Hu Jun as Qiao Feng. Who knew? The biggest surprise yet in Demi Gods Semi Devils is my sudden attraction to Qiao Feng. I could feel the tides turning.

On first impression, Hu Jun’s features are ordinary and I thought to myself, maybe I am as shallow as Duan Yu? But Qiao Feng could not be ignored for long. He simply took me by the lapels and forced my wavering eyes on him.

Towering almost an inch above 6 feet- Qiao Feng epitomizes a warrior- from the top of his thick mane, to the tips of his calloused feet. He simply is a formidable man, exuding raw masculinity and his take no prisoner attitude. He makes Duan Yu look like a little boy, albeit a very cute little boy.

One of his flaws is his straightforwardness, the “I am who I am” mentality of no trickery, amidst a world of villains and quick witted tricksters. What he hates the most is being accused of wrongful doing. It is the bane of his existence and he will do anything- and everything, to prove his innocence.

If you can imagine, Qiao Feng knew exactly where he stood in the pugilistic world. Made a name for himself, people called him Qiao Feng of the North for a reason- no one could match up to his martial arts skills and his good deeds. But the moment he took control over the Beggar’s Clan as their Chieftain, his world came tumbling down. The deep, dark secret of his origin came into play: his opposers revealed in the grand gathering of their clan, that he is a Qi Dan, an enemy of Sung (Han people) and cannot be trusted.

No matter the good deeds he has shown in 30 years, no matter the character he has exemplified- it all meant nothing. His very identity is lost and questioned. My heart goes out to Qiao Feng, who has been dealt a tough card by fate. But what happened after this discovery- his decisions and reactions to find his true identity and reveal the truth – is what finally captured my heart. Oh and his tender care for Scarlet too.

He is not familiar with love. The notion of love is not the end all or the grandeur theme thus far. But it is the actions of the depth of care and willingness to sacrifice one’s life. For instance, Scarlet fell in love with Qiao Feng when he proved to be a worthy hero in her eyes. Qiao Feng on the other hand, was not attracted to her at first. Actually, he doesn’t give any woman the time of day, just mere respect. But in his darkest hour, when he needed someone, Scarlet was there. She told him that no matter whether he is a Han or Qi Dan, she will always stand by his side. Her undying devotion to him, showed him that there’s still hope out there.

Their romance, budding on the edge of precipitance, is invigorating to watch. Especially when she threw her arms around him- and it shocked him at first- but he returned it with fervor, embracing her in a bear hug. What girl doesn’t want to feel protected in those strong arms? And after they’ve gone through some serious life and death situations, he finally turned her in his arms and told her that he would like her by his side, always. Now that is the closest to a love confession, if I do say so myself.

The looming 20+ (more) episodes – and the fact that he will be tested and put through a ringer- has me in a state of perpetual anxiety. After what he has already gone through, can I handle more angst? They won’t kill off Scarlet, right??? Right?? (Ok, please don’t answer that..) I would be heartbroken if they break up this duo.

There is a silver lining though; at least I can keep ogling Hu Jun for a long time to come.

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