Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.25.33 PM

The story is wrapping up nicely, Rampang goes down the deep end, her brother is out for blood. Waree and Sama get their “awaken” sweet reunion only to be presented with the final problem. Can they get pass the casino issue? We’ll have to wait and see how everything ties up for our finale next week.

After being distraught at Waree’s locked door, Sama leaves her yet again in the “capable” hands of Rampang while he gets a briefing from Pipat. Eh, will he ever learn? Rampang looks evilly at Waree’s sleeping form and the next thing we know, she must have succeeded because Sama enters the room again.

I think it’s so sweet how he talks to her as if she’s conscious. He asks her if she smells the tasty coffee that he’s drinking (remember how she loves coffee?) But his smile fades as he’s reminded of her condition. He’s attentive to her and touches her cheek then notices how cold she feels. The nurse rushes over at Sama’s insistence and takes Waree’s heart rate. A doctor is immediately summoned.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.21.39 PM

As Sama impatiently waits for the prognosis, his adorable bodyguards try to comfort him with the thought that if anything bad happens, they have a helicopter on standby. Heh. But the doctor doesn’t ease his mind much when he reports that “tis a good thing you are quick (on your feet), otherwise we wouldn’t be able to save her in time.” Sama is furious when he learns that someone injected a heavy dosage of pain meds (which will react with the sleeping meds) into Waree’s IV drip. He interrogates the nurse who reminds him that they weren’t the only two who had been waiting on Waree.

Sama questions Rampang and the maid next, who denies their involvement. Of course, like Rampang says, if they were truly the culprit, why would they admit to it? I hope Sama has a cleverer plan to unveil her.

Lang advises that they run away, things aren’t looking so good on the island. He thinks Sama is suspecting them based on the testing/cryptic questions he asked Lang earlier. But Rampang refuses to leave the island, she is determined to die there. Clearly her biggest downfall is deluding herself in thinking that Sama is going to believe her more than anyone else. She’s confident that Waree will die the same way that Pupha (the previous island owner) died- which is a slow death by poison.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.30.42 PM

Rampang tells Sama that she heard honey is a great healing element. She asks to give Waree some honey- Sama reluctantly agrees and have Kusor oversea her endeavor. The assistant doesn’t find anything bizarre with her actions thus far, but methinks that she has turned something so useful- the honey- into a deadly weapon. Sama also mentions that they need to keep Meow Rai (the cat) away from Waree because honey is his tasty morsel, lol. Sama has also installed surveillance in Waree’s room, so evil intentions beware.

Rampang forces the nurse to apply the honey to Waree’s back stating that even if the doctor was here, he would also have to abide by Sama’s orders. She knows that Waree’s room is tapped, and this is the only method by which she could slowly poison Waree. So far, she’s the only baddie that seems to accomplish what she sets out to do. Can Sama outsmart her? She sends Lang for a brief break to the main island since he’s being overly paranoid.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.25.15 PM

That night Waree wakes up, feverish, and the nurse couldn’t figure out why her condition changed so drastically in a matter of hours. Well, I’m neither a doctor nor a rocket scientist, but it is easy to presume that the application of honey, which hasn’t been used before, could very well be the cause of her rapid decline. Goodness gracious, somebody, grow a brain. But it’s nice to see Sama holding Waree close, whispering into her ears that she will be ok, must be ok, and his sweet sweet attentiveness. Me like.

The security uncle reports to Sama that Mattana and KhetTawan are visiting the following morning, and we’ll be getting the missing pieces from Maya Tawan, it should be where Mattana and KhetTawan also grew closer together. Woo!

They check into a hotel but discover that there’s only one room vacant. Heh. KhetTawan tries to be the gentleman and have her stay in the room while he sleeps in the car, but Mattana offers him the sofa. As she walks up the stairs, she accidentally trips and KhetTawan catches her before she falls, staring shockingly into each other’s eyes. More electricity when they enter the bedroom, and KhetTawan tells her to shower so he could shower after her. Who knew such basic conversations could make Mattana blush so thoroughly. Ha.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.26.05 PM

As she gets out of the restroom KhetTawan is asleep on the couch. She tries not to wake him, but is paranoid enough about her safety to sleep between her backpacks. Lol, even though she tells him that she trusts him, one can never be too careful. As if, he can’t simply remove those backpacks. Oh, you silly virgin maiden.

Meanwhile Nai Dij catches up with Lang. He tells him that he tried to get rid of Waree at the hospital, but some other enemies tried to get to Sama first. Sopie advises Lang to kill off Sama first if he is so paranoid, but he admits that his sister is obsessed with Sama and he won’t have the opportunity to kill him. Sopie thinks that if it’s so hard to kill Sama, maybe they should just go after Waree. Because if Sama truly loves her, he may end up too depressed to continue his efforts with the casino. Well, I guess you’ll never know unless you try..

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.28.06 PM

Poor Waree, she’s delirious in her sleep, trying to evade the flames that is licking its way to her. The doctor couldn’t make it out there the following morning, much to Sama’s dismay, and Sama says should her condition worsen; he’ll fly her to the hospital immediately.

Mattana arrives with KhetTawan and they’ll be staying by her side until she wakes up. Sama doesn’t trust anyone else, and even on his own island, there are people who want to hurt Waree. He explains to KhetTawan and Mattana that her incident is an accident because Waree tried to sneak a smoke by the gasoline. Matt immediately defends her senior that she has already quit smoking and she has evidence. She shows Sama and KhetTawan a clip she took of Waree, reminding us of her missing spunk (Sama smiles at her voice, demeanor, her presence) as well as a confession that she has already quit but carries around a cigarette pack so she won’t miss it so much. It’s more for habit than anything. This newest revelation worries Sama even more, because he is ok with the idea that everything is a coincidence, an accident. But now, the reality is clear, someone intends to kill her.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.28.17 PM

Sama takes a seat beside the sleeping Waree, his face saddened, serious. He caresses her hair, “I’m so sorry, Waree. I know now it wasn’t an accident. Someone was after you. I refuse for you to be hurt for nothing.”

Let’s see what you got, Mr. Hotness!

Sama tells Janlao as they walk by the dock that he needs to keep a close eye on the brother-sister because they still need evidence to confront these two. Pipat reports that Nai Dij and Sopie are up to something.

It turns out, Nai Dij finally reported himself to the police station to give his statement. He tells the reporters that he was merely caught off guard and shocked during the time. Why the cops weren’t out to subpoena his ass is beyond me. But Sopie takes the opportunity to clear her name too, she says that Sama still has the only control over the building of the casino- as if telling all of the baddies to redirect their jealous rage towards Sama.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.28.52 PM

Sama has to check on the casino at Praharm island and he’s reluctant to leave, but he could entrust Waree with Matt and KhetTawan. Matt decides to tread in icy territory. She questions whether Sama has thought about giving up his casino altogether? Sama leans against the bed while caressing Waree’s hair, he tells Matt that this casino business has become something more than a dream. It’s become a responsibility to his workers, his employees that he needed to see through. He has their future and lives in his hands, how could he be selfish by thinking only of his happiness (and give up the casino) when so many are counting on him? KhetTawan empathizes with Sama (men stick together apparently) and rhetorically questions that perhaps Sama has already gone too deep, too far to remove himself without serious consequences.

So Sama leaves to Praharm Island, and Matt and KhetTawan discover a key evidence to move this subplot forward.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.28.28 PM

They learn from the nurse of her suspicion towards Rampang. She says that she has been accused of giving Waree deadly dosage of the pain meds, when she’s completely innocent, and the housekeeper has spied on her the entire time. Rampang knows how to use the injection, but after reporting it to Sama, the nurse feels that he hasn’t done anything about it yet. Rampang is spying on them again through the camera (and why didn’t Sama lock his office?!) but it doesn’t seem she can hear what they are saying about her.

So the following morning, Waree starts getting feverish again and the doctor tells them over the phone to wipe her down with a cool cloth. They decide to apply the honey again (no!) and as they prepare, Meow Rai meander into the room. With her clumsiness, Matt knocks over the glass jar containing the honey onto the floor, it shatters. Intrigued, Meow Rai licks the honey and immediately spasms. The whole crew rushes to aid Meow Rai by cleansing his stomach. The cat fortunately makes it, and we get evidence for Sama to test: the honey.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.30.35 PM

Lang tells his sister that they need to run away, and that only jail time will await them if they remain on the island. But Rampang is stubborn and believes Sama loves her, he won’t abandon her. She refuses to leave the island, claiming that she was born here and will die here as well. Lang realizes his sister has gone down the deep end. He isn’t about to stick around to claim the same fate.

Ha, but Sama returns to Yanok island in time to announce that no one will leave the premises. Matt is quite nervous on Meow Rai’s condition and KhetTawan tries to give her a back handed compliment that due to her clumsiness, they were able to find the culprit. Heh. It takes a while for Matt to catch on that he’s really just saying that she’s clumsy.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.31.19 PM

Lang tries to sneak out of the island by way of feet (swim.) Meanwhile his sister meets with Sama and his bodyguards atop the cliff, overlooking the sea. He questions why she would do such a thing. She twists her fingers, nervous, “don’t you see? That woman is coming between us. She’s making you fall for her.”

“She’s never done such a thing! I was the one who loves her one sided!” Sama replies.

“That’s not true!” Rampang claims, she pleads him with her eyes, her hands on his body. “You love ME! You love only me!” She even claims that they are husband and wife, only she could be his wife.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.31.39 PM

Everyone is staring at her as if she’s grown two heads. Sama is distraught at the turning of events, but to hear her say that she will kill anyone who stands in their way was the last straw. “Stop it!” he grabs her by the arms, “Stop fooling yourself!” he walks away from her, trying to clear his head. “You should know best that I don’t think of you in that way.” She’s sobbing now and it gets worse when Sama declares that he loves Waree and no one else will do. Aw.

Rampang attaches herself to him, going a little psycho that she loves him and that they are meant to be. Sama makes it clear to her that he does not love her, that he loves only Waree. He hands Rampang off to the bodyguards to take to the police. But she’s twisting and turning and screaming, until she releases herself and throws herself off the cliff where she meets her death.

Sama tends to Waree as she’s still unconscious. He caresses her face tenderly (instead of her hair this time.) He tells her that she doesn’t need to be afraid now, bad things have ended. Based on experience, KhetTawan surmises that Rampang wanted to get rid of Waree due to her jealousy. Sama tells him that he’s spot on. No matter how the poison got into the honey, he still blames himself for Waree’s condition. He’s too trusting with his employees. Poor Waree, even after all of this debacle, she’s still our sleeping beauty. Maybe she needs a kiss from you, Sama?

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.33.38 PM

Lang’s body floats in the sea, he spots a fisherman’s boat and waves for help. Sama gets the test results from the lab regarding the honey. Apparently the bees were fed a particular plant that made their honey poisonous. He realizes that she’s more evil and psycho then they all anticipated. She’s been plotting and raising these bees for a long time. But he’s nice enough to prepare a funeral for her because she has worked for him for so long.

The police retrieve Rampang’s body from the cliff and her eyes are wide open. Creepy.

Next we are taken to a misty scene where Waree is lost. She calls for help and suddenly hears Sama’s voice calling her name. “Don’t give up, Waree,” Sama’s voice says. She calls out his name, hearing his voice encouraging her that she’s strong, she can do this. But as she turns, she sees the ghost of Rampang, her eyes bleeding.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.33.19 PM

In her sleep, Waree screams for help. Sama comes to her, trying to comfort her. She opens her eyes slowly and sees his smiling face. “You’re awake..” he says.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.34.12 PM

She could only utter his name, tears in her eyes.

“Do you know how worried I was?” he asks.

“I heard (you),” she croaks.

“What do you hear?”

“You told me not to give up.” Aw.

“I’m so glad that you heard me,” he says. They look at each other with relief and complete bliss. He kisses her forehead and treats her as if she is the most precious thing in his world. *tear*

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.34.26 PM

Lang seeks refuge with an uncle who lives on the beach. The uncle soon learns that Rampang is dead, which makes it back to Lang’s ears. Even though he’s a bad guy, his sister’s death still hits him hard. The uncle, not knowing that Lang is running away from the authorities, report that Lang has been staying with him. Everyone chases Lang.

The bodyguards post security where they think Lang would show up. They surmise that he’s the spy for Nai Dij and Sopie, but they couldn’t fathom why Lampang would be involved as well. But Sama explains that Lampang is mentally unstable and wants to get rid of any females from his life, she didn’t have anything to do with the betrayals per se. He’s 50/50 with Lang and wants them to find him.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.35.23 PM

Ha, and it’s so nice to see Waree’s spunk back. She’s sitting in her bed, eating a cookie when Meow Rai peers at her from the corner. “Do you want some?” she asks, the cat meows. “Dream on,” ha, so mean. Matt tells her so and explains that Meow Rai is her hero, she shouldn’t be so mean to him. Matt feels sorry for him and wants to feed him cookies, lol, but Waree tells her that it would be even more pitiful if the cat develops some disease due to his weight gain. Matt claims that Waree does worry about the cat.

Matt makes a case for Sama, she says that he’s real adorable and he never strayed too far from Waree when she was sick.

Sama is about to enter her room when he hears Waree saying, “I know that he’s good to me. But we’re not going to last. I hate gambling. I detest everything about it. I can’t move past this.”

“But I think there is a way,” Matt says, “you can choose to not deal with it.”

“Once I’m healed, I won’t return to this place.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.35.52 PM

Sama lowers his head in dismay.

“And I won’t contact him again either. So it can end once and for all,” she says.

Sama doesn’t enter the room and leaves.

“I understand you hate gambling, I don’t like it either,” Matt says. But she thinks that Waree is too harsh when it comes to Khun Sama.

Waree wonders why her junior is on Sama’s side.

“But it’s true. He has many good qualities to him,” Matt adds, “but you choose not to consider them. And you use one factor to decide everything. Can I ask you something? Does the love and sincerity he has towards you not mean anything to you?” Amen.

Waree looks at Meow Rai and ponders the question.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.35.42 PM

At Rampang’s funeral, Lang tries to see her. If he really loves his sister, he would at least feel some conflict about going against Sama, since Sama is taking care of his sister’s funeral. Nai Dij and Sopie offer their protection. Lang believes that Sama is the one who killed his sister and he’s after Sama and Waree’s blood. Sopie and Nai Dij wants him to lead the way to Yanok island since he’s familiar with the layout and they plot to go after Sama and Waree. Nai Dij is confident that Lang would collaborate because he can’t escape his own debt.

That night Waree overhears the workers concerns regarding the casino. They’re not sure if it will ever be built. Kosor is confident that in two to three months it would be done. She hears what Sama had mentioned to Matt and KhetTawan, that his people are relying on the casino to survive. This gives her pause for thought. She walks towards the pergola and thinks about Matt’s question. Will his love and sincerity suffice to her?

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 5.36.38 PM

But there’s going to be more angst before we get our happily ever after. The final episode previews Lang peering at Sahma (Waree’s twin) as she prepares to visit Waree at the island. Next we see Waree confronting Sama about her missing sister and that if anything should happen to her, she will never forgive Sama. Dayam. I’m so excited for the intensity of the finale!

I’m really quite torn about Sama’s motivations. On the one side, I love his affection, his concern towards Waree. But on the other, I don’t like his complete oblivious disregard for Waree’s life. Sure, you can protect her at all corners, but you’re still putting her life in danger. He’s not noble enough (which I sort of like) to keep her at arms distance, but I think he’s completely arrogant (not to mention selfish) to believe he could protect her when he can’t! That’s been his attitude up until he overhears Waree’s ultimatum. He thinks he can overcome her opposition by loving and being sincere with her. But it looks like they’ve come to an impasse.

As much as we can roll our eyes towards Waree for her wariness and hatred with gambling, but you can’t blame the girl. There aren’t many instances where gambling is warranted in her life until she overhears how much it would mean to all of the workers. And now the stakes are even higher when her own twin sister will be in danger because of Sama. I’m liking that the stakes are upped because it will force Sama to choose. I sure hope it will come to blows in the finale to show his character arc. I truly believe that when you’re battling between want versus need, (he wants the casino but he needs love) one must win over the other. If he gets both, then as a character, he hasn’t grown in my eyes. Yes, sometimes you need to lose something precious that you think you want, to earn something you really need instead. I hope it comes to that.

This episode tied up Rampang’s story (thank goodness) and sets the story up for the finale- will he have to choose or will he (like most lakorns that are covered with rose tinted glasses) get everything he wants and more? At any rate, I’m excited to see the continued electric chemistry!

Do tune in my dears, it’s been quite a journey. Wednesday, come quick!