that he’s afraid she would decline his offer to marry.

‘But you deceived everyone in town to help you?’ she questions.

‘Not deceived.. they all helped willingly because everyone knows we love each other,” he states.

‘Who loves you?’ she asks, looking away. He wonders why she can’t accept one small thing when she’s so brave?

‘It’s little to you, but it’s a big deal for me,’ Reurng replies. ‘Do you want me to tell you I love you even though you already have a fiancé? I’d rather die first.’

‘I’ve never been engaged. This is the only time I will be engaged- and marry (someone.)’

She’s confused.

‘And my bride would be only you, Dao Reurng.’

‘What about Khun Rose?’ she questions.

And Khun Rose steps up, ‘I’ll stay by Jin’s side, but as a friend. Jin and I have been dating for two years, but we hardly know each other- but enough to realize that we should be friends instead. He has only you in his heart, Dao Reurng.’

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 6.01.35 PM

Reurng turns to Khun Palat.

‘Anything else bother you?’ he asks.

‘Yes, have you ever told me that you love me?’

He says it right away, ‘I love you.’

The crowd applauds.

‘You say it so easily,’ Reurng laments. ‘Since when?’

‘I don’t know when it happened, I just know that I already love you and want to marry only you.’

She puts him to the test. She has three conditions that he must accomplish before she agrees to marry him. At the sound of this, Wan starts to laugh giddily. ‘Serves you right!’ Wan exclaims, thinking Khun Palat will have the same three conditions as he.

  1. Before they marry, he must wait for her to finish her bachelor’s degree first. (He agrees, Wan balks, too easy.)
  2. He would have to move to Don Pattana and work with her on continuing to develop the town and people. (He agrees, Wan is about to burst an artery- who claims that Ai Palat is Khun Palat, so he must stay here and develop the town. It’s his job. Hee.)
  3. If he could catch her (as she makes a beeline for the door), she would agree to be engaged with him today.

Khun Palat finally follows while Wan cries fervently. Mer trips him as he tries to follow, saying that she’s waiting for his end of the bargain too. She jumps on him (lol) and tells him to smack her so she could kiss him. Heeeh.

Preuk follows Rose to the podium. He thanks her for talking to Reurng. He surmises that now she is free to love the person that she loves now right? Try to say that three times fast.

‘But will he love me back?’ she wonders.

‘Yes yes! He loves you back,’ Preuk claims. ‘But he likes to stay in the countryside and help the townspeople.’

‘Is that right.. it so happens I work in the city. But I don’t work every day, so when I’m off, I’d like to spend my time in the countryside too.’

He beams at her and they stand there staring at each other, the new awkwardness of a relationship blooming.


Jin speeds after Dao Reurng, chasing her on the road. She taunts him that he wouldn’t be able to catch up to her. We get a beautiful shot of the countryside.

They make their way to the flower farm where her motor cycle shuts off. She races into the sea of yellow flowers and Jin trips after her. When he doesn’t make a sound, she suddenly became concerned. But like a daisy, he pops right in front of her. He pulls her into his arms and she wonders where he got his devious skills from. He says from her. Heh.

‘I’ve accomplished #3, and I am willing to wait for the rest. Since your cheeks are still red, can I sniff them?’ Khun Palat asks.

‘Dao Reurng is just a flower on the side of the road, that doesn’t smell good, it smells stinky too. Why would you want to sniff it?”

‘Even though it’s just a flower on the side of the road, it’s a valuable flower, otherwise why would people gather them to offer to the gods? The flower is as valuable as this Dao Reurng,’ he says.

She smiles shyly. ‘So are you going to worship it?’

‘I’m going to love and worship it. Now that value has been proven, there is one other thing I still need to do.’

He leans over and kisses her on the cheek. ‘Who says she stinks? This Dao Reurng smells refreshingly good.’

‘They’ve assigned Palat to take care of the people, not to possess the people.’

He tells her that he needs to keep her close because she’s devious. She says he’s going to be exhausted for the rest of his life then. She pushes him to the ground and taunts him that if he could catch her, she would go to the engagement party. And off she runs, of course playfully because she wants to be caught after all..

The End



Ah, trick or treat? I think we got both.

Gawd Show, you certainly know how to put the fear of stupid, selfless nang’eks in me then only to make me laugh at my own expense. I was so righteously angry at Reurng for spiting Khun Palat by agreeing to marry Wan. Then I sort of forgive the character because it is her weakness, it sort of makes sense because she puts everyone else before herself. But I should have more faith in you! You have showed me up and made me laugh at myself for even thinking it. You turn it around and made Reurng, as always, the boss of everyone. There is nothing she couldn’t get out of. Love this!

The plan to manage Reurng and get her to marry Khun Palat unknowingly is sort of the trick of the trade for this production team, and we’ve seen it been done a million times in lakorn. The pr’ek doesn’t have any way out but to trick her into marrying him. Yet for this lakorn, it works because it’s like the town is getting back at Dao Reurng for all of the time she has played a trick on them. It’s poetic justice, that’s why they all volunteered for the job. But deep down, everyone respects and loves her, and wants her to be happy. Besides, it’s a quirky little town, and they don’t do anything normal.

I’ve had so much fun watching the townspeople grow, how they interact with each other, and what they’ve learned through it all. There will always be work that needs to be done, as far as developing the town and people. When one baddie falls, another rises. They need to stay on top of things and progressively work together.

And the person that really carried the show is Yaya as Dao Reurng. Whether she’s being a pain in the ass, a patriotic girl or a little heartbroken, she takes you along with her for the ride. I think a good actress makes you forget who they are, and we only see the character that they portray. I think Yaya has really brought Dao Reurng to life, and make you love, hate and even love to hate her. Mostly, I just love to love her. She’s also gorgeous in every shot, especially when she’s wearing just jeans and a tshirt. This girl can look good in a paper bag. But beyond her obvious beauty, she knows how to wear her emotions on her face and compels us to feel alongside her.

Next in line I must say, is Ai Wan. Gawd, he’s hysterical, to the very last second of this show. He has made this enjoyable, laugh out loud funny, and surprisingly, compelling as a boy/man who’s main focus in life is to marry the girl of his dreams. He doesn’t get her, but he does learn so much about himself.

I also adore Preuk, because he ‘s hot and he can act. Heh. But mostly because the actor pulls off Preuk believably.

And Khun Palat is such an honorable, easy going guy that really respects the town and its inhabitants.

daoreurng cast

I haven’t quite fangirled over the chemistry between Yaya and Por in this drama (but I do like their characters separately) I certainly think they match well as far as appearances go, but there’s no electric charge between them. And I’m ok with that, because I’m getting something else from this lakorn, I actually have come to love the townsfolk and their interactions, whether it is Kamjorn, the Phoo Yais and Gamnans, the minions, the wives/mothers, Little Pian or even Rose (although I find that she overacts sometimes.) The endearing and funny cast certainly makes my time recapping this drama full of flavor and fun. Most of all, this drama is great because of the directing and acting. There are some seriously beautiful shots of the countryside. And I’m finding myself liking it for what it is.

Because when you got one hell of a heroine like Dao Reurng, sometimes fangirling over her is good enough for me.


So thank you na ka, for joining me in reading this recapping endeavor. It’s been a fun(ny) ride.

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