Clearly pointing a finger at a particular someone was too easy. Paeka had been inhibited by May Lee’s spirit while she was sorting out Qi Pao’s artifacts for the institute, and she was taken back to the time of the murder. In the possession, she was May Lee: she could feel the thickening of the air, the softness of the red Qi Pao with pink peony that draped her body, and the fight that she put up before the knife pierced her heart. The blood drained from her body and she fell lifeless to the ground. Paeka was still chilled from the occurrence and knew that she would help the girl solve her murder even before she made up her mind to do it. There was a reason why she and May Lee are lookalikes, as difficult as it is to believe.


Based off a jade bracelet that she had seen in the struggle before May Lee was murdered, Paeka surmised that since Jao Ming Tian wore one, he ought to be the killer. Despite seeing the look of severe longing and love lost in his eyes when he thought she was May Lee. He was guilty before he could be proven innocent. Such an oversimplification based off of one evidence. And Paeka soon realized her mistake – after finally settling in the royal mansion- and discovered that everyone in said household wore a jade bracelet. You could see the horror crossing Paeka’s face and her immediate regret for suspecting Jao Ming Tian so adamantly. No one is completely innocent and everyone is a suspect.

So who could possibly be the true murderer? In the royal household we have some obvious nice and mean people, perhaps staging for us to believe certain people are the culprits. But if the writer or director feels inclined to offer any semblance of suspense, I hope they’ll keep us guessing.

As we stand right now, the royal mansion consists of:

Jao Wern Yeuy, head of the royal family. I’m confused why he is so angry at the exhibition when he discovered that May Lee’s Qi Pao was on display. He acted like she had not been murdered at all- so we can only assume that her death was contrived as a possible suicide? Thus shaming the family name? Jao Wern Yeuy is a hardass, he feels his younger son Jao Ming Tian can never measure up to his late older son. But like Ming Tian said, he’s stuck with him lol. When May Lee was alive, Jao Wern Yeuy always spoke to her about being dutiful. (May Lee was adopted.)

Ming Tian’s mom, First Lady of the household. She hates her husband’s mistress who brought her daughter along and act like they belong in the family. She adored May Lee like her own daughter and is still devastated from the loss. The moment she sees Paeka and the identical resemblance so striking, she bursts into wretched tears.

Jao Lin Meuy and Jao Lin Peuy- mother daughter duo. The mom tells her daughter to reach for Ming Tian because if anything happens to Jao Wern Yeuy, the First Lady won’t kick them out of the house and they won’t become destitute. They are possible culprits of May Lee’s murder because they hate her. They even hate Paeka for looking like May Lee and shared their deduction with the family that because Paeka looks so much like May Lee, this could possibly awaken the ghost of May Lee to haunt the family. And they look so threatened by Paeka!

So, funny things start to happen when Paeka arrived at the royal mansion. Paeka finds it strange that everyone else has seen a “ghost” when she hasn’t. She was the one who was called upon by May Lee originally. Perhaps someone is pretending to be a ghost? Heh, that wouldn’t surprise me. Even May Lee thought it strange that the ghost wore white when May Lee always wore the red Qi Pao when “visiting” her.

There is also the first lady’s brother and his wife who appear to be nice, but we can’t rule them out either.

The servants are abundant in this royal mansion. We have “Ah-liew” who is kind and nice. “Ah-Pao” is the mistress’s maid and is conniving and mean. And there’s Ming Tian’s personal valet who seems loyal and righteous.

I’m sure more characters will be introduced as we progress through the drama, and I don’t find the mystery of the murder in this lakorn to be the compelling aspect- because I primarily watch a lakorn for the leading characters story anyway- so, I fervently hope that Ming Tian and Paeka will have more on screen time together. This is a story about family drama, murder, lies and ghosts. I just hope that we get to see the romance develop thoroughly as well, because if not, it will be too bad and I may throw a hissy fit. I think Ann and Mart have good chemistry- I’m just afraid that with the plot and mystery taking the limelight, we might be shorted in the romance department. But who knows, it’s all hearsay for now.

I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.