In a story where the audiences already know who the bad guy is, what the main girl’s true identity is, and understands how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, it is important for the director to create some suspense behind how the rest of the cast will come to their own conclusions. Although I prefer to watch a plot in which I’m not privy to, I think this particular lakorn still manages to accomplish a fast pace, somewhat suspenseful ride- with the question of, will they ever find the evidences to convict Payia? So to that end, we are kept in the dark, especially this new little development towards the end of the episode.

As far as Id and Korya is concerned, we are making leaps and bounds with their relationship. Lots of spasm worthy moments my friends, so be prepared to squeal and wipe that grin off your face!

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In the episode prior, we had to see Mae Cheun pass away in cold blood. The man who carted her body and dumped her body into the sea, is currently in hiding. He recalls Payia ordering him to ensure that the ring disappear for good. He wonders why the ring is so important. He doesn’t tell Payia that he is in current custody of the ring.

Chisanu takes Taeng to Whang Siwalai to share her investigation about Korya’s past. They interrupt Id and Korya’s moment in the sunroom. Korya peers at the picture and Khun Id perches his hip on her chair. He can’t seem to stay too far from her.

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“That is a picture of you and Khun Mae Wan Pen, she lived at the nunnery for many years prior to getting kicked out. Khun Mae Upha says that she met you since you were four years old,” says Taeng.

“Can you remember anything?” Chisanu questions.

Korya smiles, “She looks familiar.” Korya gets up from her chair, “But I still can’t remember anything.” Everyone looks disappointed.

Korya turns to Taeng with a question, “Did she tell you at all about who I am, where I’m from and who my parents are?”

Taeng shakes her head, “She just said that she met you in front of the nunnery and that your name was Korya.”

“And why did I come to Bangkok?”

Taeng replies, “she mentioned that you and Khun Mae Upha came to Bangkok to find money to save the nunnery. But she didn’t say who you came to see.”

Well, not exactly what she wants to hear. I wonder when Khun Id will come clean about the piece that he’s the one to kick them out of the nunnery..

“We are back to square one,” Korya says sadly. “No one can tell me who I am.”

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Khun Id looks at the other picture in his hands. “This!” he exclaims, “Take a look at this,” he beckons for Korya, “You’re wearing a ring in this picture.” It’s a clear picture of the ring with a star shape.

“Is this the ring everyone’s been asking about?” she asks as she peers at it closely, “so that’s what it looks like.”

Chisanu chimes in, “it’s a star shaped ring. You’ve worn it on you at all times. I remember that.”

Khun Id confirms, “That is the ring that went missing. I’ve looked at it many times. It’s just a normal diamond ring, doesn’t seem to have much value to it. How can it be so important?” Well my dear, the value of the ring lies in its significance, not how much it costs!

“I don’t know either,” says Korya, “and now the ring is gone too.” She meanders away with despair, “And people who know the significance of this ring are gone too.”

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.20.28 PM

Khun Id comes to her side and takes her hands. “It’s going to be ok,” he consoles. They look deep into each other’s eyes. So cute! He is always there for her, supporting her through thick and thin.

Chisanu could only look at them with hurt in his eyes. On their drive back to his house, Taeng asks if she could say something. She notices at the Whang how hurt he is after witnessing Khun Id and Korya’s cute moment.

“Do you notice that Khun Korya likes Khun Id?” she asks.

Chisanu relies, “I think that Id guy likes to act as if he owns her.”

“But he’s the one who saved Khun Korya’s life,” Taeng adds.

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“That’s just a debt. But I’m her friend, she loves me, has concerns for me, we are-“ he pauses, “we are friends who love each other very much.”

And Taeng could not help herself, “but that’s the past. Now she has forgotten everything.”

Chisanu pulls over.

“I’m warning you because I don’t want you to be hurt,” she continues.

“Get out,” he spats. Dang dude calm down.

She tears up, “Khun Nu..” but he’s serious. She unbuckles herself and gets out of the car.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.20.45 PM

Payia confronts her mom about their promise.

“You broke your promise, mom. You said you wouldn’t tell anyone about Nop.”

“How did you know?” Khun Dara questions, “did you eavesdrop again?” that’s kind of her forte lady.

Payia tells her mom that she’s worried about the cops finding out that she has a hand in this.

“If you are innocent, you need not worry,” Khun Dara says, “If I don’t tell Granddad today, one day he will know. At any rate, Granddad will never let the bad guy go.”

Probably not the best thing to say, because now Payia is going to plot her granddad’s demise. Sigh.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.20.57 PM

Payia gets a hold of Nop (no idea how she even discovers where he’s at..) but she sends him a secure cellphone and tells him to meet with her. They pick the mall of all places, and pretend to bump and exchange packages. He ends up with money and she gets her poison for granddad.

Also at the mall, Taeng is texting Chisanu to apologize for being out of line. As she ends her text message, she spots Payia and Nop coming out of the same shop, despite pretending like they don’t know each other. Suspicious indeed. She follows Nop, and being so obvious about it, gets caught and he beats her. She falls unceremoniously from the stairwell. After hitting her head, she blacks out.

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Payia sees Taeng being carted off to the hospital and calls Nop to gloat. Payia asks for confirmation of his poison. He tells her that he is 1000% sure that her granddad will die. Hmph. He also adds that once she gets rid of her gramps, she will inherit everything. They both could already taste the sweetness of triumph. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch!

Back at Chisanu’s house, he gets scolded for abandoning Taeng on the streets. But she made it back fine, with the cop escorting her, and Chisanu’s parents forbid him to get more involved with Korya. He doesn’t abide, telling them that he made a promise to help her until the end. However, he concedes that next month he will study abroad- but in the meantime, he will help her on his own, Taeng not included.

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Granddad gets a letter from the supposed Mae Cheun. A maid delivers it by saying that someone found the letter at the temple addressed to him. Once he read the contents, he furrows his brow with concern. That night Korya attends to Granddad in Mae Cheun’s place, noticing that he likes his tea before bed. Granddad opens up to her that he receives a letter from Mae Cheun, but that he doesn’t believe she had any important business out of town to attend to. Korya comforts him with a comment that there are no secrets in this world. Every question has an answer, it’s just a matter of how slowly or quickly they are answered. Wise indeed. Payia could only observe them from the floor below with malice.

Small evidences of Mae Cheun’s whereabouts start to appear. One of the maids is searching the library for Granddad’s letter opener. Korya assists the search and notices a tablecloth smeared with blood. She secretly takes the table cloth and phones Khun Id.

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They appear before Khun Id’s doctor friend at the hospital. The young doctor peers at the zip lock bag with the table cloth inside. The two, Id-Korya, sit side by side.

“Yes, it’s blood,” the doctor confirms.

“What kind of blood?” Khun Id questions brusquely.

“Maybe it’s your ancestor’s blood?” the doctor retorts sarcastically. “How can I determine that just by looking at this? It could be a dog or cat’s blood, how could we know?”

Korya asks nicely, “is there any way to find out if it’s human’s blood?”

“I can test it, it won’t take long,” he replies nicely in turn.

Khun Id notices his niceties and glares at his friend, “you speak so nicely when talking to a woman.”

“Well she spoke nicely to me so I respond in kind, sir,” he turns to Korya, “regarding the data, it might not be able to tell us much because it’s old blood.”

“Can we tell how old the blood is?” Korya questions.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.21.30 PM

The doctor looks at the table cloth again, “although it’s dry, it doesn’t appear too old. It looks to be 2 days old.”

Korya pales. “2 days,” she mutters and turns to Khun Id, “that’s the day Mae Cheun went missing.”

Khun Id understands where she’s getting at, “I want details regarding that data, doctor. Whatever you can gather.”

“You guys are acting like CSI here, what’s going on?” the doctor questions.

Korya explains, “I suspect that the blood may belong to someone. I’m hoping that isn’t the case.”

Korya and Khun Id exchange looks of concern.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.21.37 PM

Meanwhile, Payia is plotting her granddad’s demise. She calls Nop again to confirm, “You sure he will definitely die after eating this?”

“He will die within the hour.”

“What will his condition be like? People won’t suspect me?” she questions again.

“It’ll be like a heart attack and he’ll die on his own.”

“Good,” Payia says with her evil eyes.

Khun Dara ruins her party though when she tells her that granddad summons everyone to the library, the cops are here based on the blood stain that Korya noticed. The forensics person cuts a piece of the rug for the impending test. Payia freaks out a little, especially when she heard that granddad received a letter from a supposed “Mae Cheun” but he doesn’t buy it. The cops question everyone about their whereabouts that day. Everyone has an alibi except for Payia, but she explains that she took sleeping pills that night and was out cold. Her mom and Korya nod their head in agreement, but how come the cops won’t assume that perhaps she took the pills after killing Mae Cheun? If she’s not completely in the clear, they should not rule her out! She should be the number one suspect! Ugh, the stupid cops.

Korya decides to test a theory.

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She approaches Payia after the cops left and asks her if she believes in spirits.

“What spirits?”

“The spirits of Grand Aunt and Mae Cheun’s. They may surround here for revenge,” Korya says. “She came in my dreams. She-“ Korya takes a picture frame in her hand, “she wore this outfit. She’s the one who told me to go to the library.” Korya looks at Payia to see her reaction. “She even told me who killed her and Mae Cheun. Do you want to know what name she said?”

Payia panics, “You’re nuts!” and storms off.

Korya smiles quietly to herself. Who knew Korya has this in her? Pretty cunning.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.21.52 PM

That night Payia gets haunted by Grand Aunt, for a moment I thought Exact is just pulling out all of the tricks, a haunting at Whang Siwalai too? But unfortunately it was only a dream. Tis enough to freak Payia out.

At the funeral temple, Korya confides in Khun Id.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 2.51.10 PM

“I don’t know if you’re clever or stupid for pulling this, but what’s for certain is, you’re nuts. Grand aunt came to you in your dreams? Where’d you come up with this stuff?” he questions, absurd by the prospect.

“I just want to scare her,” Korya explains, “People who are scared, mess up.”

“Scare her? So she can kill you to silence you? Isn’t that a little too risky?”

“Even if it’s risky,” Korya says, “I’ll do it. I know she’s behind all of the bad things that have happened. But I just don’t have any evidences. When she messes up, I will be able to convict her.”

And the devil’s advocate in Khun Id, “and what if she doesn’t mess up?”

Korya just replies simply, “then I’ll die.”

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.22.00 PM

“Korya!” Khun Id exclaims, exasperated. “You can’t talk like that!” He takes her hands, “You’re mine, you can’t die.” LOL.

Korya looks away, but he pulls her back, “I helped you in the car accident; the day you got hit on the head and was left on the streets; I helped you from the kidnapping,” he’s totally listing how much he has helped her! No one says Khun Id is a gentlemen.. “I helped you this much. You will stay with me until you are old.” Ah, ultimately, he’s a romantic.

“(You’ll stay with me) until I’m a grandpa and you’re a grandma. You can’t die and leave me. I won’t let that happen. Got it?” he peers deep into her eyes. Searching for a confirmation that she understands.

Ah so arrogant and yet so sweet.

“Do you get it?” he asks again.

She smiles, or tries to smile.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.22.07 PM

“See that’s it,” he says plainly, never giving up on her. She offers him a bright smile, looking less forced. He fixes the hair on her temple, and takes both of her hands in his.

So dang cute! Ugh! I want to shrink them and put them in my pocket! More please!

Payia looks at them from the door and wonders if there is any truth with what Korya told her. She turns back to the funeral and glances at Grand Aunt’s portrait. It looks so darn real. She shakes her head in denial, “there’s no such things as a ghost.”

And there really aren’t any secrets in this world. Mae Cheun’s body in the bag is found. The villagers phone the police and the people in Whang Siwalai finally learn that Mae Cheun is indeed dead.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.22.15 PM

This pushes Payia to formulate her attack, she meets with Nop at an abandoned building.

“You messed up again! Do you want to go to jail?” Payia questions vehemently.

“I’m doing my best! I did this because of you. You’re the true culprit! I should be the one to be mad and angry. But instead, the person in deep shit is me, not you,” he bit back.

“If they know they will take me to jail too,” she says.

“How will they know who killed her?” – “Well because I left the ring on her body! I’ll be in deep shit if they find it.”

“What is the importance of that ring?” Nop questions.

“It will reveal the true heir,” she finally says.

Nope smiles evilly because he knows who has that ring. He guarantees to her that the ring is not on Mae Cheun. 1000%. Pfft, how can you even guarantee 1000%?

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.22.25 PM

As Korya tends to Khun Dara after her devastation over Mae Cheun’s death, Khun Dara admits that it is all her fault. She feels that if she told the cops the truth, then the murderer wouldn’t have the opportunity to end Mae Cheun’s life. She opens up the truth with Korya, and confesses the story that Payia fabricated.

“She told you that?” Korya wants to make sure.

“She knows everything. He tried to kill her to silence her, but Mae Cheun was unlucky instead.”

Korya asks Khun Dara if anyone else knew about this, including Mae Cheun, but Khun Dara says that only Granddad knows now. Korya makes Khun Dara finally agree to tell the cops. This frightens Payia as she’s eavesdropping by the door, and puts her plan into action.

She puts the poison into the simple syrup that granddad uses for his tea, then she places it back into the fridge. She knows that granddad has tea every evening.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.22.34 PM

And so the story goes, Korya offers tea, with the simple syrup, for Granddad, and stirs- just after Granddad decided to talk to the sergeant who’s overseeing the case, about his sister’s suspicions- the fact that Payia may not be the true daughter. At first granddad could care less, but now, he needs to straighten everything out for once. Unfortunately the sergeant is unavailable, and we can already see that granddad may never have the opportunity to tell the truth.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.22.41 PM

Preview for Ep 12:

Gramps fall to the floor, the glass shatters. Payia accuses Korya for poisoning gramps. Korya shakes her head vehemently, trying to tell Khun Dara that she didn’t do it. Cops see Korya as the number one suspect and Payia kicks her out of the house. Even while refusing to leave, she gets escorted out.

That looks to be an intensive episode! But if she gets kicked out, maybe she’ll finally move back in with Khun Id? Heeh, a girl can hope!

Framing Korya for the death of gramps? Well, I didn’t see that coming, but not to say that I’m surprised. This little game changer, the fact that now Korya must reveal her innocence, is certainly something different to watch for. I’m just looking forward to more screen time between Id and Korya because certainly, this episode only serves to prove how flippin adorable they are together and how much I am still sticking around to watch their uber cuteness!