Thanks very much for voting and inputting your voice! It was a close race between Qi Pao and Maya Tawan, going neck to neck and MT winning at the last minute. But don’t you worry, since we have no idea when it’s airing anyway, I’ll still have some time to recap other lakorns. I will be tuning in to lakorns that are listed under “Definitely,” and as you know, if any one of these lakorns draw my attention, there will be some sort of recap/impression articles to follow.

As you might be aware, Maya Tawan is a remake of Sam’s lakorn, a very popular one to boot, in its time. There were many aspects of it that I absolutely adored and empathized with, so allow me to share with you the gist of the lakorn (from what I remember) and what I thought made it so special.

Sam was a hot commodity and actor who has played very snooty characters in his prime. So his role as Tawan was a perfect fit. The theme of the lakorn is “from rags to riches,” because Tawan grew up in the poorhouse and then became a famous actor. His upbringing was traumatic and he has many skeletons in his closet. However, acting was merely a means to an end for him (making money) so he ventured into designing exclusive, sought after women’s clothing instead. Because of this, he became a bit of a recluse, and preferred to spend his time at his beach house. Like any notorious celebrity, he despised reporters- just because they like to dig up old, bad history.

But it just so happens that our nang’ek (Matana) is a reporter and through her growing up phase, she had crushed over Tawan. Upon learning of a gossip that linked Tawan to his models for prostitution, Matana was assigned to unveil the truth. The first step obviously, was to obtain an interview, which was one of the biggest obstacles for her because Tawan has never granted anyone an interview, ever. A bit of a character personality assessment on Matana, she was a clutz: clueless: a dork but totally adorable. She lacked self-confidence, always thinking that everybody is hotter than her, lol. She epitomized the girl next door. So upon meeting Tawan, she would never think that she had any chances with him because he was her former idol and was always surrounded by hot woman every day.

The conflict in their love story surrounded his inability to trust reporters. So it was compounded when Tawan and Matana developed a strong affection (ok, let’s call it love) when she became severely ill in front of his beach home and he took her in (yes, he’s human!) It was funny how stubborn Matana was, camping outside of his home until she became sick enough to be in his care. Can you imagine what happened when eventually he got to know her and decided that she was different from other reporters? Well, he was later proven to believe she was just like the rest of her scheming counterparts (not in her own doing of course), so how will their misunderstanding/conflict fare? You shall tune in to find out!

The female lead that played Matana was very relatable, she played the clumsy, naïve girl very well- and she’s not gorgeous- well, not in the league of Yaya Urassaya- so the character is believable. Now in this new adaptation, I don’t believe there is any way to mask Yaya’s beauty, so this role as Matana could be a bit of a challenge for Yaya, so I am looking forward to seeing how she portrays this character. As for Aum Atichart on the other hand, I’ve no doubt about his ability to play Tawan, only how he would add to the character.

Num Sornram will also be starring in this remake, as the bad guy, Tawan’s nemesis. Most fans of Num’s may feel put out by this latest endeavor, but I’m indifferent to Num (only because I felt that he has grown so far from the actor image he used to portray “back in the day.”) He is a great actor, so with his veteran skills, along with Aum’s awesomeness (if that is even a word) we may have a killer lakorn in the making. But you know, let’s not count our eggs before they hatch.

So, will this Yaya-Aum pairing work? The age difference is believable because Tawan-Matana has an age gap, but can Yaya and Aum bring the sizzling, electric yet funny interaction as Sam-Matana (I forgot her name) brought on screen? This remains to be seen but you can be sure that you will find detailed recaps on this blog, just as soon as it airs!

  • If you’re looking for Qi Pao and Rang Pratana– go to Anonyblue1’s channel on YT.
  • Sousday may sub Punyachon GonKrua if it doesn’t coincide on the same day as Phan rai phai ruk.
  • Neua Mek2, M2M has a large fan base so I’m sure someone will be subbing it on Viki or YT.
  • Maya Tawan– not sure yet, but you can read recaps on this blog!
  • Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sod– looks to be a funny and easy going lakorn about Tong (Mario) going head to head with his love interest’s (Margie) mom amidst the very chaotic and funny market. Go to twindchannel on YT for E-subs (thanks Asy!)
  • Dao Rueng

Please let me know if you hear of any changes and/or updates, some of you are more in with-the-know than I am.

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