Toomtam and Cherebelle. Their chemistry is off the walls. I’ve decided that the hottest kind of pr’eks are the ones with the brave, take no bullshit kind of attitude. He’s strong before everyone else yet weak when it comes to her. And Id, our hero from Love Scheme Evil Scheme, has it in spades.

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Episode 4

In this episode, Korya is attending a cooking class with Khun Ying and Payia. Id assigns his devoted employee to attend as well, as a means to protect Korya. Good call, because Chitsanu was summoned by the grand aunt to inquire about the mysterious two Korya’s. The story that Payia gave did not match up: she told the cops that Korya lost her way, and told Chitsanu that when she woke from the car accident, Korya was already gone. The grand aunt escorts Chitsanu to the cooking class to confront the issue. His presence alarms both Payia and Korya, who claims that they don’t know each other, well Korya is forced to say it since Payia is pinching her arm. This angers Chitsanu and he grabs her roughly by the arms. Take it easy dude.

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The assistant peels Chitsanu away from Korya and rushes her out.

This did not sit well with Id, he’s pissed off that Chitsanu dares put his hands on her, but Korya explains to Id that he did it out of anger. Chitsanu appears to be frustrated that she couldn’t remember him. Id tells her not to defend the man and plays Sherlock in regards to the triangle (Korya-Payia-Chitsanu.) He suspects that if Chitsanu is so adamant that they know each other in the past, than why does Payia deny it? Why is she lying?

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Grandpa is not surprised that Payia is capable of lying, because she has lied before, but the bigger question to him is, why is Korya pretending not to know Chitsanu or Payia? Hah, each side are missing some key components of the story. It’s nice to be the one who knows it all and witness who will be the one to drop the ball first!

Chitsanu has been given a deadline to find his Korya. His parents have arranged for him to study abroad in America in the next three months. Now he is even more desperate to find her. He receives help in the form of a young woman named Tae, whom he grew up with as a child.

Khun Ying approaches her daughter to see how she would react to their family taking Korya under their wings. Of course Payia reacts with jealousy. There’s certainly a sign on her forehead that says, ‘does not play well with others.’ Khun Ying admonishes that they are just sponsoring normally, not adopting her or anything.

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The following morning Korya is preparing to leave to the Siwawong’s house. Id comes up from behind her and tells her that he doesn’t want her to go. I seriously can watch these two forever.

“I really don’t want you to go..” he says.

“But I’ve already given her my word,” Korya replies.

“You just want to see that guy’s face,” LOL, jealous much, Id?

“Yes,” she prods him.

That irks him and he grabs her hand. “Aren’t you afraid he’ll turn out to be a crazy killer?”

“I’m not afraid,” Korya answers, “If he knows my past, then I am ready to see him. I don’t want to remain amnesiac like this.”

“Aren’t you happy right now?” he asks, wishing that he was enough.

“I want to know who I am,” Korya explains. “..where I come from. And why there is someone who wants to kill me.”

“Your memory will come back on its own. It’s just that right now you can’t remember anything. I’m begging you not to risk trusting anyone,” Id pleads, looking into her eyes. “I’m worried about you, Korya.”

She gives him a smile and starts to walk away, but he stops her and pulls her into his arms.

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Aww. Even though he’s afraid of losing her, he’s never afraid of admitting and showing how much he cares about her. I especially love how he just holds her close! So spasm worthy. He takes her hand and walks her out.

The mother-daughter scenes are just too sweet. Korya gets a taste of what it feels like to be taken care of by her mother, having a sweet mom tend to her wounds. She tears up quietly with the notion. Payia on the other hand is angry at Korya’s ability to win over people and stabs the cabbage with a knife. Easy girl, what did the cabbage do to you?

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On with the second day of cooking class. Payia and Korya are alone in the kitchen and Payia does her best to scare and intimidate Korya. She pushes the solid pestle to roll against the countertop and fall onto Korya’s head, knocking her unconscious. But before Korya blacks out, she gets a flash of a similar occurrence, with a dark shadow that had swung a stick to her head.

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Khun Ying starts to realize how horrible her daughter is, but takes full responsibility because she had been abandoned.

At the hospital Id storms in, furious and worried. His doctor buddy tells him that he’s keeping Korya for further observations. He’s concerned about the old wound.

Id makes his way to her hospital bed and looks at her tenderly. “Good god woman, you’re always getting hurt.” He touches her hair and smiles at her sleeping face. “Now you know why I must watch over you?” Aw.

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Chitsanu learns that Korya is hospitalized through Tae who did a phone tap on Id’s residence, lying that she was calling from the nunnery. Upon reaching the hospital, he eavesdrops on the conversation between Id and the doctor, discovering that she had a wound from the car accident.

Korya smiles in her sleep as she dreams of playing piano amidst a beautiful meadow. But suddenly it became dark, lightning occurred and she sees a flash of a person. She’s immediately afraid and runs away. But the person in the shadow smacks her head with a stick.

Id immediately wakes upon hearing her cry for help. He comforts her by pulling her into his arms. She opens her eyes and sees him.

“Tell me, what did you dream about, that made you so afraid?” he questions, framing her face with his hands.

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“I saw myself in a meadow,” she starts, “then lightning struck and there was a person.”

“Who?” he questions.

“I don’t know- it was a dark shadow.”

“What did that person do?”

“Nothing.. Just seeing her made me afraid,” Korya answers. She starts to say something but gets a sharp headache.

Id helps her lay down, “it’s ok, stop thinking about it.”

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He comforts her by being oh so attentive.

The sneaky Chitsanu procures her medical history and starts taking pictures of the pages. Dun dun dun. He will shortly find out that Korya did not pretend not to know him, she just has amnesia.


To think that I would continue seeing Id with Korya like this together forever..