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This lakorn wastes no time with introductions. The first episode opens up with Taywan (Am Sophonpas) conducting Modern Car’s new product launch, Ferrari, to their luxury car dealership. Even their competitor, Luxury Car’s president and newly acquired young wife, came to congratulate them on their leg up in the competition. Where there are severe age gap in marriage, there are contentions. Modern Car’s president’s wife, spoke to how young Luxury Car’s president’s wife looks. But before she could embarrass her further, her daughter, Jid (Pancake Khemanit) the diva daughter of Modern Car, came to ruin the day. She accuses her father and her father’s secretary Rattana, that they were having an affair.

She is gutsy, ill-mannered, spoiled, obnoxious and extremely loud. Even her fiancé, Taywan, could not control her. Jid appears to be in her early twenties, recently graduated from college but has not picked up a profession: she is complacent to taunt people and live her hi-so life. She is a product of an unhappy marriage and a child who feels she lacked in love.

There is a man who is witnessing this debacle. His name is Ding (Vee Veraparb) who flew in from his studies abroad to watch his beloved girlfriend in his father’s arms, president of Luxury Car. After the event, he walks dejectedly on the street only to be robbed of his wallet and hit by Jid’s car, who had recently been publicly scolded by her father. She is already on an emotional high so she storms out of the car and immediately accuses him of damaging her car- when she was the one to hit him.. her two best friends, Jai Dee and Yord, who possess more sense and logic, stands by his side. Jid tries to drive away, but unfortunately her car would not start. And it gets worst. After Ding, who apparently is a mechanical whiz, fixes her car, she says that repays the fact that he had damaged it in the first place! Jid takes the hat on spoiled, annoying nang’eks!

Ding soon passes out from exertion (car accident and having to fix her car) so she and friends, were obligated to take him to Jid’s house. Don’t expect to find any Thai hospitality at Jid’s house, my friends, because Ding gets constantly badgered, screamed at and kicked out by none other than the diva herself. My ears are still ringing from her voice.

But no matter how much Ding attempts to stay away, he is brought back to her. Like salt and pepper (prik gup klur), things that are very different, but always goes together. In this case, two people who are very different, but are somehow forced together. Such is fate, in our case, lakorn writers.

As Ding stumbles from Jid’s house, he sees men on a motorcycle about to shoot at an incoming car. He rushes to stop them and gets himself shot in the arm. Without knowing it, he had saved Modern Car’s president and his wife.

So Ding is without money (wallet stolen), without a home (can’t possibly go back when his girlfriend married his father) and currently without a job. The latter was rectified when Modern Car’s president (Jid’s dad) offered him a job as a mechanic. From there, salt and pepper (Ding and Jid) will be butting head every time they meet. And I’m sure, along the way, the plot thickens with Taywan who wants to own the company (and might have even contrived the shooting earlier) as well as See (Ding’s ex-girlfriend) who married his father for a reason. How will Ding and Jid resolve their differences and save their family’s company?

I don’t know if I can continue watching Pancake’s screaming, irritating and spoiled character. It seems very one dimensional to me, I get that she is the product of an unhappy marriage, but her father loves her and so does her mother. She’s not mistreated in anyway shape or form. She’s an adult now too, engaged to a man whom she “loved,” so what’s the big idea? When you’re older than 18, you can stop blaming your parents. Move out and live your own life.

As far as Vee, I feel badly for him, his life sucks and now he has to go head to head with an idiot. I’m sure he’ll have much to do about changing her personality and is responsible for her character arch over the course of the series. But I’m not sure if that is compelling enough for me to follow.

What think you? Have you seen Prik Gup Klur yet? Is it more of the same as you progress through the series or has it fleshed out to be something that is pleasantly surprising?